Disney's Earth Day Tradition Continues with Monkey Kingdom- A Review

Disneynature Serves Up Stunning Visuals and Questionable Storytelling Monkey Kingdom is the sixth film from Disney’s Save the Planet (!) arm Disneynature, but shamefully it is my first foray into their universe. Luckily for me this one has an es »»

Blu-ray Review: This is Where I Leave You

Not a straight-up comedy or drama, This is Where I Leave You is worth seeing...eventually. »»

Muppets Most Wanted - Review

Trades sentiments for silliness and toe-tapping songs. »»

Just Seen It Movie Review: Admission [Video]

Watch us on National Public Television - check your local listing for show times! Princeton Admissions Officer Portia (pronounced Porsche) is up for a promotion. When John invites her to visit his alternative school, she meets Jeremiah, desperate to »»

Tina Fey Tries Rapping?

Tina Fey is branching out into another facet of entertainment -- rapping.  She will join Childish Gambino (the alter ego of Community star Donald Glover) on his newest mixtape.  Tina drops in on "Real Estate", the last track on the new disc, giving »»

Here Comes Preggo: Tina Fey Hosting Saturday Night Live Review

Saturday Night Live was back with a new episode last week, and Couchtime's guest blogger Allison is back with another review! I actually watched a bit of this episode since I love Tina Fey (I read her book Bossypants a couple weeks ago and HIGHLY »»

Megamind - Blu-ray Review

Ferrell may have made a handful of awful films over the past couple years but Megamind is a character he can really sink his teeth into. »»

LA Area Readers: Will Ferrell Wants to Break a Guinness World Record

Largest gathering of superheroes in LA to promote the new animated movie Megamind. »»

Date Night - Blu-ray Review

Carell and Fey have both proven time and time again how funny they are, so it's a strange and sad to see how not funny they are here. »»

Date Night - Blu-ray Review

Cases of mistaken identity is another can be comedic gold if done correctly, and while Date Night doesn’t do anything new with the formula, they also don’t completely destroy it either. »»

Date Night - Blu-ray Review

Cases of mistaken identity is another can be comedic gold if done correctly, and while Date Night doesn’t do anything new with the formula, they also don’t completely destroy it either. »»

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Tracy Morgan - DVD Review

Fans of 30 Rock should enjoy seeing how Tracy Morgan developed his man-child persona. »»

Date Night - Review

Another forgettable comedy from Shawn Levy»»

Tina Fey Bringing Back Sarah Palin Impersonation

Saturday Night Live is still on? »»

Saturday Night Live On Verge Of Signing Betty White To Guest Host... With Tina Fey & Amy Poehler?!

A Facebook campaign to get America's favorite Golden Girl to co-host Saturday Night Live just might have worked. It is being reported that SNL is about to announce that Betty White will indeed guest-host the show, with a twist. In an effort to alle »»

Downey out, Pitt and Ferrell in for Oobermind

Iron Man backs out of Oobermind and is replaced by an Anchorman, a Basterd, and some guy who thinks he's Superbad. »»

DreamWorks Animation's Slate Through 2012

Five original projects and sequels for Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, and Madagascar. »»

Wahlberg and Franco are going on a Date with Carrell and Fey.

Mark Wahlberg and James Franco are set to join Steve Carell and Tina Fey in Date Night. Wahlberg and Franco have signed on for supporting roles in the 20th Century Fox comedy being directed by Shawn Levy. Leighton Meester, Common, Taraji P. Henson and Kristen Wiig have also been cast in the film. »»

Stiller, Fey and Downey, Jr.: A Highly Animated Trio, In More Ways Than One

Robert Downey Jr., Tina Fey and Ben Stiller are in negotiations to lead the voice cast for DreamWorks Animation's superhero caper Master Mind. Stiller is also a producer on the movie through his Red Hour Films. »»

30 Rock: Season 2 - DVD Review

30 Rock is one of the most impressive and downright hilarious comedies to come on television, and judging by its Nielsen Ratings only one out of the three of you who actually read my reviews has seen it. Which is a shame because this is one of those shows that should be used an example of how television is more than just a vast cultural wasteland. Not only is it hilarious, but it's also very smart. »»

Baby Mama - DVD Review

Everyone has differentiating opinions on the best SNL cast, too. Whether it be the Chase/Radner/Ackroyd time frame, or the Sandler/Myers/Farley timeframe, everyone has a favorite. Whether the cast of recent years is going to go down in SNL infamy is yet to be determined. But as spotty as the cast can get, Tina Fey will go down in the records as one of SNL's funniest ladies. »»

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