Blu-ray Review: Titanic

One of the greatest blockbuster movies ever made is now one of the greatest Blu-rays ever made. »»

Titanic Makes A Splash On Blu-ray, Plus More New And Recent Releases To Check Out This Week

Would you rather be the King of the World or Juan of the Dead? Find out inside. »»

Titanic Debuts On Blu-ray And Blu-ray 3D In September

Paramount Home Entertainment announces the high-def arrival of the second highest-grossing film of all time. »»

Weekend Box Office: Hunger Games Surpasses $400 Million Worldwide And Sinks Titanic...Again

Katniss Everdeen shows that she is the Queen of the World. »»

James Cameron's Wallet, err Heart, Will Go On - Titanic 3D Poster & Trailer Revealed

After the record-breaking success of Avatar, James Cameron is going back to the 3D well and going to release Titanic in 3D as well. A poster and trailer for it have been released. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player »»

James Cameron's Titanic To Set Sail Again In 3D

The re-release to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Titanic setting sail and subsequent sinking. »»

Battle Beyond the Stars explodes in Blu-ray

Seven Samurai .... in SPACE! »»

James Cameron in Talks to Direct Angelina Jolie in Cleopatra?

This could be one incredibly high profile team. »»

James Cameron and George Lucas Plan More 3D Re-Releases

All right teenage girls and nerds, get your wallets out. E! Online reports that "The Star Wars movies are coming back in 3-D. Titanic's coming back in 3-D. Avatar's coming back in 3-D. Oh, wait—that last one already came back (and already was in 3- »»

Titanic Actor Gloria Stuart Dies

The old woman that George Costanza once referred to as "just a liar," Gloria Stuart, has passed away. E! Online reports that "Stuart, the 1930s star, who achieved her greatest fame as the elder version of Kate Winslet's Rose in Titanic, died Sunday. »»

James Cameron talks Avatar, Mountains of Madness, and Titanic 3D

Does it not amaze anyone else just how much this man has accomplished? And it appears as if he is far from done. »»

Monday Morning Critic - 6.14 - The BP Oil Spill, To Hell and Back, World Cup 2010

Pondering how we can fix the BP oil spill with the power of celebrity, taking a peak at the World War II flick To Hell and Back and riffing on the World Cup 2010 »»

Avatar Second-Unit Director To Direct The Final(er) Destination

James Cameron protege to give audiences new ways to fear dying »»

Box Office News: Titanic Sinks for a Second Time!

James Cameron's Titanic is no longer the king of any world. On Tuesday the ship once again found itself running into something big and blue deep into the night, though this time it wasn't an iceberg, it was the Navi. After Tuesday's box-office rec »»

Spaceballs: The Totally Warped Animated Adventures! - DVD Review

As a huge fan of Brooks and Spaceballs I was curious about this show. Now I’m just glad that I wasn’t subjected to all 13 episodes. »»

R0BTRAIN's Bad Ass Cinema: Long Live the King!

James Cameron returns to theaters this weekend. In honor of the event I present my favorite Cameron movie moments... »»

Revolutionary Road - DVD Review

There’s nothing fancy or unwarranted [about Revolutionary Road]; just a depressing story told in a straightforward manner with quality characters and actors behind them. While it doesn’t reach greatness, Mendes does get the film to “very good” territory and that’s not a bad thing. »»

Making Movie History: Yes, I Have A Birthday Week

April 15 was my birthday and I thought I'd share some events with you all that have taken place on my birthday. Some of them include theatrical events or some are just things that took place throughout the course of human history. Believe it or not, there is a lot more to April 15 then just having your taxes due and the main thing is that it is the day of my birth. And for that you should give me presents, but is my ass providing you all with a gift in this the week of my birth. »»

Revolutionary Road erupts in June

The doomed lovers from Titanic moved to the suburbs only to be sunk by the American dream. Revolutionary Road arrives this June on DVD & Blu-ray. Here's the press release from Paramount Home Entertainment: »»

Making Movie History: Movies I'm Not Supposed To Hate, But I Don't Listen To You

We each have our own eclectic tastes in the different genres of the film industry that we care for. Even then though we sometimes go outside of our favorite genre and see a movie or two that we just absolutely love. Then there are those films that supposedly everyone in the world is supposed to adore and love and always watch and be enamored with or you just aren't a normal human being. Well I'm here to tell you that society is wrong and I hate a good number of the films I'm intended to love because society says so. To society I say...PPPPPBBBBBBBTTTTTT! »»

Bewitched Shall Be Conjured Up This February

Are you ready for a little magic in the new year? Bewitched: The Complete Seventh Season shall be conjured up on February 3. »»

Movie Hardball #2

Hello again, everyone. Welcome back to Movie Hardball, the column that has as many questions as a baseball game has innings. In this edition I discuss The King of the World with a couple of guys who obviously haven't seen The Terminator enough: Scott “Big Poppa Kubryk" Sawitz and Mike “Bringin' Da" Noyes. Kubryk is the Popcorn Junkies' rock, guiding light, and editor. Noyes is on loan from the DVD Lounge and is known to pop up randomly in the Popcorn Junkies Forum. Both know what they are talking about, so listen up. »»

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