Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Likely to Surface Soon

Playboy playmate goes from being a centerfold to getting the Paris Hilton treatment. »»

Mel Gibson Spews Racial Slurs at Ex Girlfriend

Not entirely surprising... »»

'Election' Star Chris Klein Arrested for DUI

It's gonna happen ... he's a washed up movie star. »»

Charlie Sheen Getting Closer To Jail Time

Aren't we all being punished enough by having him on TV? »»

Heidi Montag Splits From Spencer Pratt

Who gets custody of her gigantic fake boobs? »»

Heather Locklear Guilty Of Hit-And Run?

Not this time, luckily. »»

Jesse James Admits That Nazis Aren't Funny

Next shocking revelation: Burning crosses in Mississippi are also in poor taste. »»

Tila Tequila Has Problems With Pills

She doesn't want to be another Lindsay Lohan. But then, who does? »»

Miley Cyrus Teams With Walmart In Attempt To Poison Children?!

I knew they were up to no good! »»

Shocking Results Of Corey Haim's Autopsy!

Personally I'd request a second opinion, but whatever. »»

Larry King to Get Divorced for the Eighth Time

Maybe the ninth time will be the charm. »»

According to Greta - DVD Review

Teens are angsty and dramatic, I get it. But Greta is completely over the top. »»

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