Retro-Review: Invasion! By Keith Giffen, Bill Mantlo, Todd McFarlane & Bart Sears For DC Comics

Looking back to a beloved era of the Legion of Super-Heroes: the 5YG! »»

McFarlane Toys To Make Assassin's Creed III Action Figures

It looks like McFarlane Toys has gained the Assassin's Creed license. In an interview, Todd McFarlane has revealed information on a first series of action figures! "It's a strong triple-A franchise and it's growing," McFarlane Toys CEO and compan »»

The Weekly Round-Up #159 with Multiple Warheads, Comeback, DHP, Happy #3, Saga #8 & More

A larger than usual holiday edition of The Weekly Round-up! »»

Crisis on Multiple Earths Volume 6 Finally Solicited, But Missing Books? Fix Expected Before March 2013 Release (DC Comics)

Great news from DC Comics February 2013 solicitations, but collection incomplete. »»

Demythify: Image Comics Welcomes Marvel & DC Writers, Blade Runner Meets Toy Story & Image United

Image Comics rocked SDCC with Marvel and DC talent! Plus other goodies. »»

Images of McFarlane SportsPicks NBA Series 20

McFarlane has released images of NBA Series 20: -Carmelo Anthony 4 (New York Knicks) -Kobe Bryant 6 (Los Angeles Lakers) -Kevin Durant 2 (Oklahoma City Thunder) -Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers) -Derrick Rose 2 (Chicago Bulls) -Dwyane Wad »»

Blu-ray Review: Darkness Falls

Before he helmed Battle: Los Angeles director Jonathan Liebesman directed a very silly, very short evil tooth fairy movie. »»

Video of Todd McFarlane & Robert Kirkland Talking About Walking Dead Toys has posted a video of Robert Kirkland & Todd McFarlane talking shop about the new Walking Dead action figures. Kirkland is clearly excited about see his own creations made into action figures. »»

Infinity Inc. Gets Hard Cover In 2011 With Todd McFarlane, Jerry Ordway & More

Great art and dynamic writing compiled in early "Generations Saga" issues of DC's classic Infinity Inc. run. »»

Neil Gaiman blogs on win over Todd McFarlane in court over Spawn

The legal battle continues between comic book heavy weights Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane. Dark Ages Spawn, Domina and Tiffany not original, but based on Neil Gaiman work. »»

Bad Movies Done Right - The Wolfman

Robert Saucedo like a werewolf movie. What a shocker! »»

Raimi Offered Reigns to Oz, The Great And Powerful

Director of Evil Dead, Spider-Man films to pay attention to man behind the curtain? »»

Who's Who In The DCU 6.23.04

Good news, by the time you read this I should probably be back on my own computer again. The bad news of course is that it needed a complete operating system reboot. The worse news is that I don't have any of the software for the cool programs that »»

Who's Who In The DCU 3.17.04

It is column time yet again. Man, last week was crazy. Everything went wacky for a second. I'm sure that all of you were worried. Well I have the real deal. Apparently Mark Waid tried to retcon 411Mania a mere week after it's first birthday. Su »»

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