New England Patriots Score 45 In Second Half To Stun The Buffalo Bills

Even though the Patriots badly outplayed the Bills the entire game, there was a time where it looked like it was the Bills day. Uncharacteristically, the Patriots made fundamental errors. Despite their woes, the Patriots not only overcame the Bill »»

The Tim Couch Quarterback: National Football League's Week Two Predictions

Call me crazy, but I believe this was one of the most interesting week ones ever. I never remember so many newsworthy topics to talk about the day after week 1 ever, as Peyton Manning came back, RG III out-dueled Drew Brees, Joe Flacco lit up the 7th »»

NFL WildCard Weekend Recap

There is always an upset on wildcard weekend, but nobody saw this coming. I thought it would be the Bengals because mainly because of me being 50-50 on the game and wanting the Bengals to win so the Patriots didn't have to play the Steelers. Many peo »»

Just Seen It Shredded Ticket Worst Movie of 2011 - Bucky Larsen: Born to be a Star [Video]

Nic Swardson stars as Bucky Larson, whose life is turned upside down when he discovers his parents were porn stars in the 1970s. Leaving his job as a supermarket bagboy, he heads to LA to become an adult film star and against all odds, his dreams com »»

Week 17 NFL Predictions + NBA Pick of the Day

Sorry for not posting my week 16 predictions. It was a busy week as most of you know.  I didn't even bet that much football this week. I only bet Eagles over Cowboys and Saints over Falcons. Both won and covered so that's great. Plus, I took Celtics »»

Week 15 NFL Picks

Jacksonville Jaguars+14 vs.  Atlanta  Falcons Falcons play teams close and Jaguars have some momentum after finally getting rid of Jack Del Rio and winning against their state rival in a blowout. Now they have to go to Atlanta, a place that's a »»

Week 11: Top 5 NFC and AFC Teams

We are well over the halfway point of the NFL season, and what a crazy ride it has been. With the lockout factor shaking up everything and making pretenders look like contenders and mediocre offenses look like elite offenses, the past few weeks has »»

Wild Weekends: Thinning Out The Herd

Time continues to tick away.   This is the time of year when every week could be Judgment Week for a team. The matchup's begin to get tougher, the rivalries begin to be played out for another year, and the teams that will be heading to pos »»

New York Giants vs New England Patriots: Eli Manning once more Outduels Tom Brady

NY Giants 24, New England Patriots 20 Daniels wanted to make money off this one… badly: The Giants money line for this game was +550.  I wish I had a real bookie, because I wanted to bet it.  One of two things will happen in the aftermath of t »»

Wild Weekends: College Football Turning Up The Heat

In college football the race to the finish has begun.   At the beginning of the season, TCU/Baylor seemed to me to be a college football game that would be around in November as a legit game of the year candidate. It almost made it to Nov »»

JC's Top Rope Report: NFL Week 5 Picks

Hello everyone at Inside Pulse. This is my first piece over at this site, so let me give you a bit of a background about myself. My name is Justin. I'm 23 years old from Buffalo, NY. I have a Media Production degree and love to write and share »»

New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills NFL Week 3 Commentary

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots offense looked unstoppable at one point as they marched up and down the field, making it look just too easy, and even the defense was creating havoc and creating turnovers. Then, just when you thought Brady was »»

NFL 2011 Week 2 Thoughts and Commentary: San Diego Chargers – 21, New England Patriots - 35

San Diego Chargers – 21, New England Patriots - 35   Rhett Davis: It's going to be hard to stop the New England Patriots right now and it's going to take more than San Diego had to offer to do so.  Once again, Tom Brady had a phenomenal »»

Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star - Review

The year's worst film by far One always wonders just how poorly the scripts Adam Sandler rejects or passes onto his friends based on the sheer volume of particularly bad films he's made as of late. Just how bad does a script have to be before A »»

Mini-Controvery Erupts with New England Patriots of Chad Ochocinco Tweet

Chad Ochocinco tweeted the following: "Just waking up after a late arrival, I've never seen a machine operate like that n person, to see video game numbers put up n person was WOW." Former Patriot and current ESPN analyst Teddy Bruschi replied »»

NFL News: New England Patroits QB Tom Brady To Undergo Surgery On Foot

He should be fine for the start of next season. Whenever that is. »»

McFarlane SportsPicks NFL 2011 Line-Ups

It's that time of year again, time for us to wait with baited breath to find out who will be in next year's assortments of NFL figures from McFarlane. This year, instead of doing a NFL Legends assortment, McFarlane has decided to add the Legends to »»

Tom Brady Survives Car Crash Unscathed

The quarterback wasn't toast, apparently. »»

NFL News: New England Patriots And QB Tom Brady Agree To Contract

Peter King just announced the new contract at halftime of the Vikings/Saints game. »»

NFL News: New England Patriots QB Tom Brady In Car Accident

Not great news a few days before the season. »»

2010 NFL Preview Part 1: AFC East

Team                                             Projected Wins- Losses (Range) 1. New York Jets                                     9-7 - 13-3 Rex Ryan and th »»

NFL Preview: New England Patriots

To say last season was disappointing for the New England Patriots would only be the beginning. First came the disappointing loss to the Jets in week two. Then the overtime loss to Denver that never should have happened. Then came Bill Belichek's i »»

Pulse Figures: Images of McFarlane NFL 22 & 'Collector Level' SportsPicks Revealed

Pulse Figures now has the latest images of McFarlane SportsPicks NFL Series 22 containing some of today's top NFL Stars; Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Matt Cassel, Adrian Peterson, & Matt Forté. Head on over to Pulse Figures for all the images. Also, McFa »»

Wild Weekends: Full Speed Ahead

The unpredictability that encompasses the beginning of every football season has given way to the unpredictability of what will happen next week. During the first year of this column, I commented that nobody can be counted on in college football; th »»


August 19th, 2009. You won't hear it it in the mainstream sports news, but the New England Patriots quarterback's aging body is a prime target for National Football League defenses all over the USA. And why not? One hit got him out for most of the »»

NFL Divisional Breakdown AFC East

I have no opening this week. So instead I'll share one of my new favorite quotes "Failure is just success rounded down." Remember that when you're team is in the crapper by week 5. New England Patriots Better than ever? I think that might be a lit »»

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