The Trailer For Fox Searchlight's The Way, Way Back

Set to be released Fourth of July weekend. »»

Story Details on Fright Night Remake

DreamWorks Pictures' formal announcement about the new Fright Night in development. »»

McLovin And Dr. Who Join The Cast Of Fright Night

You're so cool, Brewster! David Tennant and Christopher Mintz-Plasse join the cast of Dreamworks' remake »»

Colin Farrell Sinks Teeth into Fright Night Remake

Charlie Bartlett has to contend with Sonny Crockett in this remake of the cult 1985 film. »»

Changing Lanes - Blu-ray Review

Changing Lanes is a great story of pettiness, revenge, and the evil of the human world. My only complaint is that it comes out of the gate being so incredibly awesome with the horrible unfairness of life and how even the nicest people know how to be underhanded and vengeful…but then it fades off into Hollywood ending which sucks. »»

Towelhead - DVD Review

Along with the film’s title being misleading, the trailer was misleading as well. It made the movie out to be a funny and touching coming of age story that also dealt with racism towards Muslims. Honestly, I was excited to see this movie. I wanted to see how Alan Ball, the writer of one of my personal Top 10 Films of all time and my favorite show of all time, would deal with all of these very relevant issues Towelhead, the sex movie with the racist title, was a big disappointment. »»

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