Blu-ray Review: Movie 43

Just a bunch of silly nonsense and random crude skits starring some of Hollywood’s most recognizable stars. »»

Pain & Gain - Review

Michael Bay makes an excellent film »»

Mark Wahlberg Could Be Your Next Stepfather In Pain & Gain Red Band Trailer

Michael Bay stops playing with Transformers long enough to give us this South Florida action comedy. »»

Monk – Episode 8-16 Review

Alona Tal and Tony Shalhoub Spoilers as usual, but I promise this is the last time. The time for us to say goodbye is near The day I hoped would never come is here Though many hearts are broken we must somehow carry on Cause I think you're gonna m »»

Monk – Episode 8-15 Review

Tony Shalhoub and Melora Hardin Spoilers are inevitable. Resistance is futile. I won't be sure how much I enjoyed “Mr. Monk and the End: Part I" until I see the second half this Friday, which I hope will finally wrap up all the series' mysteries »»

Monk – Episode 8-14 Review

Tony Shalhoub Spoilers Below “Mr. Monk and the Badge" wraps up another major Monk story line and brings the series one step closer to the end. Monk's return to the force has been a crucial theme throughout the series. The character growth we've »»

Monk – Episode 8-13 Review

Tony Shalhoub and Carol Kane This review contains lots of spoilery goodness. This guy walks into a psychiatrist's office with a duck on his head. The psychiatrist says, "Can I help you?" The duck says, "Yeah, get this guy off my ass! Sorry, if a »»

Monk – Episode 8-12 Review

Tony Shalhoub and Alex Wolff Spoilers. There are always spoilers. “Mr. Monk Goes Camping" is perhaps the least outstanding episode of the season so far. Certainly there were some high points, but it was uneven overall and not quite as impressive »»

Monk – Episode 8-11 Review

Sparky and Tony Shalhoub Rest assured there will be spoilers below, because I don't know how to analyze an episode without them. “Mr. Monk and the Dog" seems like another one of those ideas that the Monk writers have probably had on the drawing »»

Monk – Episode 8-10 Review

Tony Shalhoub and Bitty Schram "Mr. Monk and Sharona" is the episode for all those fans who thought that Monk's first assistant, Sharona Fleming, didn't get a proper send-off because of the precipitous departure of Bitty Schram, who played the char »»

Primetime Pulse Exclusive Interview: Tony Shalhoub and Bitty Schram

Tony Shalhoub and Bitty Schram joined me and a couple dozen other online press types (so “exclusive" is a relative term) for a conference call earlier this week to promote the return of Sharona in this week's all new episode of Monk. Here's the »»

Monk – Episode 8-9 Review

Tony Shalhoub and John Carroll Lynch Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers! “Happy Birthday, Mr. Monk" is the first Monk episode title ever that doesn't begin with “Mr. Monk…." No particular significance, just saying. It's a little more action-packe »»

Monk – Episode 8-8 Review

Tony Shalhoub, Hector Elizondo and Tim Bagley Major spoilers. I mean it. It's here: the halfway point. “Mr. Monk Goes to Group Therapy" is the eighth of sixteen episodes in the eighth and final season of Monk. I'm sure it's completely subjective »»

Monk – Episode 8-7 Review

Meat Loaf and Tony Shalhoub "You remind me of a man." “What man?" "The man with the power." "What power?" "The power of hoodoo." "Who-do?" "You do." "Do what?" "Remind me of a man." "What man?" "The man with the power." "What power?" "The power o »»

Monk – Episode 8-6 Review

Dylan Baker, Tony Shalhoub, Traylor Howard The mystery in “Mr. Monk and the Critic" isn't a who-dun-it. As with many Monk plots, who is obvious, how is the question. As far as that goes, it's a great little mystery. This episode is perhaps more r »»

Monk – Episode 8-5 Review

This review contains spoilers. Let's face it, only former detective Adrian Monk can solve the cases he solves. If any random CSI tech could gather evidence at the crime scene or if they could run some perp's fingerprints through a database or whatev »»

Monk – Episode 8-4 Review

Spoilers ahead. Turn back now if you haven't seen the episode. “Mr. Monk is Someone Else" is the fourth episode of the final season of Monk. Never let it be said that an old-fashioned show like Monk would pass up a classic maneuver like the “ »»

Monk – Episode 8-3 Review

“Mr. Monk and the UFO" is the third entry in the eighth season of USA Network's cornerstone series Monk. Since it is the final season it appears that Monk will be allowed to demonstrate a little personal growth. Tony Shalhoub discussed that aspect »»

Monk – Episode 8-2 Review

After last week's mostly comedic episode, Monk has a more dramatic offering this week with “Mr. Monk and the Foreign Man". Yes, there are some laugh-out-loud moments as Monk helps his new friend to adapt to “American" culture (which is actually »»

Monk – Episode 8-1 Review

[caption id="attachment_76882" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Elizabeth Perkins, Rena Sofer and Tony Shalhoub"][/caption] Spoilers ahead. This is a review, which means I'm going to discuss what happens in the episode. If you haven't seen it »»

Primetime Pulse Exclusive Interview: Tony Shalhoub Talks About Monk's Final Season

I was invited to participate in a press conference call with Tony Shalhoub, the star of USA Network's hit series Monk. Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG Award winner Tony Shalhoub not only stars as Adrian Monk, a brilliant detective who suffers from obses »»

Galaxy Quest: Deluxe Edition - DVD Review

When Galaxy Quest was first released in 2000 it didn't interest me and I didn't want to see. I managed to avoid seeing the film until now when my editor forced it into my hand. After having seen the film I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to give it a chance because I'll be damned if it isn't a really funny film. »»

Monk: Season Six - DVD Review

Some of the greatest detectives the world has ever known happen to also be those who are the zaniest and craziest people to come into existence. Harry Crumb comes to mind, but he always happened to solve the case even though he was incredibly incompetent. Prepare to witness a man that may seem insane on the outside, and he most probably is, but he really is a true genius and can do just about anything he puts his mind too. Anything that is except deal with germs and that goes against his OCD. Hey, we can't all be perfect can we? »»

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