James Badge Dale Circling Iron Man 3

Actor would play another in Iron Man's rogues gallery. »»

Rebecca Hall In Talks To Join The Cast Of Iron Man 3

With Jessica Chastain bowing out, starlet from The Town steps in. »»

The Avengers - Review (2)

Marvel's The Transformers is more like it »»

The Avengers - Review

Simply Marvel-ous. »»

Marvel Comics Debuts New Iron Man & New Costume In June! An Avengers vs. X-Men Turning Point?

How will a new Iron Man affect the Avengers vs. X-Men war? Whose side is this new player on? »»

Marvel Universe 2011 Wave 5 Line-Up Revealed (Iceman, Magneto & More)

Online stores are now taking pre-orders for Marvel Universe 2011 Wave 5. This set will include: -Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men) -Iceman -Magneto -Iron Man (Tony Stark) -Absorbing Man These are due in October. PK's Pulse: This is probably »»

Iron Man 2 - Blu-ray Review

If the Iron Man 2 Blu-ray was presented at the Stark Expo, it’d win top prize, hands down. »»

Tony Stark Doesn't Look So Good in Iron Man 2 Alternate Opening

Either Iron Man is becoming good friends with a toilet or Robert Downey Jr. has relapsed. »»

Iron Man: Armored Adventures: The Complete Season 1 - DVD Review

IM:AA comes off feeling very much like an "Ultimate Spider-Man" version of Tony Stark and his metal armor. »»

And Now...The Iron Man 2 Trailer

I Am Irrrrrooonnnnn Maaaaaannn...'s trailer! »»

Whiplash Poster For Iron Man 2 Now Online


The Incredible Hulk - DVD Review

In 2003, a much anticipated comic book film hit theatres with a huge SMASH! It's just a shame that after everyone got to view it, that SMASH turned into a very low knock on a door. Hulk thrilled me when the trailers first aired and I watched as Eric Bana didn't want to get angry because the evil green guy inside of him was going to bust out and tear some sh*t up. Early shots of the CGI Hulk looked awesome and it just appeared as if things were going to just be insane with this film. Then it came out and even though the story veered from the comic book, the film itself didn't. There were comic book panels and weird transitional effects and it was just a complete disaster. Could a sequel save the franchise in any way? Sure it could...by replacing Bana with Edward Norton. »»


A double feature 0-day review of the new IRON MAN titles released today to coincide with the blockbuster box office hit movie: INVINCIBLE IRON MAN and IRON MAN: VIVA LAS VEGAS. »»

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