Mike Noyes' Top 10 for 2014

Marvel, animation and comedy make up a big part of Mike's list. »»

Chris' Top 10 Movies of 2012

Chris Roberts' Top 10 includes political tomfoolery, beasts, bats, cops, and much more. »»

His Skipness - Travis And His Top 10 Films of 2012

Travis "Skip" Leamons recaps the year and counts down his ten favorite films of 2012. »»

The Top 10 WrestleManias (Part 2)

Here it is Ladies and Gents, the top 10 WrestleManias. Numbers 5 through 1 will be revealed after a long wait, which by the way I apologize for. Just to refresh everybody, numbers 10 through 6 were WrestleMania XII, 22, IV, VIII and XIX. Now here is »»

Glazer's 10 Best Comics Of 2010 (Marvel, DC, Image, Jonathan Hickman, Batman and Robin, Walking Dead)

These are the 10 best ongoing comic runs of 2010, in my modest opinion. Feel free to click the link of anything that sounds interesting to buy it. Honorable Mention: Atlas and Guardians of the Galaxy/Thanos Imperative. The dearly departed were a »»

10 Marvel and DC Comic Creators Due to Break Out in 2011

Last week was 10 writers at the top of their games. You knew of and damn well should have loved everyone on that list. This week its 10 you should have heard of and should be reading all the books of, but as you might not, I'm here to yell at you u »»

Top 10 Comic Book Writers I Dig Who are At the Top of Their Games (Grant Morrison, Jonathan Hickman, Jason Aaron)

10 Writers I Dig at the Top of their Games This isn't a list up and comers (that'll be next week), this is major names on books that sell who have at least one opus to their credit. This is the elite and the veterans of the comic industry, my abs »»

Top 10 Heroclix for Marvel Hammer of Thor

10. Karnilla – 64 pts. 3 Damage Pyschic Blast for this cost is excellent, especially with Phasing and Shape Change to keep her away. Enhancement and then Probability Control keep her very useful all dial, especially if played with a flying rang »»

Friday Morning Backlash: Top 10 WWE Heels of the 2000s

Who are the top 10 heels in the WWE this millennium? »»

Top 10 Heroclix of Marvel Web of Spider-Man

10. Vector – 68 pts For 68 pts, you get the best TK in game, five full clicks. Along with that, he can Taxi, spots 20 Defense at range in hindering and, with a 3 pt ATA, deal 3 damage to anyone capable of doing 4 or more damage. Add in a no-at »»

Top 10 Heroclix of DC Brave and the Bold

10. Black Hand – 111 pts. There are a number of Black Lanterns, Scar not even a chase, but you still can't make a theme with him. Choosing a rainbow color for a power an enemy has then subtracting 2 from the Defense of any enemy within 8 that h »»

Top 10 Heroclix in DC 75th Anniversary Set

10. Johnny Quick – 50 pts. Activation click shmacktivation click. 13 move hypersonic and 10 attack is always playable for 50 points, but adding in that perplex to get up to 3 damage makes Quick a go to for cheap perplex. Adding in the All Star »»

The Gold Standard: Top 10 Things DC Comics Did Right In 2010

What did DC do right this year? »»

American Film Institute Announces its Top 10 of the Year

Unlike last year, which included films like The Hangover and Sugar, this year's list is devoid of surprise. »»

Wednesday Comments - 'My Fault' - With Walking Dead, JMS & More

Mathan's back with some random shots are comic related stuff. »»

Top Ten Characters That Will Stay Dead

The Top 10 returns »»

The Weekend Top 10: Favorite X-Men

Who do I choose? »»

The Weekend Top 10 - X-Men Characters

My 10 Favorite X-Men! »»

The Weekend Top 10: Retcons

What makes the Gold Standard list? »»

The Weekend Top 10 - Retcons

10. Sentry – The Sentry was invented to be the forgotten Superman of the Marvel Universe. With insane power levels and great potential as the great hero no one remembered due to his evil Void side, he was unfortunately misused by everyone but Dan »»

The Weekly 10: Top 10 Clones

Ben Reilly isn't on this list. Deal with it. »»

The Weekly Top 10: Clones


The Weekly 10: Celebrities

10. Jack of Fables – Sure, he isn't actually famous as himself, but as the star of a blockbuster movie trilogy, he's got all the fame you can ask for. 9. Human Torch – No one in the Marvel Universe enjoys his fame like Johnny Storm… and no one »»

The Top 10 Worst Wrestlers List Update

Using a highly scientific method members of the staff at InsidePulse have compiled a list of the 10 worst wrestlers at the moment. We do not grade simply by technical skill. We include promo ability, dullness, unwatchableness, stupid crappiness among other factors and made up words. »»

The Top 10 Worst Wrestlers at the Moment

Using a highly scientific method members of the staff at InsidePulse have compiled a list of the 10 worst wrestlers at the moment. We do not grade simply by technical skill. »»

Pulse Wrestling’s ROH Rankings: June 5, 2009

Here is the latest update of Inside Pulse Wrestling's OFFICIAL rankings of Ring of Honor. Rankings will be posted the first Friday of every month. Click Here for last month's Rankings (as of May 1, 2009). Official Pulse Wrestling Rankings for »»

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