Weekend Box Office: The Expendables 2 Takes The Weekend But Can't Outperform First Expendables

Weekend Box Office: The Expendables 2 Takes The Weekend But Can't Outgross First Expendables »»

Weekend Box Office: The Bourne Legacy Scores $40 Million Opening, Knocks Dark Knight Rises From #1

A sequel and a political comedy dethrone The Dark Knight's three-week reign as number one. »»

Demythify: The Dark Knight Rises Ending & Sequel, Total Recall 2012, 1990, 2070 & NASA Mars Mission (Spoilers)

A Dark Knight, an elusive Red Planet, a Rekall "reality" & NASA's real life mission to Mars! »»

Total Recall - Review (2)

Misfire of epic proportions »»

Total Recall - Review

Remake should have gotten its ass to Mars. »»

Blu-ray Review: Total Recall (Ultimate Rekall Edition)

With a superior video transfer, this is the Total Recall Blu-ray we've been waiting for. »»

Monday Morning Critic -Total Recall (2012): Remake, Reboot or Ripoff - Sam Childers & Joseph Kony

How do we classify the new #totalrecall .. is it a remake, reboot or ripoff? »»

Full Total Recall Trailer Debuts Online [Video]

Full length trailer for Total Recall debuts »»

First Trailer, Poster For Colin Farrell's Version of Total Recall

The first trailer and poster for Total Recall have been released. You can view them below. »»

Colin Farrell Stars In First 30 Seconds Of Preview From Remake Of Total Recall

A 30 second promo clip from Colin Farrell's Total Recall has been released. You can watch it below. »»

Total Recall Remake Gets A Villain

Douglas Quaid is to Colin Farrell as Vilos Cohaagen is to who? »»

Total Recall Remake Looking For A Few Good Women

Sony Pictures looking for two females to star opposite Colin Farrell in Len Wiseman's remake of the Paul Verhoeven film. »»

Movie Poster of the Week - Alex Pardee's Best Worst Movie Print

The cast and crew of Best Worst Movie get the spotlight in a collectable print. »»

Colin Farrell Confirmed For Mars-less Total Recall Remake

Upcoming remake will take radical departures from the original Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. »»

Colin Farrell in Running for Total Recall Remake

Stars of Inception and Inglourious Basterds also in the mix. »»

Len Wiseman to Direct Total Recall Reboot

Sony Pictures tells Len Wiseman to get his ass to Mars. »»

It's Not a Tumor, It's a Musical Number!

The creators of Silence: The Musical turn their talents to the films of California's governor. »»

Bad Movies Done Right - Showgirls

Showgirls is the female impersonator of director Paul Verhoeven’s filmography — and he’s a guy obsessed with the vagina. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Nightmarathon Pt. 4: A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

Dream Master, under director Renny Harlin’s watchful eye, ramps up the special effects considerably. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Nightmarathon Pt. 2: A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

Nightmare on Elm Street 2 features what appears to be an extended metaphor for a young man coming out of the closet »»

Wimmer to write Recall remake

Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium and the upcoming Salt) has been tapped to write Total Recall, the remake of the 1990 sic-fi actioner that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. »»

Total Recall: Total Remake.

Neal H. Moritz and his Original Films banner are in final negotiations to develop and produce for Columbia a contemporary version of Total Recall, the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi action movie directed by Paul Verhoeven. »»

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