TOY FAIR 2011: Batman The Brave & The Bold

Here are the images of Batman: The Brave & The Bold figures from Mattel. Not much new to see here this year, however you can see the figure figures of Superman & Metallo in the line. [gallery=1373] »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Below is the gallery from the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides from Jakks. There are 3 3/4" figures, and 6" figures coming from the line. Also, check out the awesome 3 3/4" scale ship! [gallery=1407] »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Megadeth & Iggy Pop From NECA

NECA showed off the some new music icon figures this year at Toy Fair. In the images you can see figures based on Megadeth's iconic Eddie art. Also, there's a new figure of Iggy Pop. [gallery=1401] »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Ben 10

Here are the images of Ben 10 products coming from Bandai! This year, they are stepping away from using a sub-name in the Ben 10 line (like Ultimate Alien in the past), and is sticking to the generic Ben 10 logo! Check out the many figures, vehicle »»

Toy Fair 2011 Coverage Continues! (Green Lantern, Thundercats, WWE, Scott Pilgrim & More)

Still LOTS of news coming out of Toy Fair 2011! Head on over to our Toy Fair 2011 index! Make sure you check out Bandai's new Thundercats toys for both the new cartoon, and classics! Also included is plenty of Green Lantern product, including ne »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Nintendo PVC & Plush From Global Holdings

Here are the images of various Nintendo products from Global Holdings. Included are keychains, plush & PVC figurines! Love me some Mario.... [gallery=1397] »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Mattel DC Retro-Action Superheroes

Here are the images of the upcoming DC Retro-Action Superheroes. Series 4 (Toys R Us Exclusive) -Black Adam -Darkseid -Shazam -Martian Manhunter Green Lantern ( Exclusive) -Guy Gardner -John Stewart -Sinestro (Sinestro »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Mezco (South Park, Little Big Planet, DC, Scott Pilgrim & More)

Check out the images of the upcoming Mezco products. Below in the gallery you will be able to see Scott Pilgrim, Little Big Planet, South Park, DC Mezits, and More! Also, you can see the 10" Thundercats Lion-O! [gallery=1399] »»

TOY FAIR 2011: McFarlane Halo & Halo Reach

Check out the images below of the new Halo figures from McFarlane. You will see figures from the entire Halo universe, including Halo Reach. Also, check out the new vehicles! [gallery=1393] »»

TOY FAIR 2011: DC Direct (Blackest Night, Green Lantern, Flashpoint & More)

Here are the images of the DC Comics based DC Direct figures. Here is what you will see in the images: Batman: Arkham Asylum Series 1 -The Joker -Scarecrow -Batman -Harley Quinn Batman: Arkham Asylum Series 2 -Bane -Zsasz -Batman (Armo »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Green Lantern DC Universe Classics Series 2

Here are the images of Green Lantern DC Universe Classics 2. These figures are due in stores any day now. -Star Sapphire (Carol Farris) -G'Hu -Sodam Yat (Ion) -B'dg, Dex-Starr, Despotellis -Skallox / Night Lik (comes with head & hands to sw »»

TOY FAIR 2011: NECA Player Select (Bioshock Infinite, Gears of War 3 & More)

Here is the gallery of NECA's Player Select figures. You will see figures from plenty of video games, like Splinter Cell, Bulletstorm & Dead Space 2. Also shown are the debut figures of Bioshock Infinite, Duke Nukem Forever & Gears of War 3! [gal »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Pokemon Black & White From Jakks

Here are some images from the Pokemon Black & White line of toys being put out by Jakks this year. There is plenty of plush & figurines included. There is also a dueling playset that allows you to battle 2 pokemon. [gallery=1406] »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Square Enix Toys (Metal Gear Solid, Halo Reach, Deus Ex, Dissida & More)

Check out the images below of the Square Enix figures from Toy Fair 2011! There are plenty of properties you'd expect from Square, like Dissidia Final Fantasy & Deus Ex. However, make sure you see the Street Fighter IV, Metal Gear Solid & Halo Reac »»

TOY FAIR 2011: WWE Rumblers

Here are the images of the WWE Rumblers from the Mattel showroom at Toy Fair 2011. This line (which is quickly becoming one of my favorites) is expanding big time, with plenty of new figures. Check out the images below for Jack Swagger, Randy Orton »»

TOY FAIR 2011: G.I. Joe (30th Anniversary & GI Joe Renegades)

Check out the images below of some of the upcoming GI Joe figures coming out this year! -Barbeque -Cobra Commander -Cobra Trooper -Cobra Viper -Crazy Legs -Croc Master -Gen. Hawk -Hazmat -Iron Grenadier -Jungle BAT -Rock Viper -SciFi »»

TOY FAIR 2011: DC Direct Unlimited (Killzone, Ratchet & Clank, Mass Effect & More)

Here are images from the DC Direct showroom, showing off the DC Unlimited line. You will see images for Mass Effect 2, Killzone, Ratchet & Clank, God of War, World of Warcraft & Starcraft 2. Also, you can see the debut of a brand new Starcraft 2 fi »»

TOY FAIR 2011: NECA's Cult Classics (Predator, Scream, Gremlins & More)

Check out the images of the Cult Classics figures from NECA's Toy Fair showroom. There are TONS of different movie characters being put out this year by NECA, including: -Nightmare on Elm Street (Original) -Predator (including 1:4 scale) -Screa »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Batman Legacy Collection

At Toy Fair 2011, Mattel revealed the 'Batman: Legacy' assortments. There will be single packs & 2-packs. The singles will be based on the comic versions, with the first wave having a Superpower repaint of the DC Superheroes Mr. Freeze, Batman (wit »»

TOY FAIR 2011: DC Universe & Green Lantern Action League

Check out the images below of the upcoming Action League figures. There will be a Green Lantern Movie line, as well as a regular DC Universe line. Wonder Woman, Saint Walker, Kilowog, Deathstroke & Zilius Zox will show up in the DC Universe line. »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Power Rangers Samurai

Here are the images of Power Rangers Samurai. In the pictures you will see the first look at the new Gold Ranger. Also, it should be noted that there will be a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 4" scale Rita Repulsa mixed in the line (although, on a Sam »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Green Lantern Movie Figures

Here are images of the smaller scale Green Lantern Movie figures (think Infinite Heroes). While these are aimed more at kids then adult collectors, there is still a very robust character selection! Aside from about 8 Hal's, you can also see Tomar R »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Captain America Movie Figures

Check out the images below of some of the upcoming figures based on the Captain America movie. Most of the figures, which will be in 3 ¾" scale, will actually be based on comic versions of Captain America and characters from his storied history. H »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Ghostbusters Figures By Mattel

Mattel is going into the second year with Ghostbusters. This line, which is exclusive to, looks to be adding plenty to the line! Check out some new figures, including Louis Tully, who will be in a package with the name Vinz Clort »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Thundercats From Bandai

In a long awaited return, the Thunder-Thunder-ThunderCats are back! Below you will see figures based on the brand new cartoon, starting later this year on Cartoon Network. The other big news is that Thundercats Classics will be coming back out, i »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Figures From Jakks

Not much coming from the UFC showroom at Jakks this year. The most notable is that there will be a change in the cards starting with Series 8! Check out all the pics below! [gallery=1409] »»

TOY FAIR 2011: TNA Wrestling From Jakks

Jakks is going strong with TNA figures this year, with plenty planned. However, in the showroom, there was not too much new to show off, with the exception of plenty of Jeff Hardy's and a brand new Madison Rayne figure. You can also see that a new »»

TOY FAIR 2011: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe Classics (Including DC Universe vs. MOTU)

Here are images of Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics. In the images below you can check out many new figures from this exclusive line. Also, you can check out pics of Supergirl vs. She-Ra & Green Lantern vs. Zodak. [ga »»

TOY FAIR 2011: Star Wars Vintage

-501st Legion Clone Trooper -Aalya Secura -Barris Offee -Bastilla Shan -Bom Vindin -Clone Trooper -Commander Gree -Captain Fordo -Dr. Evazan -Echo Base Rebel Trooper -Fi Ek Skirch -Han Solo -Kithaba -Lando -Logray -Luke Skywalker -N »»

TOY FAIR 2011: The Walking Dead From McFarlane

Here are the images from The Walking Dead by McFarlane. In the pictures you will see Michonne, Rick & 2 different zombies from the Image comic series. Also, make sure you check out the line up for series 2, which will be based on the hit AMC show. »»

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