Blu-ray Review: End of Watch

Best police movie in years arrives to Blu-ray. We’ll tell you how it stacks up. »»

End of Watch - Review

Stellar cop movie has grit but no tripod. »»

Jake Gyllenhaal Tries To Make It Through The Day In End Of Watch Trailer

David Ayer's latest cop drama gets a trailer. »»

Brooklyn's Finest - Blu-ray Review

Brooklyn's Finest, by first timer Michael C. Martin, is an extremely well written script with very well developed and engaging characters. »»

Making Movie History: Unlikely Roles For Your Heroes

Type casting is something that happens way too often in the acting world and we end up seeing particular actors star in almost the exact same role over and over again. It's a shame because we could be missing out on some breakthrough performances and brilliant talent that we'll never get a chance to see simply because some guy seems best as the fat funny sidekick. But what about the accomplished actors that decide to step out of their comfort zone and into the unusual role that it's so hard to see them in? It happens, and the results aren't always pretty. »»

Street Kings - DVD Review

When one is successful in any profession - in terms of being at the top - you earn what some have called "walk away money." That is you have enough stored in the bank that you can walk away at any point and have a comfortable lifestyle for many years. With the success of The Matrix and its sequels, Keanu Reeves used some savvy to gain a considerable fortune from the sequels to leverage himself to a point where he could walk away at any point from being a famous actor. »»

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