Transformers Review: Fall of Cybertron Brawl (Platinum Edition)

Fall of Cybertron reincarnation This represents a faithful Cybertronian version, including upgrading from military tank to futuristic hover-tank. »»

TOY FAIR 2013 AWARDS! Best Playset!

Best Playset is next up in the TOY FAIR AWARDS! This is a tough category to judge, since playsets are few and far between. However with the reemergence of TMNT, and last year's extremely successful Sewer Lair, it seems as if a few o »»

TOY FAIR 2013 COVERAGE: Transformers Generations (Metro Plex)

Check out the images of the Transformers Generations from the Hasbro showroom. Included in the pictures are the new Comic Packs at the Titan Class Metro Plex (with Scamper). Keep it here for the audio from the Transformers presentation! Keep it »»

TOY FAIR 2012 Day 1 Coverage

Welcome back to InsidePulse's coverage of Toy Fair 2012! Yesterday was a huge day, as Hasbro revealed it's plans for GI Joe Retaliation, Star Wars, Transformers Prime, The Avengers, The Return of Marvel Legends, Marvel Universe, & The Amazing Spider »»

TOY FAIR 2012: Transformers Generations Gallery

Check out the images below from the Transformers Generations showroom at Toy Fair! Below you will see the Bruticus from the Transformers War for Cybertron game. Also, the Deluxe Scale Transformers Movie Trilogy Series Optimus Prime. [gallery »»

Huge Transformers News From UK Toy Fair 2012

The UK Toy Fair is going on this week, and while we are Stateside, there are many others that are in attendance. For example, check out this huge Transformers news that has hit the web! 1) Generations - returns with the Fall of Cybertron line »»

TOY FAIR 2010 COVERAGE: Hasbro Transformers Generations

Here are the images for Transformers: Generations. Drift & Thrust are the only ones shown on the floor, but we have more in the press images, which will be up soon! [gallery=289] »»

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