WWE Best of PPV Elite Triple H Spotted

Toys R Us has a new exclusive line of WWE Elite figures, titled 'Best of PPV'. The first one released will be Triple H, based on his entrance attire from WrestleMania 27. »»

NYCC 2011 Coverage: WWE WrestleMania Action Figures

Pulse Figures was at New York Comic-Con this past weekend! Plenty of new product from our favorite toymakers, including Mattel!! Check out the images below of the Toys R Us Exclusive WWE WrestleMania figures. These figures have been in stores for »»

DVD Review: Randy Orton: The Evolution of a Predator

Stellar documentary should give staunch Orton critics a newfound respect for the WWE superstar. »»

New WWE '12 Roster Profiles: Triple H And Stone Cold Steve Austin

THQ releases new entrance and finisher videos for The Game and the Texas Rattlesnake. »»

In Stores Now: WWE Summer Slam Heritage (PPV Series 9)

Here are the images of WWE PPV 9 (Summer Slam Heritage). These are hitting stores now, and they include: -Randy Orton (2004) -The Great Khali (2008) -Rey Mysterio (2006) -Edge (2008) -John Cena (2009) -Triple H (2007) [gallery=1496] »»

In Stores Now: Mattel WWE Basic Series 10

The latest assortment of WWE Basic has hit the stores. With Basic Series 10, you will see: -Wade Barrett -John Cena -Triple H -Kofi Kingston -Zack Ryder -Dolph Ziggler [gallery=1466] »»

In Stores Now: WWE WrestleMania Heritage

Check your stores now for the latest WWE Basic series of figures, WWE WrestleMania Heritage. This set includes: -John Cena (WM22) -Triple H (WM 22) -Kane (WM XX) -CM Punk (WM XXIV) -Melina (WM 23) -Randy Orton (WM XX) Each figure is avail »»

WWE All Stars Roster Partially Revealed

22 characters (11 Legends and 11 Superstars) have been revealed, plus the names of six download characters. »»

Images of WWE Basic 2-Packs Series 9

Here are the images of WWE Basic 2-Packs Series 9. These will be in stores by the end of February. -Heath Slater & Christian -The Hart Dynasty -Sheamus & Triple H [gallery=1345] »»

Mattel WWE PPV Series 7: WrestleMania Heritage Images

Here are the images for WWE Wrestlemania Heritage Series 2. -John Cena (WM22) -Triple H (WM 22) -Kane (WM XX) -CM Punk (WM XXIV) -Melina (WM 23) -Randy Orton (WM XX) [gallery=1344] »»

In Stores Now: WWE Elite Series 7 (DX, Hart Dynasty & John Cena)

Check you stores now for WWE Elite Collection series 7. -John Cena -Hornswoggle (DX) -Shawn Michaels (DX) -Triple H (DX) -Tyson Kidd -David Hart Smith [gallery=1341] »»

Mattel WWE Defining Moments Series 3 Line-Up

The 3rd assortment of »»

Images Of Brand New Mattel WWE Rumblers Series 1

Mattel has revealed a new concept for their WWE line, called WWE Rumblers. These share the same style as Mattel's 'Batman: The Brave & The Bold Action League' and Hasbro's 'Marvel Superhero Squad', 'Star Wars Galactic Heroes', & 'Transformers Robot »»

Win a Copy of Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho

One lucky winner will win the Chris Jericho DVD release. Details inside! »»

Mattel WWE Basic & Elite Series 7 Line-Ups Revealed (Sheamus, Yoshi Tatsu, Hart Dynasty, & More)

Earlier today at San Diego ComiCon (SDCC), Mattel revealed on their WWE panel the line-ups for Basic Series 7 & Elite Collection Series 7. Basic Series 7 -Sheamus -Yoshi Tatsu -Kofi Kingston -Kelly Kelly -Rey Mysterio -The Undertaker Elite Collecti »»

Images of Mattel WWE Basic 2-Packs Series 5

Here are the images for the Basic 2-Packs Series 5: -Chris Jericho & Ricky Steamboat -Shawn Michaels & Triple H (DX) -Carlito & Primo They are due in stores in August. [gallery=371] »»

Mattel Announces WWE WrestleMania 26 Assortment, Exclusive to Toys R Us

Mattel announced today that they will be releasing a WWE WrestleMania 26 line of figures, exclusively to Toys R Us, this August. Basic: -Chris Jericho -Drew McIntyre -Kane -Christian -Matt Hardy -Shelton Benjamin Basic 2-Packs: -The Miz & Big Show »»

Images of Mattel WWE Royal Rumble

Here are the images of Mattel WWE PPV Series 3: Royal Rumble 2010, due out in May, according to Mattel's WWE facebook page. -Beth Phoenix -Chris Jericho -Cody Rhodes -CM Punk -Edge -Triple H [gallery=349] »»

Mattel Announces WWE Elimination Chamber Poll Results

Drew McIntyre Undertaker Batista John Cena Rey Mysterio Chris Jericho The 3 that did not make the cut were CM Punk, Ted Dibiase, & Triple H. »»

WWE Mattel Elimination Chamber Poll

Head on over to the Mattel WWE Facebook Page to vote on who you would like to see in an Elimination Chamber figure assortment. You have 9 choices, the top 6 will be produced. -Chris Jericho -Triple H -John Cena -Batista -Drew McIntyre -CM Punk -The »»

TOY FAIR 2010 COVERAGE: Mattel WWE Entrance Greats

Here are the images of the WWE Entrance Greats from the Mattel showroom, including the brand new 'Million Dollar Man' Ted Dibiase & Rowdy Roddy Piper. [gallery=312] »»

Mattel Reveals WWE Royal Rumble 2010 Line-Up

After doing a poll on the Mattel/WWE Facebook page, Mattel has announced the following line-up for the Royal Rumble assortment. -Beth Phoenix -Chris Jericho -Cody Rhodes -CM Punk -Edge -Triple H No images are available at this time. »»

Kick-Ass to premiere at SXSW Film Festival!

This announcement is, um, well, kick ass! »»

Upcoming Mattel WWE Release Schedule

Now that the first assortments are In Stores Now, here is the next few months of WWE releases coming from Mattel. Not all pics are available, but I have included what I have below. Basic Figures Series 2 (Feb 2010) -Kane -Mark Henry -CM Punk -Rey M »»

In Stores Now: Mattel's WWE Figures!!!

OK, so today, 1.1.10, is the official street date for Mattel's WWE figures! Many have found them early (including myself), but Mattel is expecting most retailers to put these figures out TODAY!! However, this is only the beginning! Check out Matte »»

Images of Mattel WWE Elite Collection Series 2

Through the Mattel WWE Facebook, they have released images of Elite Collection 2: -Matt Hardy -R-Truth -Randy Orton -Ted DiBiase -Triple H Figures are due out in February 2010. Make sure you check out all of Mattel's WWE product due out in the fir »»

Images of WWE Basic Figures from Mattel!

With New Year's just over a month away, Mattel has finally shown off their WWE figures that they plan to have on store shelves 1.1.10! We here at Pulse Figures have images of the first few waves of figures, and we are going to start off this update »»

Images of Mattel WWE Entrance Greats

Continuing out Mattel WWE update, we have Entrance Greats! These figures will feature the Basic Figure articulation, and come decked out in some of the most flashy entrance attire ever worn by WWE SuperStars. They will be packed in a box, rather th »»

Images of WWE Adrenaline Series 29

Here are the images of Adrenaline 29: -Natalya & Tyson Kidd -Stephanie McMahon & Triple H -Big Show & Shawn Michaels [gallery=225] »»

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