Sexy Pirates - DVD Review

Definitely not bringing sexy back. »»

There's Nothing Out There! - DVD Review

All the stops pulled out for 20th anniversary DVD release of classic cult film that pioneered the self-referential horror genre years before Scream. »»

Troll 2 Documentary Best Worst Movie Comes To DVD November 16

Documentary about the making of Troll 2 to also have digital distribution. »»

Disc News: Best Worst Movie Director Talks DVD Plans

Documentary about bad movie could be paired with Troll 2, available this October »»

Bad Movies Done Right - Creature of Darkness

Creature of Darkness is like Predator but instead of army commandos, you’ve got the douchebags from MTV’s Jersey Shore. »»

Tyler Stout-Illustrated Official Poster Unveiled for Best Worst Movie

A limited supply of prints of the documentary poster are available to order. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Oscar Fever

What's the cure for Oscar Fever? If you answered Italian art house pornography, you're correct! »»

Robert Saucedo's Best of 2009

Call me crazy, but I dug the films that 2009 gave us. »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Christmas in Nilbog

Christmas is a time of traditions...and Trolls too. »»

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