Courtney Love Apologizes For Dave Grohl Accusations

The saga of Courtney Love v. Dave Grohl has come to a temporary end in the same place it began -- Twitter.  "Bean, sorry I believed the gossip", Love tweeted yesterday to Frances Bean Cobain.  Love had accused Dave Grohl of hitting on her daughter, »»

Frances Bean Cobain Pretty Much Thinks Her Mom Is Crazy, Too

Frances Bean Cobain has joined in on the Twitter controversy raging between Courtney Love and Dave Grohl.  Grohl had been accused by Love of hitting on her 19-year old daughter.  Frances noted that her mother should be "banned from Twitter" and tha »»

Barack Obama Officially Declares Kanye West To Be A Jackass

It's official:  Barack Obama thinks Kanye West is a jackass.  In an interview with Atlantic Monthly magazine, the president was asked to choose between Jay-Z or Kanye, and picked Jay-Z because Kanye is a jackass.  This marks the second time that O »»

Justin Bieber Lets You Be The Judge

And you know you want to get in on this one! Justin Bieber is letting his fans be the boss, and choose the photo for his next single Boyfriend. The photos are available on Twitter, and whichever picture receives more Tweets will be the one used. Just »»

Justin Bieber Makes A New Star Via Twitter

In Justin Bieber's latest act of kindness and generosity, he has turned Canadian pop artist Carly Rae Jepsen into the next big thing.  After hearing her song "Call Me Maybe" on the radio, he tweeted about how catchy the song was, which resulted in t »»

Wednesday Comments – Six Months of the DC Comics Relaunch in 140 Characters.

I'm not really that knowledgeable about Twitter. I know it's social media that has a cut off of 140 characters. But that's the extent of my knowledge. I don't really do the social media thing. But I like the idea of the cut off at 140 characters. »»

No Doubt's Twitter Account Hacked?

Ron Paul has gone viral, apparently.  The politician was supported by such musicians as No Doubt, Nicole Scherzinger and Rise Against on their Twitter accounts this morning, but all the tweets were from a hacker and were quickly deleted.  So for ev »»

Musican Takes Credit For Starting Bon Jovi Death Rumor

A Pennsylvania musician has admitted to starting the Bon Jovi death rumor, thus giving himself 15 seconds of fame.  The man apparently started the rumor through a friend's Twitter account, due to frustration over Bon Jovi's lack of focus on musical »»

Adam Lambert Announces New Album On Twitter

As seems to be the trend (see what I did there?) these days, Adam Lambert is the latest artist to announce new material on his Twitter page.  The album will be called Trespassing, and the name of the first single will be announced on Saturday, also »»

Simon Cowell Joins Twitter

Cowell debuted his brand new Twitter page, just in time for the performance show of the X Factor. So far his Tweets include: It's official, I know it's taken a while. It's really me! We're live in 10 minutes. I'll keep you posted. Lots of love »»

Kanye West Announces New Album On Twitter

Kanye West teased a new collaboration with members of his GOOD Music label, via Twitter.  He posted "GOODMUSIC.THE ALBUM.SPRING2012," after a month of silence online, and will now presumably go back to making an ass of himself as usual. »»

Tom Brevoort's Advice To New Comic Writers via Twitter

Aspiring comic book writer? Let Tom Brevoort lay some knowledge down onto your brain. »»

Kim Kardashian Crosses Five Million Followers on Twitter

This is an achievement worth celebrating. Digital Spy reports that "Kim Kardashian has amassed more than 5 million followers on Twitter. "The 29-year-old star, who is best known for starring in reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians, said »»

2010 Fall TV Premiere Week: 10 Thoughts On...$#*! My Dad Says Review

So in today's world social networks like Facebook and Twitter are king. But who would have thought that a popular twitter feed would become the basis for an actual TV show. That is what CBS has decided to do with $#*! My Dad Says. Yes, that is curse »»

Pick a Side - John Cusack and Fox News Are At War

For the record, I'll pretty much take anyone's side when going up against Fox News. E! Online reports that John Cusack "found himself in a war of words with Fox News after he issued a tart reply on his Twitter page to a fan's question about whether h »»

Rihanna Takes Control of Her Own Twitter Page

Sometimes you just have to take control of your life, or in some cases, your Twitter account. Rihanna is doing just that. The singer announced "that she will no longer let her label post comments on her Twitter account. "The singer has announced t »»

See Ya Chris Bosh

With the Toronto Raptors ending out of the playoffs for the second straight year, no one was really surprised when Bosh announced through his Twitter account that he will most likely be leaving, rather than just coming out in an announcement to say h »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Oscar Fever

What's the cure for Oscar Fever? If you answered Italian art house pornography, you're correct! »»

Week of September 28, 2009 News

Here are a few interesting news stories and my views on them. »»

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