The Stomping Ground: My Top 10 Mark-Out Moments (featuring Undertaker, Chris Jericho, The Rock)

Welcome, everyone, to the first-ever edition of Gojira's Stomping Ground. I am your lovable host, Mike Gojira, and with this being my first official column on Pulse Wrestling I feel it's necessary to introduce myself (or reintroduce as the case may »»

WWE PPV Event Gets New Title & Theme

All is forgiven now as PWI's Mike Johnson is reporting that the September WWE Pay Per View event will no longer be called Unforgiven. The new name is Breaking Point and will feature submission matches in the main events, continuing the trend of givin »»

WWE – The Twisted, Disturbed Life Of Kane Review

Out of all the superstars currently on the roster, WWE picks Kane over the likes of Chris Jericho. Really? Even those that are die-hard WWE fans couldn't have ever expected a release like The Twisted, Disturbed Life of Kane. »»

Alternate Reality by Vin Tastic - Is WWE forgiven?

While I’m no longer a WWE fan (I’ve watched less than 10 hours of original programming in the past year), I do keep up with current storylines, and a few things about Unforgiven made me curious enough to tune in, especially considering the price (free for me, serving overseas in the USAF). »»

10 Thoughts On Unforgiven - 09.08.2008

More in-depth stuff to come tomorrow but a few quick bullets. 1) The scramble matches came off as weird and awkward as I expected with no real thought to strategy or anything of the sort. Once someone scored a pinfall, there was absolutely no reason for them to continue engaging opponents. They simply should have sat outside the ring and played defense and let the clock run down. 2) If your plan was to put four joke competitors in the Smackdown scramble, you could have at least let one of them win it. »»

Rasslin' Roundtable – WWE Unforgiven 2008

Championship Scrawhat? What the hell's a Championship Scramble and why do we get three of these? Well, that's the newest (sort of) gimmick match from WWE labs and all three world titles are defended in those matches. How will it turn out? Continue reading for the Pulse's staff thoughts. »»

WWE Unforgiven Line-Up (Updated 09/02/08)

Here is the updated line-up for WWE's Sunday, September 7 pay-per-view event, Unforgiven... »»

Unofficial HBK Injury Update

According to, it is believed that Shawn Michaels' triceps tear was minor and he would not need surgery. Either way, all indications are Sunday's fight vs. Chris Jericho is on. UPDATE: says basically the same thing. »»

Shawn Michaels Injury Update, Popular Comic Book Blogger Acknowledges Killer Kowalski's Passing, Awesome WWE Tag Teams, And More

According to Mike Johnson, WWE is acknowledging that Shawn injured his left tricep at the end of RAW but expect him to be at Unforgiven to face Jericho. Since Shawn once wrestled HHH on one leg at Taboo Tuesday, that seems like a pretty safe bet. »»

WWE Creative Turmoil at TV Tapings

One idea discussed for Unforgiven was to have The Undertaker face the winner of the WWE Championship Scramble Match, with the idea being that Vickie Guerrero would give him a title shot as a peace offering to save her soul. »»

Commercials for WWE PPV, TNA Game Hit YouTube

Fun commercial videos for WWE's Unforgiven PPV and TNA's upcoming video game have been released on »»

Unforgiven Plans, Raw Overruns, WWE/NOAH Deal...

There is a lot of internal debate in WWE about what to do with the World Heavyweight Title at Unforgiven. »»

News on Raw Unforgiven Scramble Match

In his latest blog entry, Smackdown announcer Jim Ross wrote about the "Scramble" gimmick match scheduled for Unforgiven... »»

WWE Smackdown Spoilers

- Takeshi Morishima w/ Tony Atlas beat Jamie Noble in a dark match... »»

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