United States of Tara Episode 3-11 Review: Crunchy Ice

Wow. With the series finale next week which was intended to be the season finale, it's hard not to think of an ending that will be sad. As Max drives Tara to a new treatment center, Tara kisses Max and jumps off a bridge, capping an episode in which »»

United States of Tara Episode 3-10 Review: Train Wreck

To me, "Train Wreck" ranks as one of the most jarring episodes of the series, and ranks high among television episodes in general. This is where things get bad, and it's hard to imagine how dark this show could go in the final two episodes.With Lione »»

United States of Tara Episode 3-9 Review: Bryce Will Play

To first-time viewers of United States of Tara, one of the most striking parts of the show, besides Tara's kookiness, is how normalized her condition is. People are affected by her DID, but not a way that demands immediate attention. As Tara becomes »»

United States of Tara Episode 3-8 Review: Chicken 'n' Corn

All the parts of United States of Tara are coming together and "Chicken 'n' Corn" makes for a very interesting and exhilarating episode. While Dr. Hatteras resumes his help of Tara, Tara endangers Wheels while her other alters are acting out. This al »»

United States of Tara Episode 3-7 Review: The Electrifying And Magnanimous Return Of Beaverlamp

As United States of Tara passes over the midway point of the season things are pretty good, relatively speaking. Max is getting his band together, Tara isn't going crazy all, and Kate commuter friend opens up to her. But we know it won't last foreve »»

United States of Tara Episode 3-6 Review: The Road To Hell Is Paved With Breast Intentions

I still have a ton of shows to watch and review (despite reviewing 5 shows last night), so this will be short.As Tara begins with sessions with Dr. Hatteras, we see a shift in the way Tara deals with her alters and it is somewhat troubling. Now that »»

United States of Tara - Episode 3-5

After the craziness at the end of last week's episode, United States of Tara settled back to prepare for the next part of the season. There is a lot pushing and pulling in the episode--Tara wanting to hold the baby and Dr. Hatteras wanting to do a st »»

United States of Tara - Episode 3-4 Review

"Wheels" begins with a joyful event, the birth of Cassandra, but the episode quickly takes a turn. Charmaine, realizing how dangerous Tara can be, refuses to let Tara hold the baby. This, in turn, causes more stress for Tara who wants to succeed in s »»

United States of Tara - Episode 3-3 Review

First things first, the shocking image of the earthquake in Osaka was an horrible coincidence which was unavoidable unless the writers completely rewrote large portions of the episode and there would still be plenty of logistical problems. Things wor »»

United States of Tara - Episode 3-2 Review

We've come to understand that Tara certainly has a condition which makes her change personality from time to time. The writers make sure we know when the switches happen and boy does Toni Collette play the alters well. After Shoshana lectures the class, embarrassing Tara in the aftermath, we learn that Professor Hatteras does not believe in DID. He basically tells Tara that it's a made up condition and that it's only to grab attention. »»

United States of Tara - Episode 3-1 Review

It usually takes a while for United States of Tara to start rolling, so "...youwillnotwin..." is expectedly a pretty normal episode, moving the plot just enough so the viewers get an idea of what's coming up. There isn't one super-emotional moment an »»

Inside Pulse TV Show Madness Bracket Tournament- First Round Voting Continues

Go vote for your favorite TV shows to advance in the best show on television tournament! »»

United States of Tara – Episode 2-1 Review

United States of Tara is back after an excellent first season and the sophomore premier was…disappointing.  “Yes" feels more like a reboot than a continuation of the series – very few plot threads were picked up from last season: Marshal's rel »»

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