Rabblecast #319 UFC Fighter Wants To Buy WWE, TNA's Timeslot

Current UFC fighter, Chael Sonnen recently commented that he would like to purchase the WWE. The initial reaction from the WWE, "We are a publicly traded company, so [Chael is] more than welcome to purchase shares of WWE stock and become one of our v »»

Rabblecast #318 Chris Sabin Returns to TNA, CM Punk's Return

The WWE recently returned from a European tour. Wrestling fans across the pond are of a different breed. Some attribute the Monday Night RAW after Wrestlemania 29 to the European fans that made the trip to the USA. During the recent European tour, Jo »»

Rabblecast #310 Jack Swagger Arrested, New WWE Title Reveal

The returning, Jack Swagger was being positioned for a main event spot to work with the current WWE Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio at Wrestlemania 29 in the Metlife Stadium. In addition to a slight character change, they also gave Swagger a Ma »»

Rabblecast #300 CM Punk Injured, Free Bird Buddy Roberts

300 episodes! Can you believe it? The Rabblecast has hit another milestone with this week's episode. What do the guys have in store? What does the future hold for, "The Guatemalan Bulldozer" and everyone's favorite Questicle? Listen in and find out. »»

Rabblecast #299 UWA: Elite, WWE's New Group The Shield

The rumors have been swirling around since the weekend. Who are the "new" guys on WWE television? We know them as, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. It wasn't until this past weekend that they officially called themselves, The Shield. All »»

Rabblecast #297 Jerry Lawler's Return, Bruno Sammartino

On the 11/12/14 episode of, Monday Night RAW, Jerry "The King" Lawler made his triumphant return to the, WWE! As he stood in the ring, Jerry Lawler himself admitted that he was at a loss for words due to the outpouring of support from all the, WWE Un »»

Rabblecast #296 Jake 'The Snake' Roberts On a Comeback Trail

We are back! The Rabblecast is back in studio, one week after Hurricane Sandy has battered the North East. Bear with us as we bring you this week's show. There is a looming threat of another storm that may or may not knock out power to our area. C »»

Rabblecast #289 Jerry The King Lawler Suffers Heart Attack

The big news coming out of WWE that everyone is keeping a close eye on is the current health and condition of WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry "The King" Lawler. During the 9/10/12 broadcast of Monday Night RAW, Jerry Lawler collapsed at the announcer's tabl »»

Rabblecast #288 Special Guest: Tommy Golden of WPW

The Rabblecast prouldy presents to you, our third interview with World Professional Wrestling! Our special guest, one half of the tag team Zero Tolerance, Tommy Golden will join us and weigh in on WPW and their upcoming event Summer Extravaganza IX! »»

Rabblecast #284 Fire At RAW, TNA Contract Restructuring

WWE is looking to continue the momentum they built up for their 1000th episode. Seems that 1001 is already starting to show signs of what is to come if they continue their 3 hour format. A fire broke out on the stage before RAW went live, an insensit »»

Rabblecast #283 TNA Signs Chavo Guerrero, RAW 1000 Reactions

WWE recently aired it's 1000th episode of Monday Night RAW. How do you celebrate a milestone of 1000 episodes? With a plethora of returning faces. You name it, they probably had them on the show. A mix of current and former WWE Superstars came togeth »»

Rabblecast #278 Christian At TNA PPV, WWE's Thinning Roster

TNA has managed to cause quite a "buzz" with their recent shows and Slammiversary PPV. We now know that it was WWE's current Intercontinental Champion, Christian, that was the part of the exchange deal to have Ric Flair appear at WWE's Hall of »»

Rabblecast #277 Randy Orton's WWE Future, TNA Hall Of Fame

Last week we reported the breaking news of Randy Orton's second violation of the WWE's Wellness Policy. Not only does this sideline Randy Orton for 60 days, it also puts his WWE career in question. Will the WWE invest more time and resources in a sup »»

Rabblecast #273 Paul Heyman's WWE Return, TNA Format Changes

If nothing else, WWE has been able to bring about some very interesting moments when it comes to surprise appearance. This past Monday night, Paul Heyman appeared as Brock Lesnar's "representative". In a prepared statement, the former UFC Champion st »»

Rabblecast #269 Wrestlemania 28 Fallout, Brock Lesnar, UWA Elite

The biggest show of the year from WWE has come and gone. Did Wrestlemania 28 deliver on everyone's expectations? More importantly, did the following Monday Night RAW continue the wave of excitement with the return of, Brock Lesnar? Let's not forget a »»

Rabblecast #268 Wrestlemania 28 Rundown, UWA Elite

WWE's biggest show of the year is upon us. "The showcase of the immortals", Wrestlemania 28! Can Vince McMahon and company deliver on a match that has been booked one year in advance? The "Once in a lifetime" match of, The Rock vs John Cena, will it »»

Rabblecast #267 Florida Championship Wrestling Closing Down?

Wrestlemania, Wrestlemania, Wrestlemania. Everyone is clamoring for WWE's biggest offering of the year. What matche(s) are you looking forward to? Rock vs John Cena? Triple H vs Undertkaer? Chris Jeric?ho vs CM Punk? Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan? What hap »»

Rabblecast #265 Hulk Hogan Sex Tape, Kharma, Wrestlemania 28

From the wonderful folks over at TMZ, we have been graced(if you want to call it that) with discovery of a Hulk Hogan sex tape. That's right... a sex tape. Somehow, some way, Hulk Hogan manages once again to have his name all over the wrestling news »»

Rabblecast #258 The First Rabblecast of 2012! FFE Contest!

The Rabblecast returns with its first show of 2012! We hope everyone had a fun time closing out 2011, we know we did. With this being the first show of the new year we are excited to be holding our first Forever Future Endeavored of the new year as w »»

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