DVD Review: On the Road

On the Road is an example of a book to film adaptation that simply misses the mark. »»

Blu-ray Review: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Extended Edition)

The extended trilogy now available separately for those who desire installment plans. »»

DVD Review: Hell

There is little new or rewarding to discover in Hell from audiences overly familiar with the post-apocalyptic genre. »»

Viggo Mortensen as William S. Burroughs Stand In For On the Road Character Poster

The first character poster for On the Road has been released with Viggo Mortensen front and center. »»

First Trailer For Adaptation of Jack Kerouac's On The Road Debuts

The first trailer for On The Road, an adaptation of the book by Jack Kerouac, has found its way online. You can view it below. »»

Superman: Man of Steel Rumors: A Different General As Villain

General Zod is so Superman II. It's time for a new general. And that man is General Lane. »»

It's Official: Kevin Costner Joins Cast of Superman: Man of Steel

Kevin Costner to dish fatherly advice to a son that's faster than a speeding bullet. »»

Diane Lane Latest Casting Addition to Zack Snyder's Superman

Diane Lane to be the best-looking Martha Kent ever. »»

Viggo Mortensen to Play the Villain in Superman Reboot?

Could it be - Viggo took A Walk on the Moon and ended up in Krypton? »»

Rumor: Javier Bardem and Viggo Mortenson Frontrunners for The Dark Tower

Actors being sought for film, television adaptation of Stephen King's beloved book series. »»

Good - DVD Review

With a title like this you really leave yourself open for shots by critics. »»

Vincent Cassel Will Reprise His Role in David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises 2

Empire reports that "Vincent Cassel has confirmed that he's on board for Eastern Promises 2." Read the full story story here. »»

The Road - DVD Review

The Road may not be a masterpiece but it comes awfully close. »»

The Road - Review

The road less traveled… »»

Appaloosa - DVD Review

So I'll come right out and admit that I've never been a fan of the western. The occasional will come around that thrills me and that is Tombstone or even Unforgiven. Hell, every once in a while I'll also check out one of the old Clint Eastwood or John Wayne flick simply because there's nothing else on television and they are mildly interesting. But it's just not my cup of tea to sit there and watch the Old West and experience what people did without electricity, indoor plumbing, and Blu-ray players. Yet, I decided to give Appaloosa a try because it's got Ed Harris in it. Ed Harris people. The guy just screams "cool psychopath." »»

Saddle Up for Appaloosa in January

Get out of your sneakers and into your boots with Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen. »»

A History of Violence on Blu-ray February 10th!

Details on New Line Home Entertainment bringing A History of Violence to Blu-ray on February 10, 2009. »»

Appaloosa - Review

Another year, another mediocre Western »»

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