DVD Review: The Lucy Show (Official Sixth and Final Season)

The DVD set wraps up the second TV version of Lucy. »»

The Lucy Show (The Official Fourth Season) - DVD Review

The Lucy Show: The Official Fourth Season gives us a streamlined show with a woman not held back by family issues. »»

The Lucy Show: The Official Third Season - DVD Review

The end of Lucy and Viv as a comedy duo wasn’t nearly a jolt like the break up of Abbott and Costello. The fact that Viv popped up as a guest star in later episodes didn’t make it feel so traumatic. »»

The Lucy Show: The Official Second Season - DVD Review

When does red appear black and white? »»

I Love Lucy: The Movie - DVD Review

I Love Lucy: The Movie is an exciting addition to the classic series.The fresh elements in the film elevate the piece into a real film instead of a cheap way to make another buck off the episodes. »»

Here's Lucy: Season 2 - DVD Review

Here’s Lucy: Season Two has plenty of remote moments that take this TV landmark to national landmarks. »»

The Lucy Show: The Official First Season DVD Review

Lucille Ball made her name on I Love Lucy, but after the successful run of that show, she was ready to try something new. So in 1962 she created a new show. This was The Lucy Show. And while it wasn't as strong as I Love Lucy, it still proved Ball's comic genius. »»

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