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Plot Summary: A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.×120.jpg

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Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim Gets First Trailer Thu, 13 Dec 2012 09:00:46 +0000 The first trailer for Pacific Rim has been released.

Plot Summary: From acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro comes Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ sci-fi action adventure “Pacific Rim.” When legions of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, started rising from the sea, a war began that would take millions of lives and consume humanity’s resources for years on end. To combat the giant Kaiju, a special type of weapon was devised: massive robots, called Jaegers, which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge. But even the Jaegers are proving nearly defenseless in the face of the relentless Kaiju. On the verge of defeat, the forces defending mankind have no choice but to turn to two unlikely heroes—a washed up former pilot and an untested trainee who are teamed to drive a legendary but seemingly obsolete Jaeger from the past. Together, they stand as mankind’s last hope against the mounting apocalypse.

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Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel Poster Leaks Online – First Images of New Superman Reboot Poster Mon, 06 Feb 2012 05:00:30 +0000 The poster for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel has allegedly found its way online. You can view it below.

Plot Summary: In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time. Clark Kent/Kal-El (Cavill) is a young twentysomething journalist who feels alienated by powers beyond anyone’s imagination. Transported to Earth years ago from Krypton, an advanced alien planet, Clark struggles with the ultimate question – Why am I here? Shaped by the values of his adoptive parents Martha (Lane) and Jonathan Kent (Costner), Clark soon discovers that having super abilities means making very difficult decisions. But when the world needs stability the most, it comes under attack. Will his abilities be used to maintain peace or ultimately used to divide and conquer? Clark must become the hero known as “Superman,” not only to shine as the world’s last beacon of hope but to protect the ones he loves

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Batman’s Gun Amongst Other Stills Released For The Dark Knight Rises Fri, 23 Dec 2011 17:00:08 +0000 Warner Bros. has released a handful of stills from The Dark Knight Rises which you can view below.

TDKR-Pic1 TDKR-Pic2 TDKR-Pic3 TDKR-Pic4×120.jpg

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Hot Trailer:The Dark Knight Rises Released Online by Warner Bros. and Apple Mon, 19 Dec 2011 19:00:25 +0000 After the trailer leaked online this weekend after debuting in front of Sherlock Holmes 2, Apple has released the full length trailer to The Dark Knight Rises in HD.

You can access it by clicking here. Or you can watch it below via embed.×120.jpg

]]> 0 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – Review Sun, 18 Dec 2011 13:00:16 +0000
More of the same

After Sherlock Holmes quietly had a fairly substantial international box office gross in the shadow of the box office juggernaut that was Avatar, a sequel seemed necessary. And Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows doesn’t do much beyond the original in terms of story or characters; it’s the equivalent to a Bond sequel would be in the Victorian Era. But it’s a bad thing, really, because it’s a fairly entertaining sequel if perfunctory.

When we catch up with Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and his faithful assistant Watson (Jude Law) they’re getting ready for something Holmes finds repugnant: Watson’s wedding. But alas things are not what they appear to be as Holmes is on the trail of someone who can seemingly match him wit for wit: Professor James Moriarty (Jared Harris). Trying to lure the world into conflict, ostensibly to profit from it via munitions factories (amongst others), Moriarty is out to assassinate some higher up diplomats from both sides to get a conflict brewing. Holmes is the only one to figure this out and the two engage in a cat and mouse game as Moriarty’s big evil plan culminates in a spectacular finale.

And much like the first film in the franchise, Shadows functions because of its strong chemistry between Downey and Law. The two carry the film, which is a fairly pedestrian action thriller that hits all the usual buttons in terms of story-telling and tone, and make it feel more interesting while it’s happening. It’s the same thing that carried the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films: chemistry can overcome a pedestrian plot if it’s strong enough and Shadows has that in abundance.

It also has a tremendous villain. Harris is note perfect as the foil to the world’s greatest detective as its best criminal. Moriarty is also remarkably well written, too, and what keeps the film interesting despite an unremarkable plot is that there’s a feeling that Holmes could lose this game to his nemesis. Downey and Harris have a great chemistry together, as well, and it’s one that Ritchie milks well. He doesn’t have enough time to set it up with one big meeting after two separate storylines; the film wisely cuts to the chase and lets them interact freely throughout the film. It makes for interesting cinema as these are two good characters with two capable actors behind them.

Everything else about the film is fairly pedestrian, though, and it manages to waste Noomi Rapace in a throwaway role as a Gypsy helping out Holmes and Watson, and there’s nothing new or original about it. Ritchie has managed to find a fairly routine formula with the two main characters and doesn’t stray from it. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is a fairly perfunctory but ultimately satisfying film.

Director: Guy Ritchie
Notable Cast: Stephen Fry, Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law, Noomi Rapace, Jared Harris, Rachel McAdams
Writer(s): Kieran Mulroney and Michele Mulroney based on characters created by Arthur Conan Doyle×120.jpg

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Full Length The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Online [Video] Sun, 18 Dec 2011 02:00:51 +0000 The feature length trailer for The Dark Knight Rises debuted in front of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows but hasn’t officially found its way online. Unofficially you can view it below.×120.jpg

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Trailer and Poster For Jack the Giant Killer Debut Fri, 16 Dec 2011 16:00:49 +0000 Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Killer has been a passion product for the X-Men director for some time; next summer it’ll finally come to fruition for him. And now the poster and trailer for the film have debuted online.

Plot Summary: “Jack the Giant Killer” tells the story of an ancient war that is reignited when a young farmhand unwittinglyopens a gateway between our world and a fearsome race of giants. Unleashed on the Earth for the first time in centuries, the giants strive to reclaim the land they once lost, forcing the young man, Jack, into the battle of his life to stop them. Fighting for a kingdom, its people, and the love of a brave princess, he comes face to face with the unstoppable warriors he thought only existed in legend–and gets the chance to become a legend himself.×120.jpg

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First Look – The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Joel Edgerton, Carey Mulligan Wed, 14 Dec 2011 18:00:46 +0000 The first two images of Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby have been released by Warner Bros.

Plot Summary: “The Great Gatsby” follows Fitzgerald-like, would-be writer Nick Carraway as he leaves the Midwest and comes to New York City in the spring of 1922, an era of loosening morals, glittering jazz and bootleg kings. Chasing his own American Dream, Nick lands next door to a mysterious, party-giving millionaire, Jay Gatsby, and across the bay from his cousin, Daisy, and her philandering, blue-blooded husband, Tom Buchanan. It is thus that Nick is drawn into the captivating world of the super rich, their illusions, loves and deceits. As Nick bears witness, within and without the world he inhabits, he pens a tale of impossible love, incorruptible dreams and high-octane tragedy, and holds a mirror to our own modern times and struggles.

TheGreatGatsby1 TheGreatGatsby2×120.jpg

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The Dark Knight Rises Spoilers / Rumors Redux – More About Prologue Debuting Before Latest Mission Impossible Wed, 30 Nov 2011 13:00:13 +0000 After some earlier rumors about the prologue to The Dark Knight Rises debuting before Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, some new rumors have come out in regards to Christopher Nolan’s last film in his Batman trilogy. First is his take on Bane, played by Tom Hardy. It’s in white, so select it to read about it:

“[Christopher] Nolan has significantly rewrote the story of Bane from the comics. He is raised by Ra’s al Ghul and his up bringing mirrors that of Bruce Wayne. It’s a mirror of Bruce, except it’s darker and twisted. Bane is trained to be an assassin for the League of Shadows. He kills political figures that are deemed unfit by the LOS. So he is a bit of a Che Guevara/ Jason Bourne type character. A revolutionary and an assassin. He comes to Gotham to start a revolution by revealing the cover up dealing with Harvey Dent and killing the Mayor, among other key political figures.”

And some more rumors from the site, this time about the film’s opening sequence. Again, whited for those not wanting to read it.

“It is one of the assassinations ordered by Ra’s al Ghul. A mind blowing action sequence set aboard the Hercules plane, involving some innovative camera work ala Inception hallway fight scene. Bane and his mercenaries hijack a military plane transporting a dictator of a country which is in unrest (think Saddam Hussein type figure). He successfully kills the leader, but makes some mistakes along the way and is unable to safely land the plane. Because of the resulting injuries from the accident, he has to undergo complicated surgeries and that is how he winds up with that scar down his neck and the need for the mask to numb the pain.”

Click here to read all of our coverage of The Dark Knight Rises.×120.jpg

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