Cowboys & Aliens -- Review (2)

Han Solo and James Bond side by side fighting aliens. What could go wrong? »»

The SmarK DVD Rant: Remake-O-Rama II!

Scott Keith's second Remake-O-Rama pits True Grit vs. Jackass 3.5 in 1200 words or less. »»

Cowboys & Outlaws - DVD Review

When it comes to such a larger than life time as the Wild West, the myths and legends that endure tend to push the facts by the wayside, transforming men into archetypes and gun fights into epic battles between law and chaos. »»

The Mel Brooks Collection - Blu-ray Review

This box set manages to be both amazing and frustrating. »»

Warner Home Video Western Classics Collection - DVD Review

There was a time when the Western wasn't considered an event film. Actors were expected to be able to ride a horse and draw a gun. They had to look good taming the wilderness. Nowadays, an actor can go his entire career without mussing up their hair with a ten gallon hat. Warner Home Video Western Classics Collection is a box set that would please any fan of cinema that goes jingle jangle. These six titles were produced by MGM in the ‘50s and ‘60s. These were made during a Cinemascope era when Hollywood offered massive desert landscapes to keep people from staying home and watching Gunsmoke on their tiny TVs. »»

Errol Flynn Western Collection - DVD Review

Flynn's image took a hit as viewers thought of him as a perverted traitor. His films didn't get the same action on TV stations' late night movie slot like Humphrey Bogart and Robert Mitchum's titles. Thankfully his theatrical image has been reclaimed in the DVD age with the box sets covering his career as a dashing soldier, a swashbuckling pirate and Robin Hood. Errol Flynn Western Collections collects four of his cowboy experiences. The man knows how to look good on top of a horse. »»

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