Elysium - Review (2)

Weak story, brilliant special effects »»

Blu-ray Review: Drive Angry

An over-the-top revenge flick that delivers the goods, even if it's running on fumes when it does so. »»

Drive Angry - Review

Nic Cage shows he can be an exploitation star, too »»

First Photos of Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard in Drive Angry 3D

Early photos from Summit Entertainment's Drive Angry arriving in theaters February 2011. »»

Date Night - Review

Another forgettable comedy from Shawn Levy»»

Prison Break: The Final Break - Blu-ray Review

[Prison Break: The Final Break] definitely answers all the questions that were somewhat left open after the fourth season finale. At times, you almost wish that they had done a fifth season with this main storyline, at least for a couple of more episodes. »»

Prison Break: Season Three - DVD Review

Everyone in Hollywood wants unique ideas, whether it be for a movie or a TV show. But there is a thin line between unique ideas and high-concept ideas. H-c ideas are risky and harder to pull off, but if they are done correctly and successfully they also get high praise. In the world of television, though, few shows based on a "high-concept" concept have survived past one season. They usually wear out their unique idea by the end of one season. But don't tell that to FOX's Prison Break. A show about escaping prison has completed three seasons already and is entering into its fourth season this year. The question here is has Prison Break worn out its welcome and ran out of fresh ideas after three seasons? »»

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