DVD Review: Beetlejuice (The Complete Series)

Beetlejuice: The Complete Series remains a goofy view of a spirit who couldn't be exorcized, but could be toned down to be safe for small kids. »»

Blu-ray Review: Frankenweenie

Joe Corey tells you why this is his favorite Tim Burton remake. »»

Frankenweenie - Review

Burton dips into the well, finds insperation »»

Michael Shannon Cold As Ice In Poster For The Iceman

Take Shelter star slicked back and ready to fire in first poster for The Iceman. »»

The Dilemma - Review

Disjointed comedy may be Ron Howard’s worst. »»

Cher: The Film Collection - DVD Review

Fox and MGM "turn back time" in this retrospective boxset for the pop star turned Academy Award winner. »»

From The Shelf - Edward Scissorhands

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Edward Scissorhands offers up some tantalizing clues to director Tim Burton's past, career. »»

Black Swan - Review

Who knew ballet could be this intriguing? »»

A Scanner Darkly - Blu-ray Review

A Scanner Darkly from the get go seemed to be destined for status as a cult film as opposed to a mainstream film due to its look at the world of the drug addict. »»

Winona Ryder is a Cheater

The actress joins a new Ron Howard comedy. »»

Winona Ryder Flocks Towards Aronofsky's Black Swan

Spock's mom is going to the ballet. »»

The Informers - Blu-ray Review

In movies like The Informers, rock bottom is a slick and sexy place to be. But it can also be bleak, monotone and depressing. »»

Sony Informs Us About The Informers

Sony Pictures has announced that The Informers, based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis ("American Psycho") is coming to DVD this August. Details inside. »»

The Informers - Review

Make sure you take a shower afterward »»

Back to school with Heathers: Limited Edition Locker Set

Has it really been 20 years since Veronica had to take care of the Heathers in the blackest of high school comedies? In order to celebrate this milestone, the folks at Anchor Bay are putting out a Blu-ray transfers and a DVD inside a box-set shaped like a school locker that's only missing Beer Nuts, croquet balls and explosives. »»

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Have you seen Jawbreaker? You know the film with Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart, Judy Greer, and others? In it there is a group of stuck-up high school girls that rule the school and are nothing more then stuck-up snobs. A tragic accident leaves a member of their little clique dead and they have to keep it a secret since it really was their fault. Well, a few more deaths never hurt anyone if it keeps their reputations and popularity exactly at the high status they already are at. Well, let me introduce you kids to the film that had to be the inspiration for Jawbreaker, and that's Heathers. »»

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