Marvel NOW! Review: All-New X-Men #2 by Brian Bendis and Stuart Immonen

The X-Kids come to the present, but does anything else happen? »»

Marvel NOW! Review: Uncanny Avengers #2 by Rick Remender & John Cassaday

Took a while for this comic to come out...was it worth the wait? »»

Review: X-Treme X-Men #6 by Greg Pak, Stephen Segovia, & Raul Valdes

Kurt goes find it taken over by robots and bureaucracy. »»

Marvel NOW! Review: A+X #1 by Dan Slott and Jeph Loeb

First they fought, now they're teaming up, how is Marvel's newest X-Men and Avengers title? »»

Two Guys Talking About Comics: Marvel NOW! Creative Ideas

Ten books we'd like to see in Marvel NOW! »»

SDCC 2012 Interview - Before Watchmen's Len Wein

Len Wein talks to Comics Nexus about Before Watchmen and... Marvel! »»

Demythify: Image Comics Welcomes Marvel & DC Writers, Blade Runner Meets Toy Story & Image United

Image Comics rocked SDCC with Marvel and DC talent! Plus other goodies. »»

AVX Spoilers: Who Is The Most Recent Traitor?

Who turns this time around? »»

AVX Spoilers: Who Switches Sides?

Switching sides already? »»

AvX Review: Avengers vs. X-Men #3 By Ed Brubaker And John Romita Jr.

The heel turn of the Avengers continues here. »»

AvX Spoilers: Who Does Captain America Want To Fight Next?

Because the best way to win a war is to add more targets. »»

The Weekly Round-Up #121 With Walking Dead, American Vampire, BPRD, Morning Glories & More

So, what books top this week's list of the cream from last week's crop of books? »»

Dropped in Midstream Review: X-Men Legacy 261 by Christos Cage & David Baldeon

It seems like X-Men Legacy has definitely been the bastard red-headed of the X-Men titles. When it was X-Men and Grant Morrison's New X-Men, it was the primary premiere and most prestigious title. Then Astonishing X-Men bumped it to 2nd and perhaps 3 »»

Review: X-Factor #230 by Peter David & Emanuela Lupacchino

Regenesis finally hits X-Factor Investigations »»

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