Dean Ambrose: Anything Less Than Being The Top Guy... Is A Failure.

The US Champion comments on his career goals. »»

WWE Champion John Cena Injured On European Tour

Will Cena be able to defend his title at Extreme Rules? »»

Pulsecast Poll: Is John Cena vs The Rock Still WrestleMania's Main Event?

[polldaddy poll="6983365"] What's YOUR main event? Comment below! »»

The Rock Wants In On Disney's Newest Franchise

No, not the Tooth Fairy 3... »»

Why John Cena Was Not Seen On Raw

Why did WWE officials feel it was better not to have their top star on their top show? »»

10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 2.11.13 (Paul Heyman, CM Punk, The Rock, John Cena, Ryback, Sheamus)

10 thoughts on the go-home show of Monday Night Raw before Elimination Chamber this Sunday! »»

10 Thoughts: WWE Raw 2.4.13 (CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Bruno Sammartino, John Cena, The Shield)

1. I liked CM Punk's promo here and his quick character switch into the "victim of the establishment". Similar to when he is able to turn his babyface "Straight-Edge gimmick" to the heel version of it ("Straight-edge means I'm better than you."); »»

Video: The Rock's Got Milk? Super Bowl Commercial Here's the ad that ran last night during the Big Game. »»

Huge Report About The Rock & The Feelings Of The Current WWE Locker Room

Is the current WWE Champion fitting in backstage? »»

WWE Counts Down The Rock's Top 10 Victories

What are the new WWE Champion's top matches in history? »»

Backstage Details On The Royal Rumble Finish Between The Rock & CM Punk

The reason for the "People's Elbow" and more »»

Video: 365 Days Of CM Punk As WWE Champion WWE posted the above video retrospective of the extraordinary 365 day reign of WWE Champion, CM Punk. »»

The Rock & CM Punk Begin The Royal Rumble Hype 3 Months Early

Despite 3 pay-per-view events scheduled between now and the 2013 WWE Royal Rumble, current WWE Champion CM Punk and challenger for the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble, The Rock have already begun to trade barbs as if their match is set in stone. Wh »»

Wallpaper Weekend: CM Punk “Revolution Wallpaper

It's time to pay the man some respect and join me in saying, "CM Punk, you are The Best In The World!"    »»

Why Is CM Punk Being Compared To Bret Hart Backstage?

Now that John Cena is out with an injury and Randy Orton being off of live events while he shoots his movie, CM Punk's importance to the company is a hot topic backstage. The feeling is that there are only two guys who draw big for the company - John »»

Did CM Punk Ever Want To Be A Babyface Or Role Model?

WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on 670 The Score in Chicago Friday morning. The WWE Champion talked about a variety of issues including what it means to be WWE Champion and the advantages of being a wrestling "heel". Being WWE Champion: "Well, to »»

Wallpaper Wednesday: In Punk We Trust

There are a helluva lot of CM Punk wallpapers on this site alone but alas, that's what the public voted for and who am I do deny our readers. So here you are, this week's wallpaper: "In Punk We Trust"! »»

Guest Host Bashes Raw & The WWE Champion Responds

Actor Sean Hayes, who appears as Larry in the new Three Stooges film, was on Conan on TBS promoting the film and when his appearance in character on WWE's Raw was brought up, he commented that he was immediately booed. He referred to the female wrest »» WrestleMania 28 Match Card Wallpaper

I NEVER expected this year's 'Mania to turn into anything special (especially after last year's stinker). But now it's a totally different story. WrestleMania has all the potential in the world to be one of the best PPVs in the last 10 years. Here »»

Dolph Ziggler Talks Backstage Jealously, His Promo Style, What He Would Do As WWE Champion

WWE's website has published an excerpt from a Q&A with Dolph Ziggler from the new issue of WWE Magazine. Here are a few highlights: Do you have a timetable for your success, and if so, are you ahead of schedule or behind? I used to, but now »»

WWE Champion CM Punk Ticking More Random People Off

NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman, of the Buffalo Bills, posted the following on Twitter: "F--- C.M. Punk, he's still a punk forever in my book. I'm sure my supporters feel the same way... And WWE, I ain't hosting y'all new network until somebody w »»

CM Punk Discusses Living Colour, His Least Favorite Opponent & Wanting To Work With Two Non-WWE Stars

Recently, CM Punk was interviewed by Beneath The Mat in front of an intimate crowd in Philadelphia. Punk discussed returning to Philadelphia, his least favorite opponent, which wrestlers he would want WWE to bring in and more. Here are some of the »»

One Thought On WWE's CM Punk And Daniel Bryan (+ Video)

Don't read if you haven't yet seen TLC... »»

No Chance - What WWE Championship Should You Go For?

So you wanna be a WWE superstar. You’ve done all the work. Done the pushups required to get a physique that Vince will notice. Practiced cutting promos that will get you over with the crowd. You’ve even picked out a song that you can st »»

The SmarK RAW Rant - August 15 2011

The SmarK RAW Rant – August 15 2011 Live from San Diego, Ca. Your hosts are Jim Ross, Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler COOHHH joins us to start, apologizing for inadvertently screwing John Cena over at Summerslam, and assuring us that »»

10 Thoughts on Possible WrestleMania Surprises

CB gives his final 10 Thoughts before WrestleMania on possible surprises in store for the granddaddy of them all... »»

CB's World: Could It Be? Looking at Sting in WWE and Jerry Lawler as WWE Champion

On 2.21.11, Monday Night Raw could kick off with Jerry Lawler as WWE Champion and end with Sting in the rafters... »»

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