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WWE Raw Preview January 26 2015 Roman Reigns and The Rock

The main event of Wrestlemania 31 is now in jeopardy after Roman Reigns was coerced by WWE COO Triple H to defend his shot at Brock Lesnar and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the recent episode of Raw. Daniel Bryan was victorious against Seth Rollins to earn the opportunity to challenge Reigns at Fastlane and acquire the coveted title shot. This is clearly a rejoinder to the negative reaction Roman received after winning the Royal Rumble in Philadelphia weeks ago.

One year ago, the WWE caved in to pressure from it’s audience to insert Daniel Bryan into the main event of “The Show of Shows” and history could very well repeat itself once again. In an interview with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on the WWE Network after Raw, Triple H with trepidation referred to Reigns’ negative reaction at the Rumble as the product of a “vocal minority”. This may very well be true as Roman has been getting better reactions on live events and television since the epic fail at “Rumblegate”.

Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan is a match many would love to experience and Bryan himself has described this as the ultimate “David and Goliath” encounter. Time will tell if this drastic change to longtime plans for this year’s Mania will become a reality, but it is certainly not a definite. Judging by the demeanor of Triple H lately, which can best be described as “restrained fury masquerading as candor”, the original plans may still be in place. In addition lashing out in a vain attempt to defer the backlash of the Rumble to the NFL on multiple occasions, he had also prior to the event through backstage insiders expressed anger over fans not ordering the WWE Network. By giving members of the “yes movement” a glimmer of hope, which also generates interest in the product, he could possibly be using the match as a vessel for revenge towards his unruly subjects of the WWE Universe. This is all simple speculation and Bryan heading into Levi Stadium with the top billing is a real possibility and if this is the case Roman Reigns will need another match.

A match with the Big Show is a possibility as the rumored main event for Fastlane was to be a “Last Man Standing” match between he and Reigns. This is simply not a seducing enough match for the John Cena heir apparent at the biggest spectacle of the year and besides that it has happened many times recently on television. The possibility of a returning Sheamus as a heel would be a better choice but still doesn’t have the big match feel to properly elevate Roman to the stratosphere. The Undertaker was once mentioned as a Mania dream match by Roman but The Deadman is likely to be tied up with Bray Wyatt if he even decides to compete at all. Triple H would seem like the perfect opponent but it’s no secret it will be the COO against Sting. John Cena is likely to be facing Rusev in a rematch from Fastlane. This leaves only one logical choice worth denying Reigns of the match he earned with Lesnar yet still establishing him as a top talent…Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The Rock, who celebrated with Roman after his Rumble win, in a failed attempt to quell the booing, is one of the most recognizable celebrities alive and just so happens to be Reigns’ cousin. The Samoan Family is perhaps the most prolific wrestling family in existence, and in addition to producing Reigns and The Rock also consists of such performers as Afa and Sika(Roman’s father), Rikishi, Yokozuna, the late Umaga, Samu, Fatu, The Tonga Kid, reigning WWE tag team champs the Usos and many more. Only recently has Roman’s Samoan Heritage been highlighted in the WWE. Paul Heyman and Triple H have both brought this up in recent promos and had done a feature on the subject as well.

The build for this potential match could take a number of paths from The Rock testing his young relative in the ring or perhaps The People’s Champion is upset about being cast in a negative light by celebrating with Reigns at the Rumble and being jeered. Regardless of the build, the match itself would be a huge draw and launch Roman to the next level and would possibly be more beneficial for him than winning the title in the main event.×120.jpg

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LIVE 10 Thoughts On WWE Monday Night RAW 02/02/15 Tue, 03 Feb 2015 01:07:53 +0000 Welcome to my Live 10 Thoughts on tonight’s RAW. Keep refreshing as you follow along with me watching tonight’s RAW!

1) Quick shot backstage before The Announcement shows A New Day in red garb tonight. That’ll get them over for sure.

2) So, The Authority will strip Reign’s Title Shot because of The Rock’s interference, but only if Roman’s accepts that? What kind of logic is that?

3) Roman vs. Big Show for the 18th time in the past 3 weeks.

4) Well, at least they solved the whole Curtis Axel thing.

5) Two matches in, and we have 2 rematches from Smackdown.

6) There is so much facepaint in the Tag Team division.

7) Cesaro hits a killer uppercut, and the production crew MISSES THE SHOT!

8) I am consistently baffled by the lack of explanation of Brie Bella’s heel turn.

9) The Miz/Mizdow break up has to end with a huge WM moment for Mizdow…I fear that with 7 weeks (and a PPV) before WM, that it will not get that far.

10) Bryan vs. Rollins would have a better match then whatever eventually main events WM, just sayin’.×120.jpg

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WWE Monday Night RAW “Reunion” Ratings And Viewership Thu, 22 Jan 2015 03:53:10 +0000 How did the go-home edition of RAW do?

WWE Raw Logo 2012 - 500x250

Monday’s “go-home” episode of WWE RAW “Reunion” did a 1.5 rating & averaged 4.100 million viewers. This was up from last week’s 1.3 rating and viewership was up from the 3.905 million average.×120.jpg

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LIVE 10 Thoughts On WWE Monday Night RAW 01/19/15 Tue, 20 Jan 2015 01:25:01 +0000 Welcome to my Live 10 Thoughts on tonight’s RAW. Keep refreshing as you follow along with me watching the Raw Reunion show!

1) Wow, just in time, Ziggler, Rowen, & Ryback will have their jobs back for the Rumble.

2) Good match between Bryan & Bray. I hope these 2 can be bitter rivals for years. Kane’s interference make sense, and doesn’t do any damage to Bryan. However, I wish there were some other favorites to win the Rumble. It seems to be down to Bryan & Roman.

3) Pointless Legends panel, however I love that Flair picked Ambrose to win.

4) I can’t wait until Big Show is on the Legends panel rather than interrupting it.

5) Another quality match tonight, this time with Ambrose & Bad News. But it seems like Bad News is back to his losing ways while he holds the IC.

6) Good riddance to The Ascension. Time to push KiddSaro!

7) Shocking that Cena now has to wrestle 3 men. Who wants to see that?

8) Listen, I was a huge NAO fan back in the day, I even liked their mini-return for about a month last year. But com’on, enough is enough.

9) STING! Wait, he just stands on the stage again. STING! (it’s sarcasm folks)

10) Lesner giving F5’s to eveyone in the ring would be the best ending to all the Raws in the past year.

Have a good night guys!


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Harrak’s Thoughts: WWE RAW 01/05/2015 (Bad News Barrett, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler) Tue, 06 Jan 2015 04:27:52 +0000 WWE Raw Header - 2014

#1~ I finally back from injury and apparently so is RAW! A full intro video and a round of pyro does a LOT to hype up a live crowd and television audience. The opening segment wasn’t too long and was necessary. I have no idea where the idea of Seth Rollins being in the title match at the Rumble came from but it’s interesting. If for nothing else that it gives Rollins more of an opportunity to cash in his briefcase. Of course, it does throw a wrench into Royal Rumble’s tag line of “The Final Chapter” referring to John Cena versus Brock Lesnar.

#2~ Bad News Barrett and Dolph Ziggler put on another great Intercontinental Championship match. Barrett is another solid choice for champion, especially if there are bigger things for Dolph Ziggler. Either way, Barrett was on a role as IC Champion when he was sidelined with an injury. Here’s hoping he can pick up where he left off.

#3~ The Ascension are wrestling two local yokels! It’s been so long since this has happened on RAW! It’s priceless!

#4~ While the winner of the match was rather head-scratching, the Ambulance Match between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt was probably the best match of the feud. There were just enough high-spots, stiff weapon blows and finishers to make this match feel like an abbreviated PPV match on RAW. Wyatt/Ambrose disappointed from the word go so this match at least ended the painful feud on a good note.

#5~ Where the hell has this Booker T been? He’s composed, intelligent and storyline driven on commentary! Plus, I haven’t heard a single bit of gibberish come out of his mouth tonight. If this was how Booker T originally treated his stint as a color commentator, maybe it would have lasted longer than a (very, very brutal) year.

#6~ Well that segment went over like a wet balloon. Of course The Authority was going to fire Team Cena, they said they would. And of course all three of them will be in the Royal Rumble somehow. What would have been interesting was if all three guys turned around and laid Cena out. Imagine a freshly turned Dolph Ziggler squaring off against Cena? THAT would be a WrestleMania feud. Well, at least we’re moving forward with some sort of build for the Royal Rumble… even though we have no idea what.×120-2013.jpg

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Harrak’s Thoughts: WWE RAW 12.22.14 (Ho Ho Hogan, Dolph Ziggler, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose) Tue, 23 Dec 2014 04:36:46 +0000 WWE Raw Header - 2014

#1~ Well we find out in the first 5 minutes of the show this one was going to be a throwaway. Usually it’s SmackDown that’s on Christmas Day or right before so we’re not really used to seeing a fake Santa host or a Miracle on 34th Street match. That all changed when John Cena started singing “Let It Go”.

#2~ An Adam Rose heel turn was the most newsworthy moment of the night.

#3~ Not a bad story-continuing match and return match on RAW for Roman Reigns. Sure it wasn’t anything spectacular but it displayed some of Reigns’ more popular moves and Big Show saved face by getting counted out.

#4~ Now it’s rare that I’d say anything about this match but I’m glad the El Torito was featured in the Los Matadores/Gold & Stardust match. I’ve recently been catching up on Lucha Underground and one of the best things they feature is the midget wrestlers wrestling with the normal size competitors. Most midget wrestlers are fantastic athletes and they shouldn’t be regulated to only matches against someone else the same size. Hell, a lot of their most exciting moves take place with the help of a normal-sized wrestler. Have El Torito become a legitimate member of Los Matadores and maybe they’ll actually get a little over.

#5~ Another good match between Dolph Ziggler and Luke Harper & kudos to WWE for putting the Intercontinental Championship on the line as it absolutely added to the drama of the contest. I have to question Harper knocking Ziggler out before the bell though. Once again Dolph Ziggler was fighting from behind and has yet to look “strong” in this most recent push. Every week he’s aggressively beat up the entire match only to “barely” pull out the victory in the end. I’d love to see a few matches where Ziggler had the upper hand in the match for a little while at least.

#6~ Even though I knew it was coming, there was a helluva a lot more comedy in Ambrose/Wyatt than was necessary. Honestly, it would be the best thing for everyone involved if this rivalry ended as soon as possible. And then for everyone to forget this feud ever took place. Let’s be honest, a feud between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose looks terrific on paper but ever since a hologram kicked off the rivalry, it was doomed. Now it looks like it might have ended with the crowd chanting for them to hit each other with a Christmas tree…×120-2013.jpg

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WWE Monday Night Raw General Managers Announced For Next Week Tue, 23 Dec 2014 02:31:09 +0000 Edge 500x250

It was announced on RAW that Christian and WWE Hall of Famer Edge will be the guest general managers of Monday night RAW next week, the last show of 2014.×120.jpg

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The Wrestling Pulsecast LIVE! – (818) 532-9786 – YEAR END AWARDS SHOW Mon, 15 Dec 2014 15:17:51 +0000 Wrestling Pulsecast 2015 - 500x250



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Wrestling Pulsecast: Andrew Goldstein Confirmed for Year-End Awards Show & WWE Giveaway Monday 12.15 @ 6PM Sat, 13 Dec 2014 23:29:15 +0000



On Monday, December 15th, The Wrestling Pulsecast OFFICIALLY GOES LIVE at 6 PM EST leading right up to Monday Night RAW. Matt Harrak, Justin Czerwonka & our special guest, former WWE creative team member Andrew Goldstein will hold their Year-End Award special. Categories include the typical Match of the Year and Wrestler of the Year but also Biggest Surprise and Worst Push etc. Also, this year-end special is sponsored by the WWE – complete with great giveaways. Call in live during the show for your chance to win some of the great stuff below and much more. So be sure to tune in at, EMAIL us at our new email address: or call (818) 532-9786 to join in with the show!



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10 Thoughts: WWE RAW 12.08.14 – The Slammy Awards Thu, 11 Dec 2014 04:09:30 +0000 WWE Raw Header - 2014

#1~ Seth Green got off to a great start and the crowd embraced him right away. Besides for Hugh Jackson or Bob Barker, Green was the best choice to host and one of the best guests they’ve ever had on RAW. It’s amazing how well the “guest host” gimmick works when the host actually knows and likes the product!

#2~ While it’s awesome to get Dolph Ziggler/Seth Rollins on RAW, why wasn’t this match set for a PPV. It was a very good match that unfortunately had a screw job finish. It’s definitely high time these two had a legit program and the fact that they haven’t has been a glaring oversight.

#3~ Great showcase for Charlotte on RAW but the loss wasn’t too bright. Especially since one, you’re trying to promote the NXT special and two, Charlotte just lost to the woman she beat for the NXT Woman’s Championship (even though no commentator remembered that fact).

#4~ So the rocking chair was Sister Abagail’s…? I guess that would piss Bray Wyatt off but I don’t know if Wyatt’s crying about it like Dean Ambrose ran over his dog really made sense. With the new rumor that Wyatt may be facing the legendary Undertaker at WrestleMania 31, I can’t help but wonder what they’re going to do to make Bray Wyatt formidable again.

#5~ What began as a very “Santino” gimmick, Damien Mizdow has become a cult phenomena. His “suplex” and then the even better “delayed suplex” were just fantastic ideas. And that’s not even including the greatest gimmick of them all, Mizdow’s “prop titles”. I don’t know what the long-term plans are but I can tell you that when Mizdow turns on The Miz, the proverbial roof will be blown off the arena.

#6~ Well we didn’t get Shawn Michaels challenging The Undertaker for WrestleMania as we did a few years before but it was a pretty solid show. The awards didn’t take too much time so they didn’t lose the live audience. Plus, they were always bookmarked by in-ring action instead of endless promos or backstage segments. That will always keep a live crowd lively. All in all a very good show for one that is usually terrible. Hey, maybe they have the right formula down now.×120-2013.jpg

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