I, Frankenstein - Review

Because "I, Feces" Isn’t Appropriate Language In Public »»

Blu-ray Review: Dexter (The Seventh Season)

While it's kinda sad that the series is coming to an end, Dexter: The Seventh Season prepares viewers for this summer's goodbye. »»

Blu-ray Review: Killer Elite

Killer Elite is a solid espionage thriller that will give action junkies their fill. »»

Chuck Episode 3-11, "Check Versus the Final Exam"

This episode deserved the 1.9 rating. Find out why I thought it did. »»

The Canyon - DVD Review

What it all comes down to is - if you can't root for your heroes because they are too stupid to live, you won't be sad if they die. »»

Chuck - Episode 2-4 Review

At first, it seemed like "Chuck versus the Cougars," was going to be filling in an awful lot of blanks in Sarah's back story. Within the first few minutes, we learned her name was Jenny Burton and that she went to high school in San Diego, and before too much longer, Chuck and Sarah were on their way to a mission at Sarah's high school reunion. Yep, it seemed like we were going to learn a lot about Sarah tonight. In the end though, not so much. »»

Chuck: The Complete First Season - DVD Review

Charles "Chuck" Bartowski had a pretty good life. He was enrolled at Stanford, he had good friends, a great girlfriend, and a bright future. Then one day, his best friend and roommate, Bryce Larkin, accused Chuck of cheating on a test. In short order, Chuck finds himself kicked out of school. And as a final insult, Chuck's girlfriend left him for Bryce. Suffice to say, having his life destroyed left Chuck rather despondent. Now he's stuck in a dead-end job working as part of the Nerd Herd at the Buy More (basically fictional versions of the Geek Squad and Best Buy). Chuck isn't exactly thrilled with his station in life, but neither does he have the ambition to do anything about it. »»

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