Blu-ray Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

Just about everything is bigger, and in most cases better this time around, with many nods to fans who know all aspects of the Star Trek mythos inside and out. »»

Star Trek: Into Darkness - Review (Spoilers)

Not quite Wrath of Khan but a good film »»

Star Trek Into Darkness Spoilers: How Vulcan Changed Everything & Who Is John Harrison

Two BIG spoilers revealed, but there is still A LOT more going on with the film »»

Just Seen It TV: American Horror Story: Asylum [Video]

Season Two of this anthology takes us to the Briarcliff mental institution in 1964. Many of the patients are committed against their will, for crimes they claim they did not commit. But with the brutal treatment they just try to survive. Created, Wri »»

First Pictures From J.J Abrams' Star Trek 2 Emerge

The first images of J.J Abrams' Star Trek sequel have been released; you can view them below. [gallery] »»

Zachary Quinto On Coming Out: I'm Really Glad That's The Way It All Unfolded

The big news in Hollywood for the last couple of days has been Zachary Quinto coming out of the closet and confirming that he is gay. He recently spoke to NYMag and told them that he is happy about how the news was received. "When I sat down with »»

Trailer For Financial Drama Margin Call Is Star-Studded But Leaves You Cold

The sky is falling, but look at the impressive cast. »»

SXSW '11: Girl Walks Into a Bar - Review

Experiment in direct web distribution proves successful »»

No More Heroes?

Nothing can kill Sylar, except for low ratings. »»

Heroes: Season 2 - DVD Review

Perhaps the best work done by anyone on the entire cast this season was by Adrian Pasdar as Nathan Petrelli, a character whose back and fourth nature made him so frustrating in the initial year of the show, but whose search for redemption this season was done with subtlety, humor and just the right amount of gravitas. »»

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