• MTV VMA Awards 2014 - Complete Winners List

    Here are all your winners for the 2014 MTV VMA Awards...

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  • Monday Morning Critic - Charlie Hunnam, Sons of Anarchy and The Perils of Fifty Shades of Grey - Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey

    The perils of fame and the Journey doc

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  • Fantastic Fest 2013 Review: Metallica: Through the Never

    A fantastic concert can’t make up for a poor narrative.

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  • Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Slash

    So apparently Slash doesn’t just play a guitar. Considered to be one of the most famous guitar players in the world, the former Guns ‘N Roses member has started his own horror movie production company, perfectly titled Slasher Films.

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    Eric Dane Sues Billy Corgan

    It's a Hollywood landscaping smackdown, as actor Eric Dane is suing Billy Corgan over a fallen tree.  Apparently a tree in Corgan's yard fell onto Dane's house during a storm last year, doing damage to the house and nearly injuring his pregnant wife »»

    The Replacements Reunite For Covers EP

    The Replacements are reuniting for the first time in 6 years for a new EP of cover songs.  Tommy Stinson and Paul Westerberg went back into the studio together recently in order to benefit former guitarist Slim Dunlap.  The four song collection wil »»

    Peter Buck Announces First Solo Album

    Peter Buck, former guitarist for REM, announced today on their website that his first solo album will be released on October 5.  It will only be available as a limited edition vinyl release to begin with.  Although he had promised not to make a sol »»

    Mumford & Sons - Babel

    With the seasons changing comes a wave of Americana steeped indie-folk. The ethereal Avett Brothers, the Southern fried Band of Horses, and the elder statesman Bob Dylan himself all have albums out now, and Brit chart toppers Mumford & Sons are t »»

    Neil Young To Expand His New Music Service

    Neil Young will soon be expanding his new digital-to-analog conversion service, called Pono.  The new company, which could rival iTunes, changes music from the compressed digital format into the fuller analog that was originally intended in the stud »»

    Jay-Z Not Having Any Guests On His Brooklyn Shows

    While discussing his upcoming series of 8 shows in Brooklyn, Jay-Z told reporters that he's not having any guest performers showing up, or even President Obama for that matter.  The shows will take place at Barclay's, a venue that Jay himself owns. »»

    Gene Simmons' Daughter Auditions For The X Factor

    The X Factor got a bit of a celebrity visit on the last episode, as Sophie Tweed-Simmons, the daughter of Gene Simmons, tried her luck with an Adele song.  Although she could probably get a record contract on the strength of her dad's name alone, sh »»

    Beatles Remasters Coming To Vinyl

    After their long-awaited debuts on CD and digital, the Beatles catalog of remastered albums will finally come to vinyl.  The entire catalog will be released in wax form on November 13.  All 14 albums will be released in 180-gram vinyl, with new pho »»

    Yes, Insane Clown Posse Is Really Suing The FBI

    After threatening a lawsuit against the FBI a few weeks back, the Insane Clown Posse have finally decided to follow through on it.  The suit claims that the Bureau illegally withheld files requested by the ICP in relation to an investigation of thei »»

    Fiona Apple Is Really Really Sorry About Hash Arrest

    Fiona Apple took time out during a recent concert to apologize profusely for all the "bullshit" surrounding her recently, such as her arrest for possession of hash.  She admitted that it was detracting from her new record, and clarified that she did »»

    Lady Gaga Wants People To Love Their Bodies

    Lady Gaga has launched her new "Body Revolution" project on her website.  The site aims to help people with body-image issues, and to get the ball rolling Gaga posed for candid photos in her underwear.  She also revealed a battle with bullemia and »»

    Henry Rollins Wishes People Weren't So Angry

    Henry Rollins, on his current spoken-word tour, has been particularly outspoken about the current anger being shown by the Presidential candidates this election season.  Specifically, he's upset about Mitt Romney's infamous dismissal of 47% of Ameri »»

    Andy Williams Dead At 84

    Andy Williams, the crooner famous for "Moon River", is dead at the age of 84.  He passed away after a long battle with cancer.  His career spanned more than 70 years, and included 18 gold records and 3 platinum ones.  Somewhere in Springfield, Nel »»

    Rihanna Pumps Out Another New Single

    The ink on the royalty checks from her last CD is barely dry and Rihanna is already prepping a new one for release.  "Diamonds" is the first single from her still-unnamed new album that is due to drop in November.  It will be her seventh album in a »»

    Madonna Says Comments About Obama Were Ironic

    Apparently, Madonna was just being "ironic" when she called President Obama a "black Muslim" during a concert last week.  She later clarified for reporters that she is aware that Obama is not actually a Muslim and she doesn't really care what religi »»

    Karmin Wins Rolling Stone's Women Who Rock Vote

    The people have spoken, and Karmin are on the cover of the newest issue of Rolling Stone.  Well, at least singer Amy Heidemann is.  The issue features other up-and-coming females in music today, including the duo who became viral sensations last ye »»

    Chris Brown Tests Positive For Smoking Pot

    Chris Brown is back in court yet again, this time facing a possible probation violation for smoking pot.  His defense came in the form of a medical marijuana card, but the judge isn't having any of that.  A further hearing will determine whether Br »»

    Skrillex To Ruin Disney Movies With His Terrible Music Now, Too

    Skrillex is set to make a cameo in the new animated Disney film, Wreck-It Ralph.  He is already contributing to the score for the movie, and now will appear as a DJ in one scene of the movie.  So, you know, in case you were worried that the movie »»

    Slash Embarrassed By Story Of His Mother's Nudity

    Despite sharing a story last month about walking in on his mom naked with David Bowie, Slash is now embarrassed by it.  He told a radio station that he had no idea the phone conversation that spawned the story would turn into a major media event.   »»

    Cheap Trick To Resume Tour With Aerosmith

    Cheap Trick will be resuming their tour with Aerosmith in November, after a brief hiatus.  The bands, who have a camaraderie and mutual respect, joined each other for songs in their respective sets during the previous leg of the tour.  The band wil »»

    Lady Gaga, Like, Totally Smokes Up A Doob In Amsterdam

    Lady Gaga decided to stop for some local color during her concert in Amsterdam yesterday, as in sticky green.  She lit up a series of pot cigarettes while talking to the crowd, taking a few puffs before throwing the remainder into the crowd and assu »»

    Jay-Z And Beyonce Raise Money For Obama

    Beyonce and Jay-Z teamed up to host a fundraiser for President Obama yesterday in New York.  In a $40,000 per plate dinner, the rapper hosted society bigwigs at his 40/40 Club.  Attendance was limited to 100 people, because otherwise the place woul »»

    30 Seconds To Mars Wins People's Choice Award At TIFF

    Artifact, the new documentary detailing 30 Seconds To Mars' troubles with label EMI, has won the People's Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival.  The movie, directed by Jared Leto under an alias, details the brutal legal battles th »»

    Nicki Minaj And Mariah Carey Deny Idol Feud

    Although the judges for the 12th season of American Idol have barely been announced, rumors are already swirling about a feud between them.  Both Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey laughed off the suggestions at a recent press gathering, with Mariah notin »»

    Spike Lee Debuts Bad 25 Documentary About Michael Jackson

    Spike Lee's "Bad 25", a documentary about the anniversary of the famous Michael Jackson album, debuted this past weekend TIFF.  Lee pieced together footage from the making of the album, including interviews with Jackson's many collaborators.  The m »»

    Beach Boys To Continue Tour Without Brian Wilson

    Although the Beach Boys' 50th anniversary tour wraps up in London later this month, the tour will continue without Brian Wilson.  Mike Love has said that the group will tour America again in October, using his previous backup band.  This would seem »»

    Soundgarden Announces First Album In 15 Years

    On November 15, Soundgarden will release King Animal, their first release in over 15 years.  It is the long-awaited followup to Down On The Upside, which came out in 1996.  The group contributed "Live To Rise" to the Avengers soundtrack recently »»

    Thin Lizzy To Record First CD In 30 Years

    Thin Lizzy will be making their first record in almost 30 years, although it will be their first without founding member Phil Lynott.  Lynott, who died in 1986, will be replaced by Ricky Warwick for the as-yet untitled project.  Thin Lizzy's last a »»

    Now James Taylor Is Suing Over Digital Royalties, Too

    Aha, it seems that James Taylor is not the mellow pushover that Warner Music took him for!  Taylor is suing his former label for $2 million, citing mispayments of money earned in the digital era, which has been paid as though it was "phonograph reco »»

    Chris Brown Ordered Back To Court, Again

    What a buzzkill for poor Chris.  Just days after getting that sweet neck tattoo, Chris Brown has been ordered to return to court amidst concerns that he didn't actually do the community service that he promised.  Although his probation and communit »»

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