411 Weekend News Report 5.19.01


It’s the weekend, which means Hyatte is sleeping or whatever. For the second straight weekend, I am here to update my loving fans about the world of wrestling. Without further ado…

He’s Here
Of course it was Judgment Day 2000 which brought the Undertaker back to the WWF, and only a year later he has scratched and clawed his way back to the top of the card. I know what you’re all thinking- FINALLY!

In addition, Kane challenges HHH for the IC Title, Benoit and Angle go two out of three falls and so much more.

Not ordering? Check the 411 newsboard starting at 8PM Eastern on Sunday night for full, match by match coverage of the event done by me. I will try to be as happy and non-negative as possible!

Bret Hart Whines
Yes, it’s a headline which we can use on any given weekend. In his latest column, Bret Hart goes into detail about all the things he hated about wrestling. This time, he didn’t even say anything like ‘I miss you, the fans’ and just had 100% whining.

To read his always happy diatribe, you can click over to our friends at SLAM! Sports.

Lance Storm vs. Net Geeks
In his latest few commentaries, Lance Storm has been critical of the ‘DVDVR 500’ which is a list done by diehard fans ranking the top 500 workers in the world. If you’re like me, and only watch US promotions, then you’ll only recognize about 1/3 of the guys on the list.

Well, anyway, Mr. Storm was only ranked #61 and was all pissy about some indy hack guys being placed above him. So he whipped out the old ‘you can’t criticize or rate us if you’re not actually a wrestler’ argument, which as me and you both know is the weakest of all possible debate ploys.

Dave Meltzer and the Observer crew have been arguing with Storm about it. You can see Storm’s commentaries from May 15 and May 18 here at 411, or check out the The Obsrever for their side.

Who Was This Guy Anyway
You know things are slow in wrestling when the firing of a no-name WWF office worker gets major articles. Jamie Morris, who was somehow involved in the wriring of WWF TV was fired this week, and replaced by some young intern.

Scherer and Keller both had stories on it. You’d think it was Shane McMahon getting fired judging by the press it’s getting. I have to be honest here- if Morris was so big, why have we never heard of him before his firing?

E3 Kicking Our Collective Asses
It’s the yearly video games trade show, and the WWF has some big time games coming our way this fall, on the next generation systems. The latest WWF Smackdown game will be headed our way on Sony Playstation2, while the successor to the N64 series called “WWF Raw is War” will be on Microsoft’s Xbox.

We have some good coverage up now in the Video Games section, with more coming this week.

Site News
Looks like I made a good decision hiring Ben Morse, as he dutifully filled in for Smackdown this week when somehow myself, McCluskey, PK, Williams and Birdwell were all unavailable.

Also, Morse has a new column up where he bashes Benoit for stealing Kevin Sullivan’s wife. Interesting take… you can see it by clicking here

And, I finally got around to formatting Danny Birdwell’s latest Create-A-Wrestler templates for N64 No Mercy. You can check out DDP, JJ and Tanaka in the 411 Create A Wrestler section.

Can you believe Hyatte made it through 2 weeks of the Midnight News already? Keep sending him feedback so he feels special.

We’ll have the site preview for the PPV up shortly.

Remember, we have your WWF Judgment Day coverage right here, so click over for the most detailed and fastest coverage anywhere!

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