411’s Weekend News Report 6.10.01


You know it’s called the Weekend News Report so I can post it on either Saturday OR Sunday, my choice. So enough with the emails and IMs asking why I’m not posting it.

Speaking of emails and IMs that I don’t need anymore of:

1) I don’t know when Ashish is coming back. Yes, I’ve talked to him. No, he hasn’t told me when he’ll return.

2) No, CRZ is not coming to 411.

Enough whining from me, onto your weekend news:

Feel.. The.. BANG!

Well at least the WWF will be

According to Dave Meltzer, DDP has signed on the dotted line with the WWF to appear in the new WCW, or whatever it will end up as.

As with RVD and the other new WCW folks, DDP is apparently denying the signing.

Ratings Decline

After a couple shows where the ratings steadied or improved, Smackdown this week showed another down trend for the WWF.

The show ended up with a 3.9 rating, which was good enough for 4th for the night, but still down from the rating the week before.

It did have sizable competition for its demographic, with the NHL Stanley Cup Final Game 6 (damn the Devils losing!) and the MTV Movie Awards.

Taking It Like A Man

Unlike his father, Brian Christopher actually appeared to be humbled by his WWF dismissal. He took responsibily for his actions, and appears to not be too upset at the WWF’s reaction.

Christopher did deny that the drugs were his, but still feels the end was justified. I posted the full statement earlier if you are curious.

Ross Report Roundup

Jim Ross posted only 4 pages this week on the Ross Report, but it was better than last week’s 11 pager.

Talked briefly about DDP and Goldberg coming in, and his happiness with Hugh Morrus thusfar.

Ross commented on the upcoming tag team breakups in the WWF:

I like the prospects of seeing the Hardys in singles competition. Same goes for Edge and Christian, in time. All four athletes have a lot to offer and have earned these opportunities.

And finally, some WWF Injury Updates:

HHH, of course, is rehabing his injured leg. Jim Ross said in today’s Ross Report that HHH is working a staggering seven hours per weekday on rehab, and additional time on Saturday. He is expected to return to Alabama for a status report on his healing quad this week.

Scotty 2 Hotty and K Kwik are pretty healed up and could make their WWF return at any time.

Val Venis had a calcium deposit removed and won’t miss much time. He is also looking to drop about 20 pounds.

Rikishi had major shoudler surgery, and has a long road of rehab ahead.

The whole shebang is over at WWF.com of course.

Bret Sets The Record Straight

In his weekly Calgary Sun column, Bret Hart commented on the possibility of returning to the ring:

I would like to comment on the widespread Internet rumour I am returning to the WWF or WCW — same thing these days.

There is absolutely no truth to it whatsoever.

The concussion I sustained when Bill Goldberg gave me a mule kick to my head on Dec. 19, 1999, ended my wrestling career.

A lot of people are throwing around the ol’ “never say never in wrestling …” but this is one case where I can tell you with certainty that I will never wrestle again.

Thank you all sincerely for wanting to see me wrestle again.

No one wants that more than me but with a head injury like what I have, the risk is just too high.

I look forward to entertaining my fans in other ways, like occasional guest spots on TV and I’m working on a book I think you will like a lot.

To all of my fans, thank you for your loyalty and support.

The adventure has just begun!

Click Here to read the whole thing at Slam! Sports.

Site Updates

Bryce McNeil wrote a great new Foot On The Rope where he talked about the slump and how wrestling can pull itself out.

Murtz posted his new Murtzable Claw late last week, and he talked more about the Harts. Check that out here.

Ron Gamble also checked in this weekend with a new World According To Ron about, what else, his computer problems. And wrestling stuff too

We have another great addition to the 411 Wrestler Profile Series posted! Check out the full profile of Booker T by Jeffrey Lyles.

And that’s about it. I will be around all week to update the newsboard, and Hyatte will be back this week with at least the Midnight News, and hopefully a new AAT or a new Mopup, or maybe even both!


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