411 Weekend News Report 6.17.01


Hello everyone, and welcome to the weekend here at 411, where hits are about 1/3 that of a typical weekday. Even on my own site I get the worst shift! No respect I tell ya.

Ross Report

The Ross Report was pretty much worthless this week.

Last week it was great this week, all about JR praising people like Tajiri, Spike and HHH.

Some highlights:

HHH will return in October or November, almost certainly as a face (duh).

Billy Gunn’s dad died, hence his absence from TV this week.

Talked about how WCW will debut sooner than September

For the full report, Click here

It’s Freeeee. Free Fallin’

As Tom Petty once said, although I doubt he’s talking about the ratings for WWF Smackdown on UPN.

Smackdown came in with a normal overnight rating of 4.5, then had a disastrous 3.2 final rating, which makes it the lowest rated edition of the show ever.

In case you haven’t seen the show, McCluksey has your report right here

There’s a Storm Front Comin’

All cheesy lyrics headlines for me today, eh?

Lance Storm, that wacky hater of internet sheet writers, actually made a house show appearance over the weekend, running into a match in Toronto.

I wonder if that counts as a house show worked? It would be nice, I heard all these WCW guys are getting peanuts as a downside

Indy Reults

If you have indy results, be sure to send them to Josh Nason, who is trying to build up an Indy news section here at 411.

Click Here to email Naz.

Poor Angle

In the WWF’s continuing ‘plan’ for WCW, it looks like now that Kurt Angle will be headed to the new WCW to give it some credibility. Originally HHH was going to go to new WCW, but his injury has prevented it.

This was actually reported in a shocking Torch news update, since that site has obviously given up on reporting news.

Drunken Snakes

There was an incident involving Jake The Snake Roberts late last week where he was arrested for drunk driving and hit and run.
The woman he hit actually heard of Roberts, but is still pissed and said:

“He might be famous, but I think he needs to have some morals,” Morgan said. “I hope to God he has insurance.”
Jake contends he was NOT drinking, but the cops don’t often make that stuff up do they? Not like they make up my speeding tickets. I was NOT going that fast! And even if I were, stop pulling me over! I should be able to go as fast as I want! What do you mean if I get one more ticket my license is suspended? I thought this was America!

Um, the full story on Jake is here

Site News

I’ll talk about my new column first, since there is a glass ceiling at 411 and only Hyatte and Widro will get over! Voice Of Reason all about Austin’s heel turn and how I believe it was poorly timed.

Bryce McNeil did his new column on how he’d do the WCW stuff, check it out by clicking here.

Tom Daniels updated the Overall rankings but not the individual rankings so don’t click to the other rankings sections unless you want last week’s.

Joe Rivett is back this week with the Byte This! report. Cut the guy from last week some slack, it was Heyman, not the reporter doing all the Jewish schitck

Also Ben Morse promises me a special edition of the Mean where he will look a surprise person


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