Cheap Heat 6.26.01: Reader Response To Top Heels


Every time a columnist does any sort of top ten list, it elicits a lot of e-mail response, be it disagreements on who you picked for number one, how you ordered it, who you included, or who you left off. This wasn't any different.

So, if for no other reason than to see how much Hyatte hates this column, too… your thoughts on last week:

Dissappointed Randy Savage was not on your list (early IC hide behind Liz/smack you with a ring bell Savage)

-Jim Faccioli

Savage was an oversight, on my part. Savage probably should have been on the list. If for nothing else than the hiding behind Elizabeth.

Probably not the first to say this and wont be the last, but the Iron Sheik has to be at least mentioned.


Iron Sheik was really before my time. All I ever saw of the Iron Sheik was the cheap heat stuff he did. Making fun and insulting Americans, or taking to opposite side during a war, is an easy way to be a heel. Being a true ass takes talent.

OK here are two heels that I always liked. Papa Shango, who today is the Goodfather. Anyone who can make black ooze come out of the Warrior & make him nuts is OK in my book. Seriously another really good heel was Dr. D. David Schultz. I started watching wrestling just before those Tuesday Night Titan Days. There is a skit where one of the Vachon's gets married & there he is, boots on the table & drinking straight out of the wine bottle. Plus he goes up to the bride, lifts up her vial & gives this look like "God is she ugly." Along with the Texas drawl & just his attitude was VERY Steve Austin like, nearly 17 years before anyone heard of Austin.

-R. Hickey

– Papa Shango: I liked Papa Shango… it was a fun gimmick. I just don't think it was one of the top ten.

– Dr D David Schultz: Absolutely no idea who he is… but if Luna's the girl he's referring to, then he's not a heel… just honest.

Shawn Michaels: Probably the one guy that the most of you were upset about being left off.

I just recently read you top ten heels article and I was shocked to see that you purposely or accidentally left Shawn Michaels off of your list. Even though he flip flopped between face and heel most of his career he had the ability to make you want to see him get his ass kicked on a regular basis. I am one of his biggest fans and I personally think he could have been at least the third greatest heel had he been used properly. I think it was Shawn Michaels who made everyone hate HHH at first. Nobody really paid attention to HHH until he was paired with HBK and Chyna for that matter. I would like to hear your take on this subject if you can post something to the site or possible send me an e-mail I would like to see what you think.

-James Black

Shawn Michaels: Come on, admit it, when he played a heel character, didn't everyone just love to hate him?!?!? Whether he was a babyface or the perfect heel, Shawn had that cocky, arrogant attitude that you just fringin hate!! BUT, the guy could, and did, back it up with skill (in-ring and on the mike), and a willingness to take a hard bump, and job when he had to job (to Austin at Wrestlemania in 1999)!!!! He may have made a lot peoples' top 10 list.

-Eric Parrettie

greatest heels of all time and you dont even mention the heartbreak

kid. great promos the montreal screwjob his never lay down attitude he made austin for gods sakes. remember in boston when he and HHH had austin in the ropes and hbk had the belt in austins face good gawd man one of the greatest heel moments of all time.

-Dave Millsap

My response… Michaels was one of those guys who flip-flopped a lot. He was only a heel very occasionally. When he was, he did a good job. He did the cocky heel thing early in his career… and then he took Nash's "cool heel" thing later on. He was a GOOD heel, but I never thought he was a GREAT heel. Individual responses to these letters: James: Yes, I do believe that he "made" Triple H by rubbing him ((stop laughing… clean up your minds!!)) during the beginning of the DX time. No one cared about the snobbish guy from Connecticut, but he definitely came into his own under Michaels. Eric: Job when he had to job?! Oy, look over some of his past "title losses" and see how many times he actually lost belts by being pinned. The only reason he jobbed out to Austin was because his body was falling apart. Dave: Yes, the win over Michaels made Austin legit… but Michaels "never lay down" attitude has probably hurt his recent attempt at a return more than it ever helped him. I do agree though, that was one of the greatest heel moments of all time.

Bret Hart

Brett Hart: Same explanation as above ((see Michaels)). When he was a heel, he was dead-on and you couldn't help but hate him!!! Even right before his final WWF heel turn vs. Austin when he was supposed to be the babyface, people were beginning to hate the guy because of his cocky attitude!! I would argue he lacked Michaels' willingness to take the hard bump, which is why people may have had enough of him by then, too!

-Eric Parrettie ((again))

Bret Hart was also a very hated heel when he started bashing the US and it's value systems.


Ben actually gave the response I would have given. When Bret was with the Hart Foundation, they were a good Heel tag team. But, I lump Bret with the Iron Sheik. If you come out and make fun of Americans… Americans will boo you. It's not difficult, and it's definitely not deserving of the best.

Why isn't Hollywood Hogan in that list? He helped bring the people from the WWF and helped win the ratings in WCW. If not for him, WCW would have died earlier.

-David Hensley

Basically, I left Hogan off because his character WAS Nash's. Hogan reinvented himself and, yes, probably helped catapault WCW back to the top… but I still credit the "cool heel" to Nash. Hogan did it… and he was damn good at it. If I did a top ten faces ((probably coming soon)), Hogan would be toward the top… but I don't think 3 years out of a 20-year career qualifies him for a best of list.

Finally, because he asked me really nicely to post this:

Jeff Jarrett: He arose in the WWf in the early 90's as an instant heel. He sported his light up glasses, bad haircut, ridiculous outfit, and his *manager* The Roadie, AKA Road Dogg. He won all of his matches by screw-jobs.

He was HATED by fans everywhere. Suddenly he dropped out of sight. Where did he go? Wrestling small circuits and doing house shows. He was fired from the WWF in the late 90's for his feuds with Vince McMahon behind the sceens. This of course took place after he was re-introduced as well himself with the exception of this time as an even LARGER HEEL. The night after his contract was voided by Vince himself he appeared on NITRO and violently bashed Buff Bagwell over the head with a Guitar to INSTANTLY establish him as a heel in WCW. His career took off from here. He was taken in and made a headliner. He quickly established the WCW HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION Title with his famouse *STROKE* finisher and his ever-so-electric guitar shot. He lost the title and regained it a few times, and then WCW saw they were going down and made Scott Steiner the *flagship* thus meaning he would get the spotlight that Jarrett rightfully deserved. With WCW coming to a close Booker T was the Champ leaving Jarrett once again out in the dark. Soon after WCW was closed down. Word was WWF had bought out WCW and was going to assume control of it. Wether Shane or Vince is running the NEW WCW I know Double J has little to absolutely NO chance of getting back into the business. And that saddens me. He is my favorite all-time wrestler because of his in and out-ring charisma and incredible work ethic.

-Shawn Meredith

You like Jarrett a lot more than I do… that's all I really have to say about that. Jarrett was hated by fans everywhere because he wasn't particularly entertaining… EXCEPT for some of his second WWF stint. I liked that… of course, I was nostalgic for Double J, and even watching Mae Young get hit with a guitar made him a face in my book, not a heel.

Some other guys you all were looking for: Tara Tanaka, Austin Idle, Abdullah the Butcher, The Assassins, Black Jack Mulligan, Butcher Bashon, Ole Anderson, Baron Von Raschke, Terry Funk, The Masked Superstar, Ivan Koloff, Bruiser Brody, Johnny Valentine, and Sgt. Slaughter

To all of them except Sgt Slaughter I say: Before my time. To Sgt Slaughter I say: Are you serious?

To close up, a reader named Kyle had a good idea for me. He suggested I ask you all what you would like to see a column written about. Since I don't have a better idea, let's go for it. If anyone would like to see my spin on something… I'd be more than open to suggestions. Just click below and mail them to me.