The Midnight News 9.10.01

Yes, I know I’m not Hyatte. I know all the Hyatte-ites out there were expecting his triumphant return this evening. Unfortunately, Sir Christopher needs a couple more days off so you’re stuck with me tonight, and another one of Widro’s peons tomorrow night. Hopefully, Lord Master will have returned by Tuesday.

Right into the News

The big news of the weekend was: Smackdown and VMA fans are not one in the same. No, the Video Music Awards only did a 9.9, even with the removal of Smackdown. Last year, when they left Smackdown alone, the VMA’s scored a 9.8. So, imagine that the same people who watch large men toss each other around is an entirely different audience than the ones who want to see a 3-hour N’SYNC commercial.

Speaking of the VMA’s I really hope they don’t go with Jamie Foxx next year. Either he was horrible, or whoever was writing the show this year was even worse. Almost everything came off pretty lame. Except Brittney’s performance which was, as always, damn entertaining.

I digress.

The Observer had an interview with Trish Stratus they posted yesterday. Highlights:

  • The ankle injury JR has been talking about in his column was actually a bone chip she had to get removed which is why she’s been out for so long on a “sprain.”
  • Says she got the job hosting Excess because WWF management liked the way she came across on Howard Stern’s E! show. Also, I assume, because Gorilla Monsoon (RIP) and Bobby Heenan were not available. I guess WWF management liked the way she fended off Howard’s questions about her breasts and how hot she was?
  • Said they only did a couple walkthrough’s before the first show to get the format down. She prefers it without the interviewee knowing what’s coming, because it takes from the “off the cuff” spontaneity of a live show
  • In so many words, says she broke into the business because she was an internet geek who happened to be hot and have some sort of real life ((fitness model)) exposure. So, unless you’re a blonde, large breasted internet geek, don’t let this get your hopes up.
  • Was a Hulkamaniac growing up. My question is: where are/were these hot girls who like wrestling. I certainly can’t find them. I had to make my own and no, she’s not made of rubber

To read the rest of it, including her favorite spots, career highlights, and her feelings on being made to bark like a dog for Vince, check out The Observer.

Vince McMahon was on “The Score” radio show in Canada on Saturday night:

  • When asked why he was cheered at the Press Conference and Earl Hebner was booed, Vince said he had no idea the WWF fans cheer and boo who they want. I guess people have forgotten that Vince was at ringside that night?
  • Said he doesn’t regret doing the XFL, and was a little overconfident it would succeed. He said bad media coverage in the US hurt them which is probably true
  • Was asked if they should tone down some of the more high risk moves in the WWF as a result of Owen’s death. He said no because, in the ring, the guys are in charge of their moves. Owen was at the mercy of a harness and a wire

Randy Savage was also on the radio in Cleveland yesterday on WTAM-1100. His career has plummeted to the point where he can’t score FM radio anymore how the mighty have fallen.

  • Said Andre the Giant was the most coordinated big man ever in wrestling. (the hell?)
  • Says the Rock is what’s happening right now. Savage has heard that Rocky is a good guy, and that’s good because the lead dog needs to be a good guy

He didn’t mention anything about his “new promotion.” No one’s asking him about it anymore so I guess it’s about as realistic as MECW at this point. He was asked other gripping questions like “what’s your favorite food?” but, for the sake of sanity, I’ll forgo the recap of them.

The WWF is offering three Wrestlemania X8 travel packages.

Platnum: Ringside Tickets ((within the first 8 rows)), commemorative chair, three night accommodations at a first class hotel in Toronto (Friday to Monday), tickets to Saturday’s Axxcess, a Meet and Greet with Superstars, a two day pass on Toronto’s TTC, and souveniers. 1 person – $1130, 2 people – $920ea, 3 people – $850ea, 4 people – $820ea.

Gold: Floor Tickets, No chair, but all the rest the same as above. 1 person – $855, 2 people – $645ea, 3 people – $580ea, 4 people – $545ea.

Silver: Lower Tier Tickets, and the same extras as Gold. 1 person – $735, 2 people – $525ea, 3 people – $460ea, 4 people – $425ea.

It should be noted that I could be going to Wrestlemania this year. A friend of mine works for Time Warner Cable, and can score comps since he sells PPVs for Vince. But, as life goes, Wrestlemania is the same week as Spring Break and well, the lure of Free Beer, Bikinis, and Sexual Deviance far outweighs the lure of Wrestlemania. Not by much, but by enough. Besides I’m 23 I can’t go to many more Spring Breaks and not feel too old to be there.


Wonder what Scott Hall’s been up to over in Japan? Well, last night he jobbed out to a dude named Don Frye in less than a minute. And jobbed out to a devastating finisher A RIGHT PUNCH!!!! He was, as such, eliminated from New Japan’s G1 tournament.

And this is how slow the newsday was, because it was the only reasonably good story on RF Video.

Well, this edition of the news certainly does suck because there’s no news to really report. So, we’ll get on to the site stuff.

Carlos Mahuad recapped tonight’s Heat. You can read it here.

Since I forgot to give Flea some props when I did my Excess column, I give him some love now. You can read his Excess Report here. He enjoys the show, unless they’re recapping Tough Enough. For fans of Ryder Fakin, there’s a new one to be found somewhere in the recap.

Lots of columns to look at today too.

Josh Nason checked in with the latest Fight Club. He looks at the workers who made out, and who got lost in the shuffle, thanks to the recent Invasion. You can read it here.

Art Martinez sent us some new rhymes over here. Plus, some reader response about Hyatte.

Blake Norton has another set of Norton’s Notes. He discusses the Radicalz jump to the WWF and whether or not, in hindsight, it was a good idea. I’ll give you a hint, he doesn’t think it was. Check it out.

Remember the guy last week who wrote the Pulp Fiction thing? Well, he’s back this week and this week we visit the Mos Eisley Spaceport with some WWF Superstars. It has some German name and it can be found here.

Bryce McNeil is taking a hiatus from Foot on the Rope. You can read why.

Ron and I both got plugged yesterday, but what the hell. You can read the new World According to Ron or the masterpiece that is known as Cheap Heat. Ron talks about the Rock and Tommy Dreamer. I talk about Excess. I would like to say I’ve gotten more response on this article than I have in a while. I link it again to keep the responses coming.

That’s it for tonight. Someone else should check in tomorrow and hopefully we’ll have Hyatte back on Tuesday.

End Transmission.