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Hello there. I’m Flea and welcome to the Midnight News. You may know me better from Six Degrees of Ryder Fakin or even less from the WWF EXCESS report. Tonight, I am the latest Jay Leno to Hyatte’s Letterman, or the latest Mancow to Hyatte’s Stern or for that matter the latest Sammy Hagar to David Lee Roth. Take you pick

And no, I do not know where Hyatte is I would imagine somewhere in Rhode Island. Ask 411!!!

Let’s get started .


If you are a wrestling fan you will happy to know that the ratings for RAW are in .

News flash !!!!! The domain rights for are available!!!!! No word if their slogan “We Have More Wrestling Features than Any Other Wrestling Site on the Net!” goes along with the deal..I’ll keep you posted .

So I went to takes you to You don’t know? They will gladly explain.

Out of old habit I went to never even mind

So Widro says this:

· WWF Raw is War got a 4.8 rating on Monday, off of hours of 4.7 and 4.9.

· The show peaked during the second hour with a 5.1, but the overrun fell to a 4.8.

· Excess got a .7 rating on Saturday night, down .1 from the week before.

I’m worried about the last number. Number one because I recap the show, number two it’s only a matter of time before they get desperate for ratings and pull out Jim Duggan vs. Fidel Sierra for some REAL Saturday Night Entertainment HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


No claw here and damn sure no spoilers; I want to enjoy Thursday.

But I will tell you that Steve Gerwick says that Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher were backstage. I am sure that the Honkytonk Man will have some words about this. Find the site, I ain’t about gimmick infringement.


And neither should Flea. This is depressing how many sites have shut down the ONLY one that I really miss is the NWWWO. If you don’t know, you missed some good shit kicking fun. Maybe BOB has the right idea, going with the pay site thing which is a nice segue into


As we near football season, many predictions are made concerning which teams will be successful, which teams are rebuilding and which teams are going to be total doormats. Depending on your favorite team, your opinions may vary based on your loyalty as a fan.

One record that many of these teams strive for is an undefeated streak though the season and to a championship. The only team in the modern era to achieve this is the Miami Dolphins of 1972. A perfect 17-0 en route to winning the Super Bowl.

A few years ago, a pro wrestler’s career was born based upon an extended undefeated streak. This, of course, was Goldberg, who did indeed capture a championship: The WCW Heavyweight Championship.

As Goldberg reached the heights of stardom, many critics began to emerge bringing forth the opinion that Goldberg’s “backstage attitude” was a problem and he was “unwilling to pays his dues” because of the fact he was so rapidly pushed to the top.

This led to a well-publicized incident amongst the Internet Wrestling Community as Goldberg ran into one of his most prominent detractors on an airplane, which developed into a heated (apparently Goldberg went as nutty as a mad hatter), but fortunately non-violent confrontation. Goldberg was reportedly incensed by a column published on an extremely “popular” and “influential” website..

A column written by


If you are reading, you’re welcome .


Out there is this and here’s a teaser for you .

I’m always looking for any unique stories from househows, indy cards, or just personal run-ins with Brian Lee. If you have anything you want to share, send it to, and if it passes the no-bullshit test I’ll post it.

If you think THAT is weird there is actually an appreciation page for someone you would never think of I a million years. Are we sure Europe is on our side?


But he’s on the web. Check this out .

First Boston announced today it was downgrading media and cable stocks including WWFE and Viacom due to the fallout of last Tuesday’s attack.

Analyst Laura Martin cautioned that these stocks could fall another 25 to 35 percent. It noted that media companies have a lot of fixed-cost structures and with the expectation of an even slower ad market, less travel and less discretionary income, they could be greatly affected. Martin wrote that entertainment companies typically underperform by two or three times during periods of economic slowdown.

So spend you money on pot and booze. I will, now that I know a supposed educated professional can get away with a word like underperformed.


The Rick has caught some heat lately for his views on the recent opinion of world events. Here is someone else’s view:

The recent tragedy has, in essence, trivialized many things that we normally take for granted. One is our sporting events, all of which were canceled over the weekend out of respect for the victims of this horrendous disaster.

Baseball resumes play tonight and football games will take place over the weekend. Many of the issues of importance is these sports, such as the pennant races in baseball and the labor strike of football referees have taken a back-seat as the games will resume with respect for what has occurred.

Regarding the referee’s strike in football, replacement referees will continue to officiate games. When a labor strife exists, the people who take the place of unionized personnel are generally referred to, in slang terms, as “scabs”

Another definition of a scab is a “crust of hardened blood a pus over an open wound”.

Yet another definition is “a contemptible person”

No matter which way you want to use the word, the one thing that is consistant is when you use spell check to correct the name “Scaia”, of the top terms to correct the spelling is, of course, the word….



No credit needed .

Be good to Jake, o’ great one peanut butter on the crotch helps, so you say


Deep subject. Rumor has it that Joey Styles has stuff from ECW for auction on EBAY.

God bless him. I met Joey years ago and he is a top-notch guy. Go check it out. You know where and it’s free for this story.


The same site reports that Tod Gordon says that Scott Hall coming to MECW is false. In Philly, pawnshop owners cannot obtain a liquor license. Two and two together equals BOB. So there.

ANAL TOYS (But, plugs is Trademarked)

Craig is back with Ask 411. He knows all, sees all and tells all. Just don’t ask him what Kevin Sullivan’s hometown was during the Faces of Fear. If he knows THAT…well, he will know it so I will keep quiet. (Except for the fact HE got the spotlight column and even on my birthday I didn’t) matter of fact, go stump the guy, if you dare ..

My main man (and I mean that in a main man manly sort of way) Joshua Grut checks in with his latest. All I want is the real story behind why Nash agreed to be OZ.

Mr. Ron Gamble checks back in with another World. He has more to say about last weeks happenings.

The girls downtown don’t, but Reality Bites. Good Stuff.

Steven Schwenke is up to something as well. I think the whole German thing is a gimmick myself, but he writes a fun column. Go if you know what’s good for you. OY VEY!

And me read EXCESS I get paid per hit

Right Widro???



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