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Good Evening or Morning or Afternoon. I’m Flea and This is The Monday Edition. Survivor Series just ended so let’s get to it.

But first, Happy Thanksgiving to those who appreciated and recognized the only traditional Thanksgiving song I know of. Don’t touch my bags if you please, Mr. Customs Man

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Here’s the lowdown my stuff from Saturday Evening Post and results

Winner Take All Match: Team WWF (Kane, Undertaker, Big Show, The Rock, Chris Jericho) vs. Team Alliance (Shane McMahon, Rob Van Dam, Stone Cold, Kurt Angle, Booker T)

This is the meat and potatoes of the show. I’m sure Vince will be involved in some fashion, expect a turn or two to happen and someone WILL get screwed. Look for this to go way over an hour, especially if individual f*cking entrances are done. With the talent involved, this has the possibility of being an instant classic.

Well, Jericho turned and Angle turned, it did go over an hour and they did have individual entrances. Other than that, bullshit. Rock wins after Angle turns. No shocks, no surprises. I paid $30 to watch Monday Night Raw. Thanks, Vince. Decent match, Rock and Austin still tear it up.

20 Man “Immunity” Battle Royale (w/cheese)

I never liked battle royales, probably because when I was growing up ANDRE won every goddamn one of them, thereby eliminating the suspense. To this day, I usually find something better to do, especially when they stink up a PPV. And no, I don’t consider the Royal Rumble to be a battle royale. Anyway, this one does have an interesting stip: Immunity from being fired for one year! Check out this lineup

Albert, Scotty 2 Hotty ,Funaki, Billy Gunn ,Chuck Palumbo ,Raven ,The Hurricane ,Kidman ,Shawn Stasiak ,Tazz ,Steven Richards ,DDP ,Lance Storm ,Justin Credible ,Hugh Morrus ,Tommy Dreamer Chavo Guerrero Jr,Bradshaw ,Crash ,Faarooq ,Saturn ,Spike.

Everyone in the “know” sez Tazz will win. Who am I to argue?

Didn’t do much to change my opinion of Battle Royales (with cheese) overall, but very enjoyable. Test was the “wild card” after punking out 2 Hotty backstage. The Internet crowd had collective heart attacks when Billy Gunn had the whole shebang in the bag. Tazz went out with a whimper and didn’t even punch Paul E in the face. Test gets the victory and “Immunity”.

Tajiri vs. Regal

These two will be the shit out of each other and no one will care. I’m not even 100% sure of the storyline. I like both of them and hope they get more than five minutes, but look for them to take it home early if the crowd starts going for popcorn.

Some stiff and good stuff here with Regal ending up with a bloody nose. That happened, as did the Tarantula and the handspring elbow in the first 3 minutes, which should tell you how this went. Sho’ nuff these guys gets no time at all to commit violence as Regal gets the victory post haste. He also manages to be even MORE evil as he beats up Torrie Wilson. Bummer.

Hardyz vs. Dudleyz – Tag Team Unification in the confines of an Unforgiving Steel Cage

Look for Jeff to do something really stupid. I’m hoping this will be the blow-off match for these two, as they appear to be teasing a Hardy breakup. And I want BLOOD! In the CAGE! BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD!

No BLOOD, dammit. But Jeff did manage his quota of suicidal stupidity: instead of climbing out of the cage, he did the Swanton Bowb off the top and MURDERED THAT TABLE BY GAWD! THE CARNAGE! THE CARNAGE! Yep, Jeff’s a moron. Dudleyz win and unify the tag belts. Good match. No BLOOD. Sacrilege. I thought that was law in the Carolinas for cage matches.

Test vs. Edge

IC / US Title Unification Match. Remember once upon a time when a couple of potential stars tore the house down with a PPV ladder match that, for the most part, “made” them into main event level performers? No, I’m not talking E&C vs. Hardyz, I’m talking HHH vs. Rock from 1998. This could be that kind of match as the fed obviously has high hopes for both of these guys.

Good match for both of these guys. “Career Making” may be a stretch, but both guys put in a good performance. Reversals and a series of two counts throughout kept the match going and the crowd buzzing. Edge wins by reversing the pump handle into a small package. Good enough for me.

Six pack match for the Women’s Title featuring a mystery opponent.

Hail Hail the gangs all here: Lita, Molly, Trish, Ivory, Jackie and ???. Sources say it will be Jazz, last seen on ECW PPV or in the minors. That is what sources say. What will the audience say? “Show your tits” is my guess.

Sources were correct, Jazz made her debut. No reaction from the audience, but Paul E. sang her praises BIG TIME on commentary. Trish wins. I took a break to make sure Widro posted my EXCESS report. Which he did. Thanks Boss! Read it by clicking here.

Bonus Match Made On Heat – Al Snow vs. Christian for the European Title.

Good opener, hard work by both guys and the crowds appreciated their efforts. Back and forth match win Christian getting the win with an Impaler.

Also on the show ..

Plenty of backstage vignettes promoting the serious and grave nature of the Winner Take All Match. Vince gave a lengthy pep talk, which in retrospect was just time filler. It was good at the time, though.

Foley was at WWF New York which proved the whole recent change of events was a work and making me dislike him even more than yesterday. But I will still mark out if he gets into a promo contest with Flair. So sue me.

Both of the respective locker rooms were featured split screen style as the main event took place. Each grunt and groan served a special purpose as members of said teams were eliminated one by one. Nice concept but the timing was off throughout most of it. If you saw the show, you know what I mean. I think. If you didn’t see the show, for shame, order the replay. Unless you have Direct TV of course, then you are f*cked. UNLESS you got the WWF webcast, of course. Your probably still f*cked, come to think of it. Pointless? I agree.

Test started the making of a “narcissist” angle. If it don’t pan out, forget you read this sentence.

All it all, Survivor Series was a letdown. I think the point of $30 for Monday Night” is accurate.


Well, that’s what happened. Of course, if you one of the poor schmucks that has DirectTV you got the following message:

“WWF refuses to authorize DirecTV to offer WWF Survivor Series to DirecTV Customers. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working toward a resolution for the future.”

So, take your frustrations out on Vince not Direct TV is what I get out of this. Count me in a not giving a f*ck because I have In Demand. When it effects me, I’ll worry. Narcissism rules!

Rumors abound about who will appear on RAW tomorrow. Flair, Lawler and some more people I can’t say because I promised are bound to show up. I will show up for work, only because I need to make back the $30 bucks I spent tonight. Gotta buy some Crown Royal and KFC, you know. Oh yeah, I get paid salary and NOT by the hour. I think I will take the day off, thankya verymuch. If you are on line AOLIM is Ryder Fakin. Let’s chat. Nevermind, I’m going to work. I think. What? Oh .Raw should be killer tomorrow, please watch.


RAW will be in Charlotte, NC tomorrow. Expect some fireworks and a hot crowd. Thanks to Bahstan for being cool and peppy last week. Flair, Lawler, BI,,shhhhhhhhhhhh JE shhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..DOINK! shhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey whatever happened to Jason Sensation? You know, the guy that did all the impressions? Hey Craig! Yo, 411, please help me out here.

Tuesday will be in Fayetteville for a Smackdown taping. Rumor has it this will be a continuation of RAW storylines, but I can’t reveal the sources, yo. SHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


Scott Keith will have his opinion up in no time flat. You think he liked this show? Only one way to find out.

Widro forsakes all just to bring the experience of LIVE PPV coverage to you, so humor him.

Pat Brower continues to display his menacing teaser, so beware he’s JAKKED. The size of his teaser intimidates me soooo bad, I wait to post the EXCESS report until after he is finished .

Oh yeah, you can read that EXCESS report right here.

Some Indy News is out there and John Nason is the culprit. Go here to get the latest.

Speaking of Indy, the spotlight column is from Seth Monroe and he H2O flows like water in an in- depth interview right here. I’m still waiting for Mr. Oh La La, hopefully Mr. Monroe will heed my request.

The 411 Forum is where you go when you want to discuss things. Just because your cat ain’t impressed with Jericho’s workrate in the main event doesn’t mean you have to chokeslam the poor guy. Take your frustrations out right here. Tell ‘em Flea says hello.

Look for Eric and Grut for the rest of the week. Big bucks are being paid for the weekdays, I tell ya! SHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!


That’s it for me this week. Thanks for the response for the XWF from all you guys and gals. Be prepared for the upcoming week of wrestling, it should be memorable, one way or the other.

Let’s close the week out on a high note

Ladies and Gentleman, by request ..


You know the place


The WWF is bleeding badly and there seems to be no stopping the downward spiral that has consumed them in the last few months. I see more cut backs coming. High dollar contracts being cut and renegotiated. I see desperate angles that will not produce. I see some of the “older” talent starting to think of retirement. I see these “old” guys doing jobs to get someone else over, or they will be gone. I see Vince try to rehash angles from the past as a way to stopping the bleeding. I see teases of big things on the horizon and special guest appearances by celebrities. I see extreme hype for matches that mean dog sh*t. I can see blood on the foreheads as the office and the boys begin to think the only way to stop the spiral of the toilet is to pull out your sword and gaff your head. I see a revamping of the shows’ opening. I see new sets being built. I see new commentators that do not scream “oh my God” at every punch. I see Vince and his kids still the main part of every show. I see, (it has already started with the “Alliance”) exploitation of the nation’s tragedy. I see guys working for a buck fifty a match, just as the Memphis and Smoky Mountain guys did 5-6 years ago. I see all kinds of sh*t being thrown around to see if something will stick.

I don’t see any band aids in this bunch. Names thrown around as emergency surgeons are, Shriveled Up Flair. I’m Drunk, but I can say Hey Yoo, Hall. I won’t come back unless my wine-o buddy is with me so we can disrupt the whole dam company, Nash. I can’t run a company, but I will buy sex for my wife with another woman, Bishoff. Say your prayers, take your roids, GHB, Mary Jane, codeine, Hollywood. If I left out anyone please feel free to add them to the list. Oh, maybe some of the XWF guys who are taking over the business with a product that is sure to change the way we look at wrestling. Right, we won’t even look anymore after seeing these old birds.

Goldberg, hell yes, give him 3 or 4 million Vince. You did it with Mike Tyson and I believe the Tyson angle turned the company around. The only thing is, this guy has smartened up. He stayed with the money. If you don’t open the bank to him, he will just stay home.

The question now for WWF is not stopping the bleeding, but are the guys we have now, worth what we are giving them? Incentive based deals will be the only surgery needed. Get rid of these f***ing writers and let the guys do their thing. Hire someone who knows how to teach these young guys how to cut a 3 minute promo. Stop the nonsense, get busy living or get busy dying.

Till we meet again,


The Honky Tonk Man

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