The Monday Edition 11.26.01


Happy Monday!! It’s Flea and here is The Monday Edition. Thanks for joining me. Although the news was rather slow I brought you some interesting news bites and to wrap things up for the week, we get EDUCATION! Not by design, but that’s what happens when you depend on another person to Take You Home every week. Sometimes they have other things to do. Don’t worry, it’s wrestling related education.

Come on, let’s go


Man, I got spoiled last week when I could fill this page you are reading with all sorts of goodies from a Pay Per View. In a nice stroke of luck and consideration, the WWF has scheduled their next Pay Per View offering “Vengeance” 12/8, which is only two weeks away. Which means I have to improvise for only one week. “But Flea”, you so kindly email, “if it’s two weeks away and you only have to improvise for one week, what do you have planned for the other week”?

Well, in another stroke of luck and also because the Fed may have realized my plight, the WWF decided to f*ck with the Internet Wrestling Community a little bit today! I stole this from the newsboard here at 411 so I wouldn’t have to link or credit anyone, but TRUST ME this was the BIGGEST news on the net all day long.

On the official WWF Vengeance website, they have a non-linked page with a HHH/RVD match highlighted, which has fueled speculation that such a match will indeed be on the PPV.

This sent everyone into a tizzy, first off everyone thought they had the news of the century and by GOD let’s spread the word. Break them Stories (clap-clap-clap clap clap). Naturally it was not too long before the experts chimed in and gave us the following:

Many people think that they stumbled onto a story there, but it’s just a test page (as people should have noticed when the story underneath the graphic was about the Rock). As it stands now, HHH will probably not be ready to work a match by the time that the PPV comes around.

However, it is almost certainly not a real match, and is instead a test page used to layout the site, as evidenced by the placeholder text.

Don’t know anymore details of this. My presumption is that HHH won’t be wrestling on the next show, but will try and get a clarification.

This is supposedly not a leak or clue as to a match on the card as the WWF New Media consistently put templates up and fill them in with correct matches later on down the road. Most people assume that Triple H will make an appearance o n this PPV, but he will not wrestle until Royal Rumble but that could change at any time

Well! I’m glad THAT was cleared up. I feel much better after having mistakenly marked out over the impending return of HHH. Don’t I feel like MORON now for falling for that shit!

Ragtop, Seltzer, Wider and Schemer supplied the responses above, but not necessarily in that order. I also was clever enough to change the names (via spell check, of course) so if the match does end up happening you will not blame them for treating us like f*cking idiots who should know better.

Also, again thanks to the WWF for thinking of me. I was racking my brain trying to find a FIRST OFF news story on an off PPV weekend. Grazi!


For you guys and gals that read the Smackdown spoilers from last week, (not from me, of course. Spoiler duty is in the hands of Eric S.) you may recall an interview that would have explained the teaming of RVD and Rock. Instead we got the match with no backstory. Sources have disclosed several days after the fact that the reasoning behind NOT showing the promo is that RVD came off as a spaced out druggie and we just can’t have that.

Let’s see, at one time we were “rolling a fatty for the pimp daddy”, Road Dogg used Owen’s tribute show to ask the same pimp daddy to go “burn one”, RVD’s gimmick for YEARS revolved around 4:20 and the fact I get high just LOOKING at X-Pac, the Fed has now decided NO DRUG REFERENCES! NO ATTITUDE OR BEHAVIOUR THAT MAY BE CONSTURUED AS A DRUG REFERENCE!

Hey! I just figured out something the Fed wants no “Attitude”.

Welcome to Desire, folks. Leave you’re bongs, transvestites and satanic angles at the door. The “fringe groups” like the PTC, etc. have won.

Eh, I’m probably over-reacting. Let’s keep going ..

Speaking of abusers, Eddie Guerrero is back on the Indy scene and will be wrestling at a show in Queens, NY. What a shame. At least he can lay legitimate claim to title “King of the Independents”. Or should anyway. MAS CERVEZA!


RAW will be in Oklahoma City, OK LIVE LIVE BY GAWD LIVE! for Monday’s viewing pleasure. This is JR home turf so expect him to be in rare form. Hopefully Lawler has the common decency to rake JR over the f*cking coals after his precious Sooners pissed away the hopes at a National Championship. Whoever the lucky wrestler who draws ” the cheap heat heel gimmick of the evening” (usually a toss up between Angle and Christian) will get booed out of the place and possibly smacked around by JR for their troubles. Flair should be up to something and look for a match or two if they get time.

Tuesday will be in Wichita, KS for a Smackdown taping. Please allow the Internet Wrestling Community to spoil your viewing pleasure by coming back tomorrow for spoilers. Much obliged!


My EXCESS report is available. Rumor has it that the report is actually better than the show. I don’t know where that rumor started but you heard it here first. Say hello to my labor of love right here.

Scott Keith is apparently happy happy happy and bestows upon us two offerings: Here is a WWF Retro Rant and here is a Shoot Interview review of the one and only HBK. Check it out.

Pat Brower put his whole f*cking Jakked report in the teaser section, right here. Good read.

Some Indy News is out there and John Nason has the latest details. Go here. Now. Please. Thank you.

Steven Schwenke has a new column available right here. You’ll “Scream” when you read it. HA HA HA HA HA heh ha

Well, I guess I’ll give a plug to the “Lyrical Stunt” and that burn out Art Martinez. Check him out by clicking here but please don’t tell people I told you to do so. Thanks in advance. At the end of his column he does suggest that rhyming is good for the soul so I thought I would give it a try




Oh well I think I’ll stick with Six Degrees of Ryder Fakin. I’m still confused about not being able to rhyme anything with orange.

The 411 Forum is where you go when you want to discuss things. Is your cat now “Stylin and Profilin?”. Maybe your cat is struttin around saying “ME – WHHHOOOOOO – OWW!”. If that’s the case, throw the shit out that freak Art sent ya to smoke and RUN to the forum for some support and some good time conversation. As usual, tell em Flea sent ya!

It’s Eric and Grut for the rest of the week. Please use spell check when you flame them.


That does it for until next weekend. Just when I made it through the week and looked forward to my favorite way to end this, Honky didn’t put up any commentary! I’ll cut him some slack, mainly because I don’t want to end up on the AWL (ass whipping list) so in it’s place for this week I will give you a sample of what every Internet reader and writer should read before considering themselves and expert. A link to the full document is included below.

Honky may or may not be back next week. Up to him. In the meantime .for your reading pleasure .


For further education, go here

What is a mark? What is a smart?

There are many interpretations and beliefs on this matter, and hopefully this will educate you enough for you to make your own decision on it.

The first, and most traditional, meaning of the word “mark” comes from carnivals and con-men, who called the paying customers “marks” in reference to them being the target of the scam. Under this criteria, we are all marks, because we are all wrestling fans and thus all the targets of the giant scam that is wrestling.


Modern times have changed the meaning of the word somewhat. Thanks to the proliferation of the internet and “insider” newsletters, the word “mark” has come to stand for the ever-dwindling group of wrestling fans who still “believe.” That is to say, those who think that wrestling is real and will cheer and boo those that the federations wish them to.


The booking style of both major federations has changed drastically in the past few years, to the point where the face/heel orientation of a given wrestler is almost dictated by the fans, so that a wrestler will be a babyface not because that is how they are booked, but because that is how the fans respond to them. Under these conditions, fan response due to booking can hardly be classified as “markdom”.


There are another group of fans, the self-proclaimed “smarts”, who have access to what they think is the inner workings of the business and who tend to view wrestling on a different level than the so-called “marks.” These fans will tend to cheer the heels and boo the babyfaces. Most people who are actually connected inside the wrestling business refer to these “smarts” as “smart marks” or “smarks” for short. 98% of the fans on the internet are “smart marks”. Always remember that we only know what they want us to know, and any information divulged by either Eric Bischoff or Vince McMahon is probably a lie told to sell tickets.


Many “smart marks” will actually classify themselves as “marks” for specific things. For example, WWF fans will call themselves a “WWF mark” because they watch WWF programming and buy WWF merchandise. Some even extend this to a given wrestler (Chris Benoit being the best example).


Futhermore, many of the “smart marks” will actually end up displaying the very behavior they think they oppose, upon entrance into the atmosphere of a given live wrestling show. ECW fans go out of their way to act the opposite of what they think “marks” should act like, while at the same time actually going all the way around and becoming marks themselves because that’s how ECW expects them to act.


In the end, a mark is whatever you want it to be. Many times on the ‘net the term “marks” is used as a blanket reference to those who are not “in the know” and who generate the majority of the revenue for the various promotions. This is the most popular usage and most generally accepted. But, of course, we are all marks.

Thanks for reading THE MONDAY EDITION, I’m Flea.

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