A Wrestling News Report 12.07.01


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Remember all those guys I reported fired? Add Essa Rios to the list. It’s weird, but he never really recovered from losing Lita to the Hardyz. Once she left, the fans just seemed to stop caring. I bet that if Essa had learned English the WWF would have given him a high profile feud with D-Lo in the OVW. Instead, Essa is fired. It’s unfair! It’s wrong! It’s bad! It’s from WWF.com.

Also, Jericho stole the red hair from Essa. They had potential heat! Well, the WWF killed that angle.


See how little I’m trying? We’re already at Junk News. All this comes from the newsboard. You can find the proper links and credit there.

The WWF is going to films some public service announcements for the troops. The superstars who will film the announcements will be Vince McMahon’s ass and Jazz.

A lot of news from Ashish today, who officially has found his smile. Congratulations Ashish. Let’s see what he has:

Triple H is not being rushed back. Val Venis and D-Lo and Bull Buchanan may be back on tv soon. Mike Sanders may be brought in as a gay character. WWF is going to lose money and be sued over stocks. Other stuff. I need to puke. Go to the newsboard. I just threw up. I know that it doesn’t seem like minutes to you, but it is. Anyway, whatever. Watch me get lazier tonight.

Junk News! Huzzah!


WWA Report – Wembley Arena, London

The show was late starting off but when it finally did we where presented with a highlight package which

really impressed me. The Steel cage match in Australia looked really brutal.

Jeremy Borash introduced himself and Konnan. The crowd was eager for the show to begin. Bret Hart’s music hit and he came out to the pop of the night. He cut a promo about Rock, Austin and Benoit never beating him. Said Vince McMahon was a piece of shit and that the British fans where the best there is, best there was and best there ever will be.

(1) Psicosis pinned Juvi

Nothing special from either of these guys. They got the crowd alive but could have done so much better.

Scott Steiner’s music hit and he came out with Midajah, he cut a very heated promo and demanded a

title match later that night. After he assaulted a “plant” fan with a chair he posed and went out to the


(2) Gangrel bt Luna.

Imagine how bad this match could be, then double it and you’ll be close. It stunk. Luna has a big butt and

not in the J-Lo sense. Gangrel won with a DDT.

(3) Buff Bagwell bt Stevie Ray.

Buff came down saying he was going to get us all on television and asked we cheered as he did his lame

posing. Stevie Ray came out to a chorus of boos and went to his Heels 101 textbook for generating heat, he

insulted London. Damn him and his huge gut.

This match was a lot longer than it should have been and featured way to many rest holds. Stevie used a

foreign object that looked like a cross between a fish and dildo to score the pin. Then the Ref saw the dilfish and ordered the match continue with Buff scoring the pin. Thankfully it was over.

(4) Grand Masta Sexay bt Disco Inferno.

I didn’t have very high hopes for this match all but was pleasantly surprised. Both guys worked the crowd


Grand Masta wins with a Hip Hop Drop and then invites Konnan, Borash and a teenage fan in the ring to dance with him and the Ref. Crowd was going crazy and I honestly don’t know why, it was embarrassingly bad.

Whilst the dancing is proceeding Disco gets back in the ring and tries to join in the dancing and receives

a battering and is thrown out the ring by GMS and Borash. GMS gets on the mic and informs Disco he not

only sucks but he also swallows. At this point Steiner charges from out the back and clears the ring.

He lays into GMS with a pipe and applies the Steiner Recliner, he calls out Bret Hart and demands a title


Bret comes out to another huge pop and says Big Poppa Pump can have his title match in a three-way dance with Jeff Jarrett and Road Dogg.

Intermission, I have to wait 10 minutes in line to pee. Life rules.

(5) Konnan and Nathan Jones beat The West Hollywood Blondes Lenny & Lodi.

After the break Disco was on colour commentary. He asked if the fans had come to see him dance. They

replied WHAT! This was genuinely funny as every single thing he said was followed by WHAT! He kept repeating his self and really got into it. I’ve never been a huge fan of his before but after tonight I’m a Disco

mark. He’s a wasted talent, get him on Smackdown instead of Tazz, he has so much charisma as a heel

that it’s unbelievable.

Lenny and Lodi come out and really play up the gay gimmick. The match is nothing special and The West

Hollywood Blondes have to carry Nathan Jones for much of the match. Konnan isn’t in much and when he was failed to impress. The match ended when Jones choke slammed Lodi and Lenny one after the other and pinned both of them at same time.

(6) Norman Smiley w/Father bt Crowbar in a Hardcore Tables match.

A solid match. Crowbar looked great and worked really hard, he deserves a shot with a WWF developmental group. Norman the home town boy was escorted to ringside by his father. It was the usual hardcore nonsense and finished when Norman power bombed Crowbar through a table.

After the match Smiley dad used a garbage can to hit Crowbar and then father and son did the big wiggle.

Happy happy joy joy.

(7) Jeff Jarrett bt Road Dogg and Scott Steiner.

All three guys got a great reaction. Started off with Steiner and Jarrett both double teaming on Road Dogg

who eventually fought them off with his punches. Steiner soon took control and dominated with suplex’s.

Whilst Jarrett was tied up in the corner ropes the Steiner Recliner was applied to Road Dogg. Before Road

Dogg could submit out came Grand Masta Sexay who hit Steiner in the head with a pipe.

At this point Midajah entered the ring and was grabbed by GMS who bent her over and spanked her. Steiner recovered and began brawling with GMS who went out to the back leaving just Jarrett and Road Dogg.

The match goes downhill from here ad the crowd begins to die. There are a few nearfulls and then Jarrett hits Road Dogg with the guitar for a predictable finish. As Jarrett is displaying his title Bret Hart comes out. Since the Ref didn’t see the cheating he applies Jarrett in a Sharpshooter for the pop of the night. Even though the heel won the crowd goes home happy..

All in all a great show with only a few low points. For me Disco and Steiner stole the show and I’d love

to see both in WWF very soon. When WWA comes back in May I’ll be there.

– Jimmy Reject of RandomWrestling.org. I deleted the cheers and jeers thing. Go there for the cheers and jeers thing..


The main event, except the ending. UT’s hair cut. Other crap. That’s it. Plugs love doctor go home. I am so sick.


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