The Monday Edition 1.14.02


Welcome back to Monday. I’m Flea. Be sure to read this all the way through; I have several requests at the end of the news. How about THAT?

Tampa and Miami suck. But that’s okay. The REDSKINS might end up with Spurrier. Thank GOD he’s leaving the state. You think Mora is a whiny bitch? Marty? All you Redskins fans, welcome to hell if Snyder has the balls to pull the trigger.

But you didn’t come here for football, did you? Let’s talk some WRASSLIN!

Come on, let’s go


For the second day in a row, we start off with the N.W.O. According to Da Meltz, Hogan, Nash and Hall are all but confirmed to come into the fed. Seems as though Vince is getting all his ducks in a row with the production and TV guys, which most likely means this will be the ol “big splash ratings grabber ” and as DDP would say, that’s a good thing. I wrote a little of what I think about this in Saturday’s News (Saturday Evening Post and I will even give you a link right here) and the feedback was UNBELIEVEABLE. Jeez, talk about a hot button issue! Seems as just about everyone thinks this is the worst thing that has ever or will ever happen to wrestling. I don’t. Go back and read it if you want. Feedback is always welcome.

And to twist this rumor in the direction they want it to go, all net “insiders”(the folks with the “sources”) are saying that the other wrestlers are ENRAGED that Vince would even think of doing this to them. What a bunch of dopes. I would like to know who specifically is doing the bitching. And why. I’m sure someone will open their big fat mouth and spill the beans on this. Stay Tuned.

The only question is if this plays out before or after the Royal Rumble. I don’t see the three of these guys wasted on something like the Rumble itself. Some kind of “take over angle” is the easiest way to book them, which is probably what will happen. As far as the matches go, The three of them should be able to have decent matches with all the top guys (Rock, Austin, Angle, or maybe even HHH or UT) so I don’t see a problem there (at least not to the degree that many folks are HOWLING about). As long as they don’t let the N.W.O. get out of control and take over every angle and ruin matches with run-ins, everything will be just fine. Remember the New Year’s Resolution? Just sit back and enjoy until Wrestlemania. Please .


The XPW, an “extreme” promotion out in California really went out of their way to step on their dicks. For the past couple of weeks, the promotion’s website has had an open challenge to all of us net folks to provide coverage of their promotion. Hey, anyway to get your name out there is fine with me. Just be prepared, as the net folks you challenge will sharpen their knives and forks to eat your f*cking liver. And when you put your ass on the line it is usually a good idea to have a plan of what you are doing. Right? Right?

Wrong. According to XPW anyway. These guys promised a “big surprise” and something that “would change the face of wrestling forever”. What, did Paul E. leave his instruction manual behind? These things not only never work, but usually fail miserably and piss a whole lotta people off. Even the WWF knows this but they persist in hyping shit. But the Fed has a little leeway (i.e. a ton of dough and established credibility so we will go along with their bullshit.) XPW does not have that luxury. Rumor has it they are heavily financed by the porn industry but who cares. Money ain’t everything.

Anyway, no “big surprise” and no “huge angle” took place. From what I have read surfing around even their “hardcore fan base” are embarrassed and pissed of about this. The makeshift angle was that all the “heels” had planted “false adverstisment” around town. That’s pretty f*cking funny if you think about it. Original, if nothing else.

Hell, even Joey Styles refuses to get involved with these guys, preferring to stay “retired” according to reports.

So XPW has some egg on their face and rightly so. Bad move to play chicken with the Internet Wrestling Community cynics if you ask me. Putting your ass on the line around these folks can easily be compared to teasing a dog. It will bite you based on the stupid animal quotient so be prepared to smack it.


The WWF makes Dallas, TX it’s home for RAW. I say Austin gets a lot of cheers. Bradshaw will win a match. UT gets his first test on how his new heel character goes offer on his home turf. Umm, the rest of the country is still cheering the guy so I doubt the hometown crowd will boo him out of the place. Expect some more entrants into the Rumble. Think Rey Mysterio will be involved?

Smackdown is in Bossier City, LA. Last show before the Rumble, so expect some serious hype. And does anyone do that better than Michael Cole? Don’t answer that.


E.C. has his world famous Byte This Report available.

Brower actually recaps the right show this week, JAKKED. He also gives away some awards, no of which I am the recipient of, but I will plug him anyway. Because I’m nice.

Daniels is here with the Week in Wrestling and, Nason has not only the Indy Report but an Indy Spotlight too! Go! Go! Go! Read them!

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That’s it for this week. I had plans to do a few things but they will have to wait. The Jericho topic for last week got some good discussion going and I will come back to that after the Rumble.

Coming next week will be a full review of Dynamite Kid’s book. I ripped him half and asshole last week and next week I go the full monty and finish the job on account of having finished the book. One quick teaser – the only thing I respect about Dynamite was his wrestling ability and lack of regret now that he’s a cripple. Not that the latter topic is a good thing. More next week.

And if you have read Dynamite’s book and want to add your two cents, email me. Just some quick thoughts and/or overview. Please do not send me mucho paragrahs because I won’t be able to use them.

Anyway, that’s for next week as far as this week goes, have a good one.

Thanks for reading THE MONDAY EDITION, I’m Flea.

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