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Hello again. I’m Flea. Surprisingly, there is plenty of news out there despite no PPV to ramble on and on about. Also, there is trouble brewing here in the Internet Wrestling Community as a popular site got hacked. I thought that stuff was like, so last century. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out. Not to the point of not sleeping at night but just a curiousity that would kill an alley full of felines.

Let’s get your Monday started tight, shall we?

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So outside of all the political bullshit and the “harmony of the WWF locker room will break down” crapola (99% of which I don’t buy and could give a f*ck less about) , I see no real downside to this whole N.W.O. angle.

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    Well don’t I feel dumb! (Not really, but I figured that was as good a way as any to get started.) No sooner do I say that and look what happens. The inside source to end all inside sources, GRANDMASTER SEXAY says that morale in the locker room sucks shit since the news of the N.W.O. hit. Talk about burning a bridge. I don’t buy into this because I doubt that ANYONE in the locker room is going to be spilling their guts if things do, in fact, suck. This is fer sure a pretty good time to keep your yap shut because Vince is the ONLY game in town. I know that sounds lame, seeing as everything you read quotes “backstage sources” and “unnamed contacts” as vocalizing their disdain at the direction the WWF is headed, but I just don’t believe it. I just can’t see a mutiny in a company that is making large money and is about to kick-start a HUGE money making program which will carry them through the crown jewel PPV, Wrestlemania, and if booked right, will have legs to give us some good shit for the rest of the year. I’m for that, aren’t you?

    If in fact a large majority of the wrestlers hate this N.W.O. idea, I think everyone of them would agree it’s much better than headlining the American Legion in Bayone, NJ. Or having to go to England and try to make a dime (which is currently where Old Grandmasta is). Point I’m trying to make here is sometimes your job is not as perfect as you would like it, but it’s your job. And sometimes there ain’t a better offer out there. You damn sure don’t go around badmouthing (at least without “sugarcoating” the badmouth – JR is a genius at this) your employer, when the options to apply your craft have dried up over the past year or so. Sure there are plenty of Indy Fed’s out there, but would you leave the “big time” just because you had to job in a tag match on RAW? Or because the only TV time you get is JAKKED? Bullshit. As soon as YOU leave, you got 20 guys in the developmental areas who would give their left nut to do the time-honored tradition at a house show to the Brooklyn Brawler. I’m sure this logic has seeped into the brains of our Federation Superstars.

    So remember that the next time you hear a rumor of “backstage turmoil.” WCW guys got away with it because the Turner gang was to stupid to run their “wrasslin company” like a business. Vince takes his lumps in other areas, but when it comes to the WWF he normally does what’s best. Eventually.

    And be sure to go see Grandmaster Sexay at a High School near you.


    In the “Living proof that voodoo dolls WORK” department, Eric S.’s favorite wrestler, Rock – E, will be nowhere to be found on RAW tomorrow night as, according to reports, he is filming some additional scenes for his Scorpion King movie out in sunny California. I would expect that they have some kind of pre-taped promo, instead of the complete disappearing act like a couple of weeks ago. Also being mentioned is a match against Undertaker at Wrestlemania. That would be weird. A dude who never wins against a dude who has never lost at the granddaddy of them all. Intriguing, but I think they use Rock to fight the N.W.O. along side Austin. If not, UT / Rock works for me. Why not?

    Speaking of the N.W.O., no one can seem to confirm when these guys are gonna grace us with their presence. I have read as soon as tomorrow night and as far away as the night after Wrestlemania. I think I’ll lean towards the “sooner” crowd, Hall and Nash and then Hogan later. All I know is I really do not want to sit through another program with Vince segments. Once was enough and got his point across. Hopefully he will use more restraint here than he did with the “Kiss My Ass” club. Talk about prolonging of an agony.

    Also in the news was Francine, late of ECW. She’s working the Indy circuit and has had no offers from the Fed, XWF or WWA. Seems as everyone has a pretty short memory as far as her offered benefits. She says that Superfed was a load of horseshit, but damned if I can remember what that even was. Anyway, Francine is available for booking should you so choose to do so.


    RAW is shaping up to be a big program as the Fed has already released a bunch of matches that will take place. For all you workrate freaks, Vince and Company give you the Big Show vs. Kane. For the smart crowd that buys into the glass ceiling theories, you got Maven vs. Some Other Guy for the Undisputed Championship. Don’t forget some good old coherent and logical angle development with the N.W.O. storyline and expect a few “whats?” from not only Austin but the also the crowd. The city of Richmond, Va sticks in my head as where they are at, but I can’t confirm that. is down as of this writing.

    What I do know is that Smackdown is on TV Thursday and has been good at generating a nice buzz in the Internet Wrestling Community. And that’s NOT the buzz you get from drinking during the show. We get spoilers so we know what’s gonna happen, then we tell our friends that don’t have the Internet “I know something you don’t”, which leads them to watch. Cue the cliffhanger ending and WHAMMO! HOOKED ON RAW! then another spoiler day then the cycle continues. Building a better mousetrap through the smart crowd. Or maybe I’m off base with this whole theory.

    This section goes a hell of a lot quicker when I know in which cities the shows are running .


    I did EXCESS as usual and this week I am joined by the Award Winning Columnist and friend to all GRUT! The ending was a little messed up when I first checked it but the powers that be have promised to correct it. If you have already checked it out, go back and see how it ends. It will make more sense..

    Speaking of Grut, he was nice enough to get on-line and let me know what’s going on here at 411. Apparently it wasn’t just but none of my Internet shit is working

    So here you go from AOLIM

    Ryder Fakin: f*cking on-line ain’t working…can you tell me what columns are up at 411 for plugs?

    VPJG: Carlos with Heat, Brower with Jakked, Daniels with the Week in Wrestling, and still Ostermeyer.


    I also have the Saturday Evening Post up and ready. Go take a looksee.

    Carlos also is El Hombre Numero Uno on 411’s forum. Go see what’s up over there and remember: rules are made to be broken. Hell, according to those in the know, I’m already an Icon! How bad can the place be?


    Well what I had planned here requires on line access and I don’t appear to have that at the moment. (hint: it had something to do with another site getting hacked, you may or may not have heard about it.) The site is the Smarks and it’s uproar city aver there.

    So I think I will just call it an evening. Enjoy your week of work, school or whatever you do to keep yourself occupied.

    One quick thing. Non- smoking sucks. I don’t get worked up about much but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a bunch of you dictate what the f*ck I want to do. I have seen smokers treated like the scourge of the Earth and now a strong lobby here in Florida is trying to get a vote passed to outlaw smoking in restaurants. As a matter of fact let them do it. What the f*ck do I care? I’ll take my money elsewhere and let many of my good friends in the restaurant business go belly up to curtail to a vocal minority group of pussies. If you don’t smoke good for you. Just leave me the hell alone. The “Truth” my ass.

    Note – I did start that off with “Fuck all of you non-smokers” but I did an edit as not to offend you guys. I’m not in “Fuck the World” mode about this yet. And I have nothing against the non-smoking crowd as long as they just let me do what I want. Narcissistic! And damn proud of it.

    Thanks for reading THE MONDAY EDITION, I’m Flea.

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