The Monday Edition 2.4.02


Howdy! And welcome once again to Monday I’m Flea. That was one humdinger of a ball game last night, eh? (SHOUT OUT TO CANDIAN READERS!). I have a few thoughts on the whole thing on Page Six. Lets’ get you started on right with some wrestling talk, shall we?

Quick note #1: I apologize in advance for the brevity of this report. I do have some meat and potatoes for ya in the Saturday Evening Post. Don’t worry, there’s still some good stuff below (at least I think so), just not a whole lot of it today.

Quick note #2: It’s beautiful and sad at the same time to see Paul McCartney out and about. I didn’t really need to see him sing a duet with Terry Bradshaw, but I will take my Beatles fix where I can get it.

Come on, let’s go


Will they or won’t they? That will be the question du jour. It’s Monday and we got everybody’s favorite wrasslin show on at 9pm EST, which may or may not feature the debut of the N.W.O. I say don’t look for a live appearance, just cause there ain’t no sense in blowing that wad just yet, we got’s a PPV right around the corner, conveniently title No Way Out (N.W.O.). Hey!? Where were all the know-it-alls back when this PPV was re-titled? I mean, damn, if we were so smart we should have KNOWN this day was coming. Anyway, there is a download of the video/promo that was broadcast on “satellite only” and it just so happens to feature Vince, along with Nash, Hall and Hogan. I’m sure you heard about it. I had paid it no mind cause I figured I would see it anyway and I ain’t about spoilers and the likes. However, I was over snooping around Wienerville (CRZ’s little haven) and the download is available courtesy of Morephus and is very interesting. I would plug the dude that had the download, but it was the general consensus that finding the download was the equivalent of “having no life”. Hey, that was their words not mine. I am quite comfortable with the way my existence is going so I have no problem telling you about this. The problem I do have is that I am at work as of this typing and cannot provide the download link myself. So go check out CRZ’s Wiener (ville) and tell em’ Flea sent ya? When he sez “WHO?” .tell em’ Grut sent ya. They know each other.

The point of all this is it is expected that vingette will air at some point this week, if not on RAW, then on Smackdown. Fine by me, I am enjoying the whole “slow build” thing. And it’s no wonder why everyone let’s their imaginations run wild with this stuff. Check this out – RAW preview, it tis

“What’s next for Mr. McMahon and the nWo? Stone Cold?”

Don’t exactly tell you what’s what now does it? Do you think the WWF likes mystery? What’s the dilly with all these questions? Does that entice viewers I wonder? Have you ever seen the previews for a show like Everybody Loves Raymond? Don’t they tell you what’s up? Do I have a point here?



But wait! The It Ain’t Sumo PPV from back in December is being released on video and DVD. Prices are a tad higher than I paid for the PPV and you also get this bonus match: Matsunaga vs. The Great Pogo, a Fire, Glass and Coffin Death Match. WOW! Whether you buy it or not is up to you. As for me, I got the damn thing on tape. If it will help in you decision at all, I did a review of the show in the 12.3.01 Monday Edition, scroll down to the bottom and access the archives, unless a link magically appears here, or maybe right back there.

According to reports, Joanie Chyna is going to be a model in a lingerie show tomorrow in NYC. I’m sure there is a joke in here somewhere, but like I pointed out yesterday, humor and me are like apples and oranges. Look for some follow-up to this story, providing Valujet brought Eric S. back in one piece and/or Grut did not drink himself to death over the weekend.


Tonight’s RAW is in Las Vegas which always seems to be a pumped up crowd. WWA take note (guess they already did, nevermind). See above for the RAW thoughts. Val Venis should go over tonight as Las Vegas is his “hometown”. Or it was at one time, wasn’t it? For some reason the name Roddy Piper has been thrown around, due to the fact that he was at a WWF house show over the weekend. I don’t make nothing of that with the exception tat Vince is trying to kill the XWF for some unknown reason. Jeez Vince, your FUCKING WON already! Give it a rest.

As for Smackdown, it’s being filmed for broadcast in the City of Angles. Booker + Hollywood = RATINGS.


Speaking of math, Brower brings you JAKKED. Read the teaser if you didn’t understand that. Then read the report.

PK check in with Heat. Where’s Carlos?

Oh, here he is! Main Event!

Gamble got the Mark-Up for you and Daniels looks at the Week in Wrestling.

Go back and check out Saturday Evening Post. As far as EXCESS, I haven’t watched it yet. When I do, you’ll be able to read the report. That makes sense, right?


Well. That was one motherf*ckler of a Super Bowl. We had a Super Bowl party and everyone stayed into the game, right until the end. Congrats to the Pats, who played a smart game. As far as Kurt Warner and the Rams go, f*ck y’all. “Greatest team ever”? Try “Victims Of Your Own Hype”. And if it wasn’t for a holding call, Kurt Warner really would have looked like a fool.

Kudos to Pat Summerall, who called a great game and John Madden, who rules 10 times over anyway. Eric may or may not have more eloquent words to say on the situation but I’ll just chime in with this. Summerall and Madden have been an integral part of my football viewing for as long back as I can remember. Two guys here who just called the f*cking game. Sure Madden was over the top and overbearing at points but you could always count on Pat to rope his monkey ass in, normally using no more than a word or two, at the most a brief sentence. The tribute to Pat was Grade – A at the end of the game and meant to me as a Summerall fan just as much as the video from RAW did to me as a wrestling fan. Maybe someday if I run into Pat he will buy me a drink.(a few of you will get that, I’m sure). These two are about as irreplaceable as a broadcast team as you will find in professional sports (or any sport for that matter). Good luck to the both of them and thanks for the memories .

Did you see the Halftime Show? What?! You decided to watch the Playmate Fear Factor? Fuckheads. We had a room full of people (including myself) who grew up on U2 and they rocked the f*cking house. Mark –out city and a bag of chips folks. An if you think they sucked, well that’s your opinion. Go listen to Nickelback or something of and equally shitty nature. I’m sure they’ll stand the test of time. And please don’t flame mail me saying how great they are and how much they ROCK. They don’t. Go listen to Grand Funk Railroad sometime.

Commercials? Best one hands done was the latest Budweiser “How Ya Doin”. As funny as anything I’ve seen in a long time, just on account of Deis and I coming from Little Italy into Hillbilly Heaven. WE NEED A REPLAY!

And as a follow-up to what I was saying about the whole smoking issue last week I hope all you smokers are proud with how “The Truth” is being portrayed. Bullshit. And thanks for the letters from last week. I had no idea something of the top of my head would generate so much mail. Good letters, some agree, some didn’t agree. It’s all freedom of choice just a smoking should be. And if you live in Florida, please go to the voting booth and vote AGAINST the smoking ban. Even if you don’t smoke you should not let a bunch of ninnies dictate the way your fellow man lives.

And in closing, the most disturbing thing I saw? Outside of Fat Mark’s bellyflop which ruined Desi’s f*cking plants, it had to be the Anti – Drug commercials. You know, where they tell you if you do drugs YOU are responsible for Terrorism. How the f*ck do these people get away with this stuff and can I sue them for liable? I have it on good faith where we got our “party supplies” has absolutely has no affiliation with terrorists and I resent the accusations. I would go on and on about this but I won’t waste your time. I just found it very sick and in bad taste. Same as the “Truth”.

By the way ..hey Art? Yeah YOU Lyrical Stunt man. We gots the stuff that you can get hiiigggghhhhhh just thinking about. Just thought I would drop that in here, for some reason.

Please go back to blaming religion for terrorist activity. Grazi.

Thanks for reading THE MONDAY EDITION, I’m Flea.

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