A Wrestling Tale 3.12.02: Dude, Do I Need To Get Wrestlemania?

LacrosseStud00: Dude…

LacrosseStud00: do I need to get Wrestlemania?

VPJG: You don’t need to get anything. The question is is it worth it to get Wrestlemania.

VPJG: 1st- Hall Austin. Do you care?

LacrosseStud00: It’ll be funny to watch the drama of Hall look down at Austin

LacrosseStud00: and decide whether to pin him

LacrosseStud00: or go end his “clean” streak and drink all Austin’s beer then leave and show up late monday for Raw

VPJG: Heh. Okay. Hogan Rock.

VPJG: Do you care?

LacrosseStud00: I’m curious to see if Hogan breaks his hip laying down a leg-drop…but otherwise, no

VPJG: Jericho HHH

VPJG: Do you care?

LacrosseStud00: I’d care of Jericho had a compelling story-line…and wasn’t the “third wheel” of the HHH/Stephanie story line

VPJG: But you don’t.

LacrosseStud00: exactly.

VPJG: Flair UT.

LacrosseStud00: it’d be kinda cool if Flair did that whole “heart attack” angle they did in WCW…actually, it wouldn’t….naw, it sucks

VPJG: Okay. RVD-Regal, 4 Tag Team Turmoil, Edge Booker T

LacrosseStud00: I’m sick of Regal…RVD/Storm would be nice…Tag Team Turmoil hasn’t worked since TLC2 and Booker T just doesn’t interest me…

VPJG: Rikishi Test?

LacrosseStud00: That’s even a match?

VPJG: Maybe.

VPJG: So why would you spend 40 bucks on this show?

LacrosseStud00: That’s not even a good Jakked midcard

LacrosseStud00: Good point man

VPJG: It is Wrestlemania.

LacrosseStud00: Is the Simpsons new this week?

VPJG: I’m not sure.

VPJG: Maybe. Wrestlemania does fall on St. Patty’s day.

VPJG: You could get liquored up and enjoy it then.

LacrosseStud00: Very true…

LacrosseStud00: Maybe I can sucker people over here

LacrosseStud00: offer some Blue Ribbon

LacrosseStud00: and get ’em to give me money to watch it here…

LacrosseStud00: I’ll hide the real beer elsewhere

VPJG: You’d be making money off of a money making corporation.

LacrosseStud00: Ya think Vince would get all Metallica-like and want proceeds?

VPJG: Anything is possible. Maybe you should call yourself a co-owner of the WWF.

VPJG: It’ll confuse everybody long enough for you to skip the country with the profits.

LacrosseStud00: Good point…

LacrosseStud00: Dude, what happened to PPVs…

LacrosseStud00: it used to be like, even the so-so ones didn’t make ya feel ripped off

VPJG: I know. I think that there have been too many of them for too long.

LacrosseStud00: yeah…

LacrosseStud00: I thnk part of the problem is that story-lines used to last as long as the next payperview

LacrosseStud00: and they still do…

LacrosseStud00: but instead of having one every 3rd month

LacrosseStud00: or whatever

VPJG: Still, it helps to have a crappy Wrestlemania every once in awhile in this oversaturated market.

LacrosseStud00: yeah

VPJG: That helps Wrestlemania’s like last year’s seem special.

LacrosseStud00: I see this one stacking up to be as craptacular as IX

VPJG: I think the problem is that they thought the NWO was going to be something new. It’s not. It’s something old that used to be cool.

LacrosseStud00: but they could have revamped it some to make it suck less

LacrosseStud00: and they didn’ even try

VPJG: Bastards. So, are you going to order it?

LacrosseStud00: if I can find enough people to pitch in so I don’t have to pay much for it

LacrosseStud00: I’ll shell out maybe $10 for it tops…if I can’t find 3 other people around here…I’ll just read about it tomorrow

VPJG: Good for you. You’ve chosen wisely.

LacrosseStud00: Thanks man….

LacrosseStud00: know anybody in NC lookin’ to pay?

LacrosseStud00: hehe

VPJG: What if they change Hogan-Rock to Hell in a Cell?

LacrosseStud00: now THAT would be pretty cool…but I HIGHLY doubt hogan would last it…

VPJG: Or Austin-Hall to something like a first blood match?

LacrosseStud00: If it was something like that, it’d have to be like a submission match like Austin/Hart had back in the day

LacrosseStud00: ’cause Austin bleeding is definately not something new…and he does it too often to make it memorable

VPJG: True. So Hogan-Rock Hell in A Cell, Austin-Hall Submission match, and how about we throw Lance Storm into the IC match and make it elimination Triangle?

LacrosseStud00: yeah…it’d make it a lot better…Storm is completely underused right now

VPJG: Also, we make Angle-Kane a #1 contender match for the next PPV.

VPJG: And UT-Flair has a ‘loser never wrestles again’ stipulation.

LacrosseStud00: Kane/Angle would be kinda telegraphed…you know they wouldn’t put the straps on Kane..

VPJG: I think they would. I think they really want to.

LacrosseStud00: How do ya figure?

VPJG: They love Kane. Whenever one of the owners or other wrestlers talks about him, there is nothing but praise. He’s always over, and his merchandise sells, just not as well as the big 3.

VPJG: Also, they need to do a Hardyz-Dudleyz double turn.

LacrosseStud00: true…it just seems like they don’t really know what to do w/ Kane

LacrosseStud00: and the Dudz need a turn…every wants to cheer for ’em

VPJG: A couple of little things, and this Wrestlemania could be really great. It won’t happen, though.

LacrosseStud00: not w/ certain people running the show

VPJG: Oh well. I bet it ends with Jericho winning and Triple H pedigreeing Stephanie, unless Triple H wins and pedigrees Stephanie. One way or the other, it will end with Stephanie.

LacrosseStud00: sadly

LacrosseStud00: Everything ends w/ Stephanie…and that needs to end

LacrosseStud00: Taker should have sacrificed her when he had the chance

VPJG: Was he sacrificing her or marrying her?

LacrosseStud00: I forget

LacrosseStud00: either way that angle sucked too…

LacrosseStud00: but it’s better than what I’m stuck with righ tnow

VPJG: I dunno. I liked Austin saving her. Everyone hated it, but I loved it.

LacrosseStud00: I thought it was pretty good

LacrosseStud00: helped the Austin/Vince angle…it was still fresh then

VPJG: It made me Mark out. Shamrock gets killed. Someone else, I think TBS gets killed, and then Austin saves the day.

VPJG: I don’t think anyone is going to be saving the day for a while.

LacrosseStud00: I miss Shamrock…but Angle’s doing a pretty good job w/ the whole “psycho Olympian” thing he occasionally does

VPJG: Yeah. Well, I need to go write a wrestling tale. I just wish I wasn’t so lazy.

LacrosseStud00: haha

VPJG: Enjoy Wrestlemania.

LacrosseStud00: Looking forward to readin’ it man

LacrosseStud00: Take care

VPJG: Or have you already? This has been A Wrestling Tale.Enjoy Wrestlemania, all of you.