NWA: TNA Rewind 8.23.02


It was the last live NWA:TNA show for about a month, and while there are still problems, they seem to at least be listening to the fans and eliminating crap we don’t like.

Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles and Low Ki

When you really take a long hard look at the first 10 weeks of NWA:TNA, the entire promotion has been carried by Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles and Low Ki, and for good reason. They have been given the opportunity to go out in the ring and blow us away, and for the most part they have done just that.

The only concerns I have are that 1) they are burning out the matches between these guys already and 2) the X Division takes a steep dropoff after these three. I’d like to see if any other of the top indy guys like Chris Daniels can hang with these three, because Sonny Siaki, the SATs, etc are all well below the greatness of Low Ki, Lynn and Styles.

The Truth Was He Was Hurt

I was about ready to criticize Ron “The Truth” Killings for a lackluster performance in his first ever World Title defense, but the latest news is that he was injured in the match with a possible concussion.

It was a bit unfair of TNA to put Killings in his first major title defense against a green rookie like Monte Brown. Brown has shown good intensity and wrestling charisma, but certainly was not ready for a top card title shot. A match with Brian Lawler or Jeff Jarrett should better showcase The Truth, who has looked lackluster in the ring for two straight weeks (against Shamrock and Brown).

What Happened To Jeff Jarrett?

I was a huge fan of “The Chosen One” gimmick for Jeff Jarrett, complete with guitar shots and “choke on it slapnutz.” And I respect the fact that he wants to have a new gimmick to get over. But I’m going to go on record right now and say Jarrett’s new gimmick has been horrible.

I’m not sure if he’s supposed to be cheered or booed, or what his deal is. He doesn’t have anything to say on the mic. While he seems to be drawing sympathy for getting screwed constantly, the way he’s booked, he often deserves to get screwed and ends up looking like a whiner.

The Masked Man

At first I was disappointed in the mask man turning out to be “Bullet Bob Armstrong” but obviously it will not be the bullet when the unmasking occurs, possibly on September 18. No one in the world is better at creating internet buzz over a mystery in wrestling than Vince Russo, and it appears he is once again trying to do so.

Steve Armstrong was the man under the mask on Wednesday, but I’m going to predict that it will be Road Dog Jesse James Armstrong when the mask is finally removed in a few weeks. Road Dogg is an Armstrong, and also will finally be available to the TNA promotion by the end of September.

Ed Who?

Ed Ferrara is gone from NWA:TNA, but did anyone notice? Mike Tenay has become The Voice of TNA, and the charm of Don West’s hillbilly overexcited everyman in the booth has begun to catch on. Ferrera was as vanilla as they come as heel announcers, and offered almost nothing to the broadcast.

West actually seems to be trying, and has a decent knowledge of who the wrestlers are and where the storylines are going. Heck, he even correctly identified Maximo brothers this week.


411 staffer Jim Vanderhost:

Well, I finally saw another episode of NWA: TNA and was reminded of your Rewind doohickey…

I found myself thinking “should’ve, could’ve” all through the night. For instance, they COULD’VE justified the Yang/Siaki 2/3 Falls Match by having Estrada turn on Yang, allowing for Estrada and Siaki to be the top heels in the tag division while giving Yang some time off to go to All Japan, and when he returns he’ll be on equal footing with Siaki as they each got one legit fall off of another, instead of the match that occurred, which solves nothing.

They COULD’VE had Lynn and Styles beat each other at the stipulations the other had chosen, this would have added heat leading into the Ironman match, making it seem like each man had done his homework on the other guy, rather than just knowing one stip very well.

They COULD’VE had Chris Harris pull out the Sharpshooter to completely become a Bret hart clone.

However, other than that an alarming amount of blown spots, the show was overall enjoyable. I’m not sure the prospect of a Triple Ladder Match alone, especially if the Disco Interview and Dupp Cup segments I was mercifully spared of rear their ugly heads again. However, the Lynn/Styles, Yang/Siaki, X-Title and Bully Armstorng scenarios were interesting, and I wasn’t insulted by Slash/Lawler or Truth/Brown.

Widro responds:

Good to see other 411 staff getting some TNA! Your booking ideas are good, but you have to remember that much of TNA’s booking is done by Russo, so swerves and rushed feuds are the norm. Just enjoy the in ring work.

411 something or another Seth Monroe:

This week was a brilliant show and it’s getting to be very hard to

understand NWA:TNA’s logic when it comes to consistancy. One common

denominator it seems is the less Disco and Dupp the better the show.

No Disco or Dupp this week and they totaly kicked ass. Great tempo

throughout. Some small problems with camera direction during the Low Ki/

S.A.T and then the Truth vs Brown matches where important shots were

missed but nothing big.

All matches sans one were top notch and well done. The one unfortunately

was the World Title match which is sad. Monte Brown needs another year or

two and he’ll be there but that didn’t help tonight. He should have great

conditioning being a football player but ran out of gas early. I don’t

know if you noticed but he also flubbed a suplex on the outside and

injured Truth. I was very worried for a moment as Brown didn’t elevate

Killings enough and he landed on his head on the way over. Reason Truth

was sluggish the rest of the match.

Low Ki once again is the superstar of the show and Lynn vs Styles was a

classic for the ages as billed. The mystery man looks lame and out of

shape so I’ll say it’s Road Dog. Four star show and next week is a wait

and see as they are doing the stupid Miss T.N.A. match with Bruce. They

bring the Dupps and Disco back I suggest you just skip the shit.

Widro responds:

While I think brilliant show is a bit of an exaggeration, this week was way way better than last week. I just wish they’d stick to the mostly in-ring action with logical, well paced storylines and I’d be happy.

A420DUI writes:

No Dupps, midgets, bimbos or Disco. That’s what I’m talking about. The show was booked the way I’d like the shows to run, lots of wrestling with enough skits in between to get the wrestlers and storylines over. Last weeks show seemed a little more solid as far as the X factor goes. Being that the X factor is an intangible that can’t be described, I can’t tell you why last weeks show had more zing. I think it was just paced better. But this show had better content, despite three roll up finishes (I hate that). AND… I’m displeased that the Tag Titles aren’t going back to Lynn & Styles, which seemed like the OBVIOUS thing to do. But the booking stupidity is slowly disappearing, and just in time for the relaunch. 12 falls in 2 hours, what is this, WCW 1991? Who cares? It’s NWA 2002, and it feels good week after week. I’ve never regretted picking up the show. I just hope they continue to deliver in the same fashion they did tonight

Widro responds:

I liked this week’s show. After your profanity filled email to me last week, I’m surprised I’m printing your letter at all this week! Maybe if I got more feedback

TNA isn’t live again until September 18, and we wont have live match by match coverage of the taped shows, but I will have reports of the shows and Rewinds for each, so keep the emails coming!

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