The SmarK Rant For’s “Best Of The Rock N Roll Express Vol. 1”


The SmarK Rant for “Best of the Rock N Roll Express, Volume One”

– Okay, this is a two-volume set, courtesy, featuring my all-time favorite tag team getting beat up by a variety of heels.

– Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo v. The Rock N Roll Express. This is the same match as on the third Wrestling Gold DVD, so here’s my same review. Savage comes flying off the top, but gets caught. He bails, and Lanny comes in to try against Gibson. Savage tosses Morton and axehandles him off the top. Back in, Morton gets tossed and takes another dramatic bump to the floor. Savage & Poffo double-team Morton for two. Morton leapfrogs Poffo but walks into a Savage elbow. The punishment continues as Morton bails and they take turns kicking him in the face from the ring apron. Ah, Randy Savage in the days before money and drugs cut his scrotum off. Back in, Morton dives for the tag, but Poffo holds the ankle until Savage goes over to get in Gibson’s face and presumably say things about his mother. Classic tag psychology there. They head out and Savage tries another Table-Driver ’84, but Morton is able to counter this time. Hot tag Gibson, as he cleans house while Cornette gives a lesson on tag psychology. Superplex for Poffo, but Angelo comes in for the DQ at 8:23, triggering a HUGE brawl to set up another match down the road. I love this old Memphis tag stuff. *** Notice how Memphis matches ended in DQs lots of times, but they always set up the next logical match down the road and left the fans wanting more. Cf. the DQs in the WWF, where it’s the same guys running in for the DQ all the time, leading to the feuds stagnating.

– The Rock N Roll Express v. Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo. Again, from the second Wrestling Gold DVD, so here’s my review from that. This is a reasonably famous match, more for one spot than any merits as a tag match. Savage & Poffo do some stalling. Lanny gets double-teamed into oblivion and they work on the leg. Savage comes in and Robert misses a blind charge, but tags Morton, who cleans house. Morton & Savage brawl on the floor, where Angelo Poffo nails him to make him YOUR Face in Peril. Back in, Savage boxes his ears, but misses an elbow off the middle. Savage casually tosses him and drops the axehandle to the floor, which was state of the art stuff at the time. Lanny misses a senton off the top, leading to the hot tag. Angelo pulls the top rope down and Robert splats on the floor. They brawl at ringside, setting up the famous spot: Savage piledrives Morton THROUGH the ringside table, horrifying the crowd and guaranteeing a rematch, as the DQ is called at 6:42. You have to keep in mind that a plain ol’ piledriver was a godkiller in Memphis at the time, and combined with a table, you might as well just cremate Morton and scatter the ashes. **1/4

– The Rock N Roll Express v. Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams. From Mid-South, and I sense a beating for Morton coming given the opposition. Dibiase is currently sporting the BLACK GLOVE OF DEATH, the coolest cheesy gimmick weapon ever. Dibiase works a headlock and overpowers Morton, and kicks the shit out of him. Morton comes back with dropkicks on both heels and everyone takes a breather. Morton outruns them and brings in Gibson for a double-dropkick and a double monkey-flip. That is some PRIMO teamwork there. Dibiase gives it a go with Morton, and gets hit with a rana for two. Doc comes in, but misses a charge and gets rolled up for two by Gibson. Robert armdrags everything in sight, but Doc just casually fires him into the corner like a bug and pounds the shit out of him. Dibiase gets an elbow and a fistdrop for two. We hit the chinlock, and the bad people keep Gibson in the corner and pound away. Doc drops an elbow for two. Williams hits the chinlock and cheats in a variety of ways to keep the advantage, but Gibson escapes and Morton gets the hot tag. The RNR clean house and hit the double-dropkick on Williams, but Doc bails. The ref is toast and Dibiase is left with Gibson, as he loads up the black glove and uses the Power of the Punch to KO Gibson out of the ring. Morton rolls up Dibiase, but Williams CLOBBERS Morton with his perfectly-legal armbrace to give Dibiase the win at 7:44. Now THAT was some awesome cheating. **1/2

– The Rock N Roll Express v. Jake Roberts & Nord The Barbarian. From Texas, just before Jake jumped to the bigtime. Jake starts with Morton, and know THAT match would have great psychology. Morton goes for the arm and gets a headscissors, which Jake escapes from without too much trouble. Jake pounds away in the corner, but gets cocky and walks into a shot in the mouth. Nord comes in (still a rookie way back then, later to be known as the Berzerker) and puts Morton onto the top, but gets hit with a dropkick. Another one misses and Morton gets beaten down, but uses his speed to escape. Nord drops him on the top and brings Jake back in (thank god), as the Snake plays a bit of mindgames and grabs an armbar. A slam sets up an elbow, but it misses, and the RNR clean house as a confused Barbarian gets some advice from Roberts. Jake goes the stalling route, before getting caught in a headlock by Gibson. Robert keeps taunting Nord, until he runs in and gets backdropped as a result. The heels take a breather again and regroup. Back in, Jake gets headlocked again, and they work off that for a bit. Funny sequence with poor Randy Anderson trying to catch Jake pulling the tights follows, as he jumps back-and-forth in a race with Roberts’ cheating. Gibson keeps the headlock and they criss-cross, but Gibson dodges Jake’s trap and tags in Morton instead. Ricky works his own headlock, and this time the ref sees the tights being pulled and deals with it right away. Ricky slugs Jake into the ropes to tie him up, and the RNR proceed to cheat like nuts behind the ref’s back, as the gullible rookie Nord keeps running in to stop them and thus gives them more chances to work the helpless Jake over. The crowd is just going NUTS for this stuff, and with good reason – it’s tremendously entertaining old-school stuff that could still work like gangbusters today. Barbarian tags in and takes out his frustration on Morton, hitting a press-slam to kill him dead for a two count. He stomps away, slowing the match down to a crawl. Backbreaker gets two. Nord works a headlock, and clubs Ricky down. Barbarian gets another slam and Jake comes back in with a chinlock. Ricky fights free, but Jake positions himself BETWEEN Morton and the corner (thus preventing a tag), and hits him with a kneelift. That’s such a cool touch. Barbarian comes back in and clubs away again, and gets a legdrop. Into the facelock for the old “Ricky tries to fight for the tag but gets overpowered” spot, and Jake comes back in and smacks the taste of Morton’s mouth. Again, he positions himself between Morton and his corner, and finally Gibson runs in, allowing the heels to knock another two years off Morton’s life in the corner. Barbarian finally misses a charge, but Jake cuts off any comeback with a clothesline for two. The heels finally collide, hot tag Gibson and the place comes unglued. The heels get whipped into each other and Gibson pins Barbarian behind the ref’s back, and Jake elbows his own partner trying to break it up. Gibson rolls up Nord, but that leaves him open for a DDT, and it’s good night Irene at 21:46. Very awkward finish, but Morton, as usual, doesn’t need much to work with to craft a great match. ***1/2

– The Rock N Roll Express & Hacksaw Duggan v. The Midnight Express & Ernie Ladd. This is my review of the same match from the Jim Cornette RF Shoot Interview tape. For those who’ve never seen Ladd, picture the Big Show if he was black and 100 pounds lighter. Morton starts with Eaton, and quickly gets control, pissing Cornette off. Condrey comes in and gets triple-teamed in the wrong corner, sending the fans into hysterics. The heels regroup. Ladd comes in and just DESTROYS Morton, as Ricky goes into sympathetic babyface overdrive, making Jeff Hardy look like Attilla the Hun. Ricky actually fights back and uses his speed to regain the advantage, hitting a bodypress for two. Hey, there’s a big guy selling for a little guy, SOMEONE CALL HHH AND PUT A STOP TO THIS. Morton puts his head down and gets squished by Ladd with a legdrop and bodyslam. It’s such an awesome visual just to see Morton getting slammed from that high up due to the size difference and Morton’s selling of it. Morton escapes and tags Duggan, who tosses Eaton around in turn and hits a huge lariat. Condrey comes in and gets pounded, only to succumb to the POWER OF CHEATING~! The Express take turns covering him until Duggan finally pushes both of them off and DEMANDS the Big Cat. He actually gets a backdrop and rams his head into Condrey’s, then drops an elbow. But Ladd goes for the trusty international object and lowblows Duggan to turn the tide. Eaton slugs away, but Duggan comes back and Gibson comes in with a dropkick for two. Morton, however, screws up as usual and gets tossed over the top to become face-in-peril. Eaton just nails him square in the face with a chair and Ricky’s pretty face is a mess of blood. The Midnights pound on him relentlessly and do some quadruple-teaming (counting Cornette), and stomping on his face at every chance. Ladd’s legdrop is just scary to see. Ricky finally fights back, but Eaton cuts him off and keeps drawing in as the crowd is getting more and more pissed off. Condrey gets two on Morton, and they collide for the double-KO. False tag to Duggan, and the whole arena is literally on the verge of a riot, so they smartly go home FAST as Morton sprays Eaton in the face with Jim’s spray can and gets the pin at 19:18 to calm things down. Fans appear to settle down a bit, so the Midnights do a heel beatdown the Rock N Roll Express, just to be jerks. Awesome match with tons of great selling and psychology and fun stuff like that. ****

– The RNR get interviewed on top of a scaffold.

– Scaffold match, Mid-South tag titles: The Midnight Express v. The Rock N Roll Express. I believe this was also loser-leaves town. Usual scaffold match, as they crawl around on the scaffold and do some weak brawling. Ricky ends up a bloody mess. Bobby and Robert duel under the scaffold, and Ricky kicks as Dennis until he drops, giving the RnR the win and tag titles. This was pretty much blow-for-blow what they did at Starrcade 87.

– NWA World tag titles: Ivan Koloff & Krusher Krushchev v. The Rock N Roll Express. From way back in 1985, as Ricky and Robert were 0-time tag champions at this point. This would be from NWA TV, and it’s actually a match I’ve never seen before. Krusher is better known as Demolition Smash, Barry Darsow. Morton dodges Krusher to start, and fires away. He tries a cross-body and gets caught, but keeps dodging to stay alive. Gibson comes in and gets caught in the commie corner, but quickly backs off and waits for Ivan in a one-on-one situation. They do the test of strength, and Morton comes in with an armbar, but misses a charge and gets rolled up for two. Koloff gets another test of strength, but Morton goes back to the arm and the challengers work on it. Gibson gets a hiptoss, back to the armbar. Morton stays on it, and keeps it on through hairpulling from Koloff. Ivan steps on his face to break, but Morton stubbornly hangs on. They catch Morton in the corner, however, and Krusher krushes Morton and gets an elbow. Press slam gets two. Nobody takes a bodyslam like Morton. Krusher hits the chinlock, but Morton escapes a suplex and dropkicks him. Koloff quickly moves in and clobbers Morton for two. Rolling neckbreaker gets two. Ivan goes to a facelock as we hit the commercial break, and return with Krusher kicking the red white and blue out of Morton. Filthy Reds! Morton kicks off Koloff in desperation, and dives for the tag to Gibson. Robert cleans house and works on Koloff’s leg, allowing more double-teaming from the challengers. They keep knocking Krusher off the apron and stay on Ivan’s leg, as Gibson gets a spinning toehold. Sunset flip gets two. Morton comes back in and takes him down into a leg hold, but Gibson gets kicked in the face and pounded by the fresher Krusher. Robert charges and misses, and wipes out on the post. Krusher goes for the leg, just for fun, and the Russians pound on Robert in their corner. Another commercial break, and now Gibson is in a Koloff bearhug. The arm appears to be the target, as they keep ramming it into the turnbuckles and working armbars. Good quick double-team tactics from the godless commie forces, and Koloff drops an elbow for two. A flying legdrop misses and Gibson crawls to the corner but Krusher gets there first and grabs another standing armbar to keep him down. Morton finally gets sick of it and comes in, but gets ushered out again and it’s more Soviet hijinks at Robert’s expense, as he’s back in the USSR corner. The Russians keep pounding him, and keep cutting off comeback attempts, and Robert is just dead on his feet and even David Crockett is ready to write him off. Koloff gets two. Ivan misses a splash, however, and Gibson gets one last burst and the Russians knock Morton off the apron before he can tag in. Gibson fights back on Krusher and takes him down with a double-leg for two, but he has nothing left. He finally gets a lariat (giving David Crockett a heart attack in the process), and Ivan AGAIN cuts off the tag. Man, the teenage girls in the audience must be dying watching this. Ivan drags him back into enemy territory and chokes away, but Morton gets sick of it and comes back in, which of course allows more Russian double-teaming and godless heathen antics. Krusher takes him down with another armbar and Gibson is running on fumes, but manages to reverse before Krusher goes back to it. Back to the bad corner, and Ivan takes him down with a hammerlock and holds Gibson on the mat with a headscissor. That gets two. Koloff chokes him down and gets two. Gibson tries to fight back, with no luck, and Krusher comes in with an atomic drop for two. Gibson wastes a lot of energy on a dramatic kickout, and gets hammered down again as a result. He collides with Ivan on a criss-cross, but lands in the wrong side of the ring and gets pounded again. Krusher takes him over again and gets two. Geez, mat-wrestling and everything. Gibson FINALLY cuts off a punch with a kneelift, and makes the HOT tag to Morton. Krusher cuts off THAT comeback as he nails Ricky to block a bodypress, and Ivan tosses Ricky over the top behind the ref’s back. The Russians beat on Gibson, but Morton sneaks in with a victory roll on Ivan for the pin and the titles at 30:25, and the Russians go down like the Berlin Wall as the place goes crazier than Angelina Jolie. ****1/4

– The Rock N Roll Express & Jimmy Valiant v. Ivan & Nikita Koloff & Krusher Krushchev. VQ is pretty bad here, but I’ll do my best. Koloff starts with Gibson and overpowers him, but Nikita misses an elbow. Gibson retreats to his own corner and grabs a headlock on Ivan, which triggers a Mexican standoff between the teams until the ref calms things down again. Ivan pounds on Ricky, but gets hiptossed, and Morton cleans Russian house. Valiant comes in with a sleeper on Ivan, leading to a six-way sleeper spot. The Russians all collide and bail. Gibson nails Ivan for two, and goes to a full-nelson for some reason. Morton slams him, but makes the fatal error of teasing a Russian, thus leading to a beating in the corner and the second phase of the match. The Russians work him over and we take a commercial break and return with Morton getting thrown in and out of the Russian corner. Morton fights back on Nikita, but can’t get away from the Russians. Ivan catches a bearhug, into an atomic drop, and a backbreaker gets two. Nikita works a facelock, and Morton of course JUST about makes the tag as a result, but can’t. Nikita now goes to the bearhug. Ivan comes in with his own. Please, slow the match down, I can’t keep up with all the action. Morton gets a Thesz Press, but can’t get up, and Koloff tries a kneedrop. That misses, and Morton makes the hot tag to the Boogie Woogie Man. Elbow and elbowdrop on Koloff get two. The RNR dropkick Nikita out of the ring, but Krusher goes up and gets foiled by Ricky. Morton steals the Russian chain and uses it to draw a DQ at 13:02. Pretty lethargic house show match. **1/4

– Robert Gibson v. Nikita Koloff. From NWA TV in 1985. Gibson holds off Nikita and sends him out with a dropkick. Back in, Robert tries a headlock, and they work off that for a bit. Tony & David insinuate that Nikita Koloff, man of god, might actually be CHEATING. Well, they’re going to Hell. Nikita slams him, but misses an elbow and Robert goes back to the headlock. We take a commercial break and return as Gibson gets a full-nelson and a hiptoss, for two. Headscissors and monkey-flip, but Koloff blocks and Gibson is in some kind of bad way. Koloff slams him and gets a backbreaker for two. He starts working on the back and tosses him, and they head back in after sufficient beatings have taken place. Into the bearhug, as Gibson tries to draw strength from the fans, but everyone hates him so it doesn’t work. Nikita maintains the hold and gets two, and they work off that until Robert fights free. Ivan brings himself into things, posting Gibson behind the ref’s back, and Nikita gets two. Nikita whips Gibson into the corner, resulting in a sick-looking bump that sets up the Russian Hammer for two. Another trip to the corner backfires, as Gibson gets a bodypress for two. He fights back, but Ivan hits him with the chain with the ref down, but takes too long and draws a DQ at 10:20. The Russians proceed to beat the hell out of him and Morton saves.

– NWA World tag team title, cage match: Ivan & Nikita Koloff v. The Rock N Roll Express. Once again we go back to this match from Starrcade ’85, so here’s the usual recap. Nikita & Ricky Morton start, and Nikita overpowers Ricky. Morton dropkicks him to no effect. Ivan comes in and gets bodypressed, but crotches Ricky on the top for two. Robert Gibson comes in with a dropkick, slam and kneedrop for two. Ricky gets a fistdrop for two. Robert rolls him up for two. They double-team Ivan for two. Robert ducks a sickle and sends Ivan to the cage, and Ricky comes in with a fistdrop. Again, for two. Robert does the same for two, but gets caught in the communist corner and hotshotted into the cage by Nikita. To the cage another two times for good luck. Ricky keeps charging in like a madman, allowing the Russians to double-team. Ivan sends Robert to the cage and drops an elbow for two. Nikita bites him and poses, and they champs double-team again for two. Ivan crotches himself, but Robert can’t tag. Ricky charges in again, allowing more shenanigans. Ivan drops a leg for two. Nikita hits a chinlock as Robert bleeds. Ivan maintains control and gets two. Back to the cage via Nikita. Robert dropkicks Ivan, bumping the ref. RUSSIAN SICKLE OF DOOM for Robert, no ref. Rick sneaks in on a hot tag, rolls up Ivan, and gets the tag titles at 12:18, nearly blowing the roof off the arena. God, I don’t know how the screaming girls in the audience could keep up the volume for 12 minutes, but somehow they did. The RNR were so over with the females that they made Buff Bagwell look like Harley Race. ***

– NWA World tag team title: The Rock N Roll Express v. The Midnight Express. From NWA TV in February ’86, and it’s another match I’ve never seen. Shocking, I know, that an RNR/MX completeist freak like myself would have missed this, but it happens. The Midnights jump Gibson and dump Morton, and that allows some double-teaming. Morton blocks a slingshot attempt and sends both heels out, however, and they brawl outside. Back in, the RNR do some double-teaming of their own and the MX bail for advice from Cornette. Back in, Bobby and Robert start the match proper, and Bobby can’t hiptoss Gibson. Robert gets a flying headscissors and Ricky comes in to give his two cents, and works on Bobby’s leg. Eaton tosses him to get rid of him, and they brawl out there until Morton backdrops him on the concrete. Eaton, having lost that battle, retreats into the ring and cheapshots Morton instead. Condrey comes in, but gets caught in the Rock N Roll corner and worked over. Ricky legdrops the leg and Robert drops a knee on it, and that gets two. Robert keeps taking him down with a single-leg and stays on the knee. The RNR double-team him and Morton stays on the leg. Condrey escapes, but stupidly tries a kneelift and thus hurts himself, which allows the RNR to keep on it. Gibson gets a stepover toehold, and Morton drops a fist on the knee. Condrey finally tags out to Eaton, who slugs away in the corner, but gets suplexed. Morton aims for the back now, dropping a knee, and Gibson gets two. Eaton catapults him into Condrey, and Gibson is YOUR face-in-peril. Commercial break, and we return with Eaton holding onto a sleeper. The MX clobber Gibson in the corner and Condrey gets two, before going back to a chinlock. Gibson fights out and gets a kneelift, but dives for the wrong corner. Well, no one accused him of being a brain surgeon. By the way, who in theory is smarter – a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist? THERE’S your next reality show right there – dueling eggheads! The MX continue double-teaming Gibson, but Morton sneaks in and dropkicks Condrey into a rollup for two. Condrey gets a backbreaker to set up the Rocket Launcher, but it misses and Morton gets the hot tag. Bodypress gets nothing, as it breaks loose and it’s BONZO GONZO. Double dropkick, but the ref is bumped. Morton goes after Cornette and Gibson steals the racket, but it ends up in Condrey’s hands, and BLAMMO, the Midnight Express win the belts at 14:24. David Crockett is still in therapy. ***1/4

– Jim Cornette cuts his celebration promo in the dressing room afterwards. Usually when he does that, he ends up with his face in a birthday cake.

– Okay, now we get to the REAL heart of the RNR’s coolness. From NWA TV in 1986, Ric Flair is cutting a promo on World Championship Wrestling, but the Rock N Roll’s music cuts him off, as it’s time for their match. Flair continues doing commentary during their squash match, but he’s not impressed at being interrupted. He continues badmouthing Ricky Morton, rubbing in their recent title loss and making fun of the “teeny-bopper” team. “You’re gonna tell ME that Gibson puts the ‘rock’ in ‘rock and roll’?” Flair barely stops to take a breath as he goes off on a rant against the Rock N Rolls, while a lengthy squash continues in the ring. After the win, Morton heads over to confront Flair, who taunts him with a pair of panties and accuses him of being a pedophile, more or less. Morton stands up for the fans and then stomps on Flair’s sunglasses. Well, of course you know, this means war, and they get into a huge brawl that spills into the ring and results in Flair getting his ass handed to him.

– Ricky wrestles a squash match on the syndicated show, as Flair comes out to cheer on the jobber. Morton wins despite Flair’s moral support of the opposition, and a trash-talking session follows, as Flair again lets us know about Morton’s taste for young poontang. So Morton kicks the shit out of him again, and counts his own pinfall this time.

– Ric Flair v. Ricky Morton. From the Omni, as Morton gets a huge upset win over Flair to set up their matches at the Bash around the horn. Only a quick clip shown, which sets up the greatest heel beatdown in wrestling history, as the Horsemen jump Morton in the dressing room and rub Morton’s face into the concrete until they BREAK HIS NOSE. The blood smearing on the floor is pretty sick, actually.

– The Rock N Roll Express v. Arn & Ole Anderson. This is from one of those “as seen on TV” NWA commercial tapes, which were marketed by PWI for the longest time. Ole overpowers Robert to start, and Gibson scoots out of the heel corner to prevent any funny business. Arn gives it a try and takes him down with a shoulderblock, but Gibson eludes him again. Robert comes back with dropkicks for the heels, and the RNR clean house. Arn taunts Ricky into the ring by mocking the nose breakage, and can’t get anywhere by going after it. Morton keeps protecting his nose, and takes Arn down onto his own nose, which prompts AA to bail and regroup. Oh, the irony. Ole tags in and starts stomping Morton into pulp. The Andersons work him over in their corner, mashing the nose at every opportunity. Gibson protests, so Arn tosses Morton over the top and Ole uses someone’s camera to choke him out. Back in, Arn keeps stomping away on Ricky’s face and raking him on the top rope. Robert comes in again to allow more double-teaming of Morton, and Ole comes off the top with a kneedrop onto the shoulder. Into a standing armbar, and Arn comes in with a kneedrop for two. Morton gets tossed again, but comes in with a bodypress for two. Ole stomps him down again. Arn misses a charge and crotches himself, and it’s the hot tag to Gibson. He grabs a sleeper on Arn, but time expires at 13:00, which I guess is 15:00 in Wrestling FantasyLand. Major yawner. **

– NWA World title: Ric Flair v. Robert Gibson. From Japanese TV, but taped at a regular Crockett show, and it looks to be sometime in 1986 since Flair is using the Big Gold Belt. Gibson works a headlock to start and pounds Flair in the corner, but misses a charge. Flair chops him down and works on the arm, which gets a few near-falls. Gibson slugs back and sends Flair into the corner shoulder-first, and he stomps on it for good measure. Some more punches get two. Backdrop gets two. Flair uses the ropes in the corner and gets two, but Gibson cradles for two. Sleeper, but Flair escapes with a backdrop suplex. Gibson slugs him down again and gets two, and hammers away in the corner. Flair goes low to stop that rally, and goes to work on the leg. Kneedrop misses and Gibson tries a figure-four, but Flair cradles for two. Gibson reverses for two. Gibson gets a cross-body for two. Flair Flip and he’s out, and Gibson follows with an elbow from the apron and they brawl. Ref is bumped as a result, and back in Flair clobbers him from behind and gets the pin at 10:40. Flair didn’t seem real motivated there. *1/2

– NWA World tag team titles: The Midnight Express v. The Rock N Roll Express. From Worldwide, as Ricky Morton shows clips of the match from Philly that sees the RNR regaining the titles. I like Cornette’s version of things better, as he griped on another syndicated show throughout the entire match and pointed out all the supposed illegalities committed by the RNR.

The Bottom Line:

Good mixture of the usual stuff (RNR v. Russians/Andersons/Poffos) and some rarities make this well worth picking up. Word of warning – video quality is pretty iffy at times on this tape, with some matches showing their age with bad sound or bad video. It generally ranges from “fair” to “good” and is at least watchable throughout.

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Coming soon: Volume two of this set, and the Best of the Midnight Express!