The Week In Wrestling 10.21.02


Soooo much stuff going on this week. World Series, people getting shot in the south, Giants on a bye week. All sorts of nonsense

Does the sniper stuff make anyone else shake their head at members of the media? I mean, they are focusing all their energy on it and all they’re doing is continuing to give the guy a heads up on what they’re trying to do to catch him. It almost seems like they’re antagonizing the guy. Some dude on MSNBC the other day was saying “If the sniper strikes this weekend after a four day lull, it will further push him into the ‘uncatagorizable monster.’” So, what’s he do? He strikes on the friggin weekend. It just baffles me.

If he can just pick off Hillary Clinton before he’s done

Also, is it really smart for the cops to start arresting people who, probably unknowingly, give them false leads? A guy was arrested because he gave info that turned out to be false (from what I understand from the article) and he was arrested for it. That’s a TERRIFIC way to make the public come forward with info.

I don’t really have too much to say about the weekly shows this week. I saw enough to know that the WWE has absolutely no idea how to write logical storylines.

First, you got HeMan and Kane. Let’s start with Kane. The WWE wants to start writing episodic storylines to get people to tune in from week to week but they have absolutely no sense on how to write a story that has continuity, they can only write storylines with characters who suit them at the time. When Kane entered the federation to feud with the Undertaker, he was freak. Scarred over 90% of his body, couldn’t talk, and was locked up in an insane asylum just before Paul Bearer freed him to take on his big brother. He wore a full jumpsuit so you couldn’t see his body. Then some sleeves disappeared. Then all of the sudden, he knew how to talk, but needed a voice box. Then another sleeve disappeared. Then all the sudden, he could talk without the voice box. Now, not only does he talk without a voice box, but 10 years ago, he was already wrestling and going to parties. Do they just feel the need to wipe out character histories every couple of years? I mean, what are we two weeks from Kane taking off the mask to reveal he’s actually not the Undertaker’s brother, but a long lost dentist? Even better, why doesn’t he take off the mask, reveal he’s really Diesel and then have Kevin Nash come back with a mask on and say HE was the Undertaker’s brother all along. I mean, you can bend storylines and fit them around your needs without totally violating the character’s history. That’s what STORYTELLING is for.

Then, we have HeMan telling us that he’s just passing the info along for someone. The question we are supposed to be asking here is “Well, who’s passing him the info.” The question we ACTUALLY find ourselves asking is “f*ck cares?”

Second, we find out that Victoria’s big problem with Trish is that Trish stole her spot as a WWF Diva. Well, let’s see. Victoria is on WWF TV now she IS a WWF Diva so what the F*CK is all the fighting for?

The WWF also got me to rush into another room when the fired up Bret Hart’s music. I thought, just for a second, bygones were somehow bygones. Alas, it was only an ad for Anthology.

I assume Eddy is heel now, as all of the sudden he is SUPER Mexican.

Oh yeah, and Undertaker has a broken hand and he did not have sex with that woman at least not since he’s been married. I guess he was out screwing mad bitches when he was still Undead. And, when it comes to the Undertaker, I guess we don’t even need to get into how many different histories his character has had. This is the same Broken Hand he used to chokeslam Brock and hand out right hooks which Michael Cole did his best to cover with “he’s running all on adrenaline now.”

I slowly realize as I write this that I have no cohesive thoughts about the WWF this week, so I’m just going to cut my losses here and end it as a “bad” article, far before it ends as a “really bad” article.

Here’s hoping next week gets better which I seem to say every week.

End Transmission.