Iron Man #64 Review

Reviewer: Daron Kappauff

Story Title: Standoff Part 2

Quick Rating: Events surrounding Thor’s self-proclaimed reign over all of Earth finally spill over into the rest of the Marvel U and come to a head in this issue. It’s about time!

Written by: Mike Grell

Penciled by: Alan Davis

Inked by: Robin Riggs

Colored by: Avalon Studio’s Dave Kemp

Lettered by: RS & Comicraft’s Jimmy

Editor: Tom Brevoort

Publisher: Marvel

If you’ve read my column, you already know I have strong opinions concerning the way Marvel has promoted, or rather hasn’t promoted, the current storyline running through Thor. That notwithstanding I’m happy to be reviewing the second part of the “Standoff” storyline as it runs through Iron Man this week.

All in all, this was a pretty good issue. Grell does a decent job of picking up where Jurgens left off in the first part of this story. He’s done a good job of capturing Thor’s personality, as it stands in his own book, and events flow smoothly through the issue.

That being said, not a whole lot really happens in this issue. Iron Man realizes early on that reasoning with a god is quite futile and that he doesn’t have a chance against the power of Thor/Odin. In what should have been the most interesting segment of the issue, Iron Man “consults” Dr. Doom about the situation. This, I thought was actually the most drab part of the story. Instead of getting a heated debate between the two long-time enemies, we are barely given two pages of rather bland and clichéd dialogue. If there’s anything that I just don’t like about Grell’s writing, it’s his dialogue. Besides being predictable, it seems to be stuck in the late 80’s and early 90’s period.

After we get past the “I can’t believe I’m taking advice from Dr. Doom” segment, Iron Man goes about implementing his secret weapon. What exactly that is…well I’m not telling. What follows is a beautifully drawn battle between Thor and Iron Man. Some of the art surrounding Iron Man could be a little cleaner, but Alan Davis’ interpretation of Thor is nothing short of Majestic. In every panel in which Thor appears you can feel his power and his presence. I wish someone would wake up over at Marvel and get Davis to become the regular artist on Thor.

At the end of the issue, we are treated with a little of what’s to come when Captain America makes his appearance. Will he side with either of his long-time friends and teammates, or will he step in and try to take them both down. The answer is only a few weeks away when “Standoff” concludes in Avengers 63.

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