Supergirl #78 Review

Reviewer: Daron Kappauff

Story Title: Many Happy Returns Part 4: Bad Choices

Quick Rating: Just as good, if not better, than the previous 4.

Written by: Peter David

Penciled by: Ed Benes

Inked by: Alex Lei

Colored by: Digital Chameleon

Lettered by: Comicraft

Editor: Lysa Hawkins

Publisher: DC

If you read last week’s Missing the Boat, you should already know how I feel about this title, but for all of you who didn’t, I’ll fill you in. Supergirl is without a doubt one of the best titles you aren’t reading; that is if you like fun stories with just the right balance of satiric comedy and action.

To re-cap what has been going on in this the last story arc of this title – A young Kara Zor-El, yes Superman’s cousin, has crash-landed on Earth and was found by Linda Danvers, the current Supergirl. After some interesting character development/interaction, Linda has taken this new, young, Supergirl under her wing.

The basic drama driving this story is centered around the villain Xenon, who blames an alternate universe Supergirl for his imprisonment. The problem is, he’s out to destroy every incarnation of Supergirl, past and present, so that he can never be imprisoned by one of them. Of course once he realizes that there are two Supergirls in one universe his attention becomes centered there.

In this issue the Supergirls run into more than their share of trouble, and they meet the new and improved Spectre (insert snide comment here.) Unlike most guest star issues, this one is more than justified. Not only does the Spectre divulge the long awaited story behind Kara’s sudden appearance, he also explains her future (which I think we all know, and if you don’t you should check out Crisis.)

I don’t think this revelation comes as a surprise to anyone, but what’s interesting is that he tells both Kara and Linda upfront. But how they each deal with the information is what really drives this issue. Besides the real humanity that shines through all the characters in this issue, we are treated to some wonderfully funny action scenes. On page 13 and 14 there’s an interesting use of 2 Supergirls that I just can’t, and don’t want to explain here, you just have to see it.

As it has been Benes’ artwork fits perfectly on this title. He deftly captures the dark and cryptic nature and presence of the Spectre, and has no problem balancing that with the innocence and oft time cuteness of Kara.

I can’t stress how much you are missing out by not reading this book, and with only 2 issues to go you don’t have much of a chance to have any experience with it. I suggest picking it up while you can, at least then the title can go out with a Bang!

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