The Weekend Hotline News Report 02.08.03


Great response from last week, Gamble told me that politics outweighed wrestling feedback by something like 10-to-1, but I didn’t believe him. I certainly do now. I’m slowly settling on a format in the column, just bear with me for a few more weeks as I try to figure it out. Doing it only once a week, it takes some time to settle into a groove I like. I’ll be there soon, I think.


Letter of the week: I was wondering one thing about the policy of wrestlers “staying in character”. Does that mean Golddust will have to be in make up and costume everywhere he goes. Imagine working a convenience store and having him walk in still in make up.
Does this mean when John Cena goes out somewhere hes gonna rap to
Everyone? And the list could go on and on. Just imagine if the road warriors were still in wwe, would they have the war paint and the big spiked shoulder pads on when they go out to eat [ ] And a final thought imagine if Hollywood told the actors they had to remain in character between movie realeases. Course it would of been funny with Tom
Hanks doing tv and radio as Forrest Gump.

This is would be great, and I think Hollywood should pick up on it right now. The fact is, after spending the better part of ten years exposing the business, from admitting it’s staged back in the 90s right up through showing the training process going back to out-of-ring kayfabe just makes everyone involved look stupid. If I was trying to have a conversation with John Cena and he kept rhyming at me, I’d have to punch him real hard in the face. He might kick my ass afterward, but I’d still feel better about myself for having punched him.

Robert Nerenberg or, as he likes to be known, robbymackk: Maybe you should look up the word corporation in a state charter and see exactly what one is before you start talking about double taxation. As far as bombing Iraq back into the Stone Age when does your deployment start
as you take your leave from 411? Stick to the wrasslin and let the Fleas, Eric S, and Gambles pontificate about politics.

Hm, according to Webster’s, a corporation is ”a body formed and authorized by law to act as a single person although constituted by one or more persons and legally endowed with various rights and duties including the capacity of succession”. What that has to do with anything I’m not sure. My deployment never started, because I’ve never had any desire or need to join the military. I’m also not sure what exactly THAT has to do with anything either. Besides, Eric and Ron make up the 411 Democrat half Flea makes the Republican half, we need to balance the scales. Besides, again, it’s my 10 pages and I’ll talk about whatever strikes me. However, as you’re known as Robbymack, you must be worth listening to I’ll take your suggestions under consideration. – DOCTOR Scott That’s so lame on so many levels, that I can’t get into it right now. I might write back to explain further (very far my friend!!). I hope that you find the self esteem that you are looking for. But also remember, if more people like you took a stance towards elevating the mindstate of your society, by representing your fat (if ya weel), you wouldn’t feel this way in the first place. Make a change. Take a more positive stance for the kids.

I’m actually waiting with bated breath to hear exactly how lame it is, why it’s lame, and why it bothers you so much. I will set my inbox on alert. I actually have no problem with my self-esteem I just know I’m 30-50 pounds (all in the stomach) overweight and I decided to do something about it. While I’m at it, I decided to make it public so I: one, can keep myself motivated by looking forward to writing about it every week and keep from slacking two, show people who may be out there that it can be done without mutilating yourself through ridiculous surgeries, crazy diets, puking, or not eating three, keep people who are fighting the same battle motivated and four, if one person starts reading this and it helps them off a cycle that will eventually kill them it was worth it. How low is your self-esteem that you find it necessary to write me to tell me how low my self-esteem is? I don’t want to lose the weight for society, I’m in a very happy, two-year old relationship I want to do it for health reasons. If Joe Blow down the street doesn’t like me because I have a college-created beerandpizzagut, then I personally don’t want to be friends with him anyway. I’ll never support people being fat, nor will I support the idea that people “just can’t help it.” Maybe 10% of the people out there who are obese have glandular or mental disorders the rest are just lazy. So, I’m not taking a “be fat” stance, I’m taking a “be healthy stance.”

VertaSteel: Personally, I’d like to see a candidate for president that will PULL OUT of all international affairs, save the necessities like trading and the like. Stop supporting ANYONE, take all of our influence and put it back into the US. The terrorists will start ignoring us now that the policies that they’re so offended by are gone, and we can have someone who’ll actually focus on the economy instead of a petty war for daddy (on that note isn’t it interesting that Clinton created a SURPLUS, and balanced the budget while W has already put us in the whole after 2 years?). I’d vote for him, and I think he’d win.

I only ran this because the myth that Clinton balanced the budget drives me insane. Folks, newsflash, CLINTON HAD NEARLY NOTHING TO DO WITH BALANCING THE BUDGET AND GOT TO IT KICKING AND SCREAMING THE WHOLE TIME. Congress is responsible for the budget, not the president. In fact, the year that Congress balanced the budget, Bill Clinton had to submit his budget proposal FIVE times. During the height of the budget wars, the Clinton administration said balancing the budget was no longer a priority for them. Why? Was there some sort of international crisis in 1995 that we didn’t know about? And let us not forget the Clinton-proposed takeover of the Health-Care system does anyone have ANY idea how much THAT little tidbit would have cost?

Clinton had the luck of being president during one of the biggest economic boons since the Industrial Revolution. An exceptionally strong economy created ridiculous amounts of revenue and there was NO NEED for a military budget. During this time when Clinton was “balancing the budget” he did his level best to RAISE social spending by $100 billion dollars, something the Gingrich-run Congress tossed out THIS created the surplus, a surplus that Clinton tried to use EVERY YEAR with social spending. THIS is the side of the story no one tells you but it’s what you hear when the Democrats are trying to slander Bush.

Now, not only are we coming DOWN from that economic boom, but we DO have a need for military spending, because we have a president who ISN’T letting little peon dictators walk on us any longer. Granted, maybe W has a little TOO big a hard-on for Saddam, but f*cking hell don’t tell me Clinton was a better president because he happened to be around when the budget got balanced and because people discovered the tech industry in the 90s.

I Hate Jesse Jackson

No real commentary here I just can’t stand him and his racist beliefs.

Read about the NFL’s new interview policy for head coaches and about the hiring of Steve Mariucci you’ll figure it all out.

I hope someone drops a uranium rod into his coffee to cool.

Top Story

Oh yeah, wrestling, sorry. The top story this week is the proposed WWE buyout of the remaining assets of ECW. The main asset of which is the ECW tape library, which American Cable Productions is laying claim to, as they filed a breach of contract against ECW for lack of payments. The other primary opponent to the WWE buyout is Todd Gordon, who was the original owner of ECW before Heyman bought him out. Gordon owned the promotion from 1993 to 1995 and believes he has the rights to the footage from when he owned the company.

The best case against the WWE right now is that from American Cable Productions. Gordon sold the library, and his rights to the promotion, when he sold it to Heyman in 1995, at least that’s my understanding of how these things work. However, I don’t think ACP is going to put up all that much of a fight when Vince starts tossing some money their way.

Oh what a difference a few years makes, when you really sit down to think about it. In 2000, we had three national promotions in the United States and now Vince is right on the verge, and $1.28 million, from owning all of it.

In one sense, I’ll be happy to see Vince get the footage and the likeness and impression rights, simply because there’s at least a shot he might try to make it back into a television program and also because Heyman will have some say, however small, of it’s management. Vince has said in the past that he’s interested in making ECW a third brand, which I think would be great. Who watches Confidential, anyway? Take that Saturday late night spot and put on an ECW program. Give Heyman full charge of it. ECW’s best work was done when Gordon owned the promotion, simply because Heyman could focus fully on the booking aspect of the product. That’s when you got Dreamer/Raven, Sandman/Raven, and all the really meaty stuff.

On the second hand, I know that Vince getting the ECW rights is realistically the worst thing that can happen to it, much like him getting the rights to everything WCW. I don’t think he’ll be willing to actually extend the brands of his shows, so I don’t think we’ll ever see “ECW, a division of the WWE.” I think we WILL see, if they ever put a Saturday night show on, Raw-lite. One thing Vince doesn’t seem to get, and doesn’t get with the Raw vs Smackdown, is having shows that do the exact same thing doesn’t even pretend for there to be competition. If there is a weekend ECW show, it’ll just be more of the same. It will get the shaft like every other non-primary show.

So, overall, I’d like to see them get it so they have the tape library, so they can re-release some of the PPVs and highlight some of the fueds but I don’t want them to try to start another show just because I know they’ll ruin what’s left of ECW’s memory.

Mania Rumorfest

I think more rumors and speculation are surrounding this year’s Wrestlemania than any other in recent memory. Will they have Sting, will they have Goldberg, will they have Austin? While all this rumoring is good for business, I really don’t think they’ll end up with anyone but Austin.

Goldberg, I went over him extensive two weeks ago. It’s possibly the worst business decision the WWF could make to pay this guy seven figures to come in for two months at his own discretion. Unless of course, they’re going to pay him seven figures to come in and get his head ripped off by Brock Lesnar, literally murder then it’d be ok.

Sting Ashish laid into Sting yesterday for not being a proven draw in 2003 and posed the question “is it worth it to get him?” I say, yes. Much like Flair, Sting has that mystique that can take three years off and still come back at the top. Sting has said he doesn’t care to come back to work a full schedule, but I’ll be the WWF can talk him up pretty close to it if they got into negotiations. Like I said two years ago, once the Time Warner money runs out, and these guys are 1) not getting paid and 2) out of the spotlight the “trash” that’s the WWE and Vince McMahon will start looking a whole lot better.

So now, you have Sting, Luger, and Goldberg all looking for jobs (and all who would probably work a decent number of dates, per month, if pushed) you got Flair in the company, Bischoff, Booker T, Scott Steiner, and assload of mid-carders. You have Nash getting ready to come back. Why don’t you try to run the Invasion again? You actually HAVE the players to pull it off now either in the company already, or willing to discuss GETTING IN the company this is what you wanted last year.

Not that I think hiring Lex Luger would be the best thing for anyone in the world but it’s better than the Heva.

Triple H has been rumored to be facing all these guys at Mania and I’m sure they want to feed a WCW big name to HHH at Mania but I don’t think it’ll come about. Goldberg has made it clear that he’s coming back on his terms, and I don’t think that would involve losing to Triple H at the biggest PPV of the year. I also don’t think they’d put HHH/Goldberg together in the ring, since they hate each other’s guts and, honestly, Goldie could probably wreck HHH. Damn roids. Austin probably isn’t going to want to lose his first match back either.

So what you’re left with is Booker T which, while I have no problem with it, I don’t think the WWF is going to rest their laurels on someone they think, for some reason, isn’t a proven draw. If Booker T does get the nod to go to Mania, he isn’t going to get the title (because then he won’t be able to do the five-time gimmick and stare at his five fingers).

So, for Mania, I expect: Hogan/McMahon, Angle/Lesnar, Benoit/Rock, and HHH/Booker with Hogan over McMahon, Lesnar over Angle, and HHH over Booker. The Rock is very good with putting guys over and, if his retirement rumors are true, they’ll use him over the next few months to get everyone they can over as superstars. Where Austin will ending up fitting into this Mania mess, I have no idea probably either in a three way with HHH/Booker so he doesn’t have to “lose” or just against H himself. If it DOES end up HHH/Booker/Austin, Booker will be in that match for one reason to be the one pinned. Which really sucks.

In Other Reading

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In Conclusion

Check out the 411 Grammy Preview in my column come Tuesday and watch this spot right here for SOMEONE to write the news on Monday. I have no idea who it’s going to be, so I’m not even going to bother trying.